Embassy hosts discussion on variations of spoken Arabic

November 18, 2009

The Saudi Arabian Embassy, in coordination with the Middle
 Dr. Margaret Nydell, Dr. Shukri Abed and Dr. Clarissa Burt
East Institute (MEI), hosted a panel discussion entitled “Sawtayn:  Arabic Diglossia in Perspective.”  Panelists included Dr. Shukri Abed, Chairman of the Department of Languages and Regional Studies at MEI; Dr. Clarissa Burt, Associate Professor of Arabic Language, Literate and Culture at the U.S. Naval Academy; and Dr. Margaret Nydell, former Professor of Arabic at Georgetown University’s Foreign Service Institute.  The discussion was moderated by Kate Seelye, Vice President of Programs and Communications of MEI moderated.  About 75 guests attended the event which was sponsored by The Humanities Council of Washington.