Nine Saudi soldiers reported missing

November 26, 2009

Ministry of Defense and Aviation reported today that nine soldiers are reported missing after clashes with infiltrators along the southern borders with Yemen.

The statement came following the publication of pictures purportedly of Saudi soldiers taken captive during the ongoing military operations.

The Ministry of Defense and Aviation identified the missing solders as:

  1. Lt. Col. Saeed bin Muhammad bin Matoug Al-Amri
  2. Corporal Ayidh bin Ali bin Saeed Al-Shehri
  3. Sergeant Ahmed bin Ali bin Ali Madadi
  4. Staff Sergeant Muhammad bin Mohsin bin Sultan Al-Amri
  5. Sergeant Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Muhammad Al-Amri
  6. Staff Sergeant Miflih bin Jaman bin Miflih Al-Shahrani
  7. Corporal Ali bin Salman bin Ali Al-Hiqwi
  8. Sergeant Khalid bin Saleh bin Omar Al-Odah
  9. Private First Class Yahya bin Abdullah bin Amer Al-Khuzai

The Ministry stressed that the fate of the soldiers is not clear but said their captures are entirely responsible for their well-being.