Saudi Foreign Minister Calls for International Commitment to End Crisis in Syria

November 13, 2012

[Washington, DC] - Today, Saudi Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al-Faisal, participated in the second annual Arab-European Ministerial Meeting in Cairo, Egypt. In his speech, Prince Saud stressed the importance of a serious international commitment to putting an immediate end to the escalating humanitarian tragedy in Syria.

Prince Saud stated, “More than a year and a half has passed since the outbreak of the bitter Syrian crisis. Many Arab and international initiatives and meetings have been held to find a solution, but none of these efforts successful in the cessation of the war waged by the brutal regime against its people. Nor could the organizations temper the flow of hundreds of thousands of refugees. The absence of serious international intervention is critical to put an end to this growing humanitarian tragedy, end the oppressive regime in Syria, and begin the transition of power based on a clear and explicit resolution from the United Nations Security Council.”

Prince Saud also addressed a nuclear Iran while reaffirming the Kingdom’s position against nuclear weapons in the Arab Gulf.  He stated, “We still firmly believe in the importance of declaring the Middle East and the Arab Gulf region free of weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons in all its forms and types.”

Finally, Prince Saud illustrated the Kingdom’s commitment to promoting worldwide dialogue, as illustrated by the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Global Center for Dialogue among Followers of Religions and Cultures. Prince Saud signed an agreement in 2011 with Austrian Deputy Consultant and Minster of European and International Affairs Dr. Michael Shbendlger and Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Trinidad Khemenes Garcia-Gererya to establish the center. The center will be opened in Vienna on Nov. 26, 2012.