Saudi Arabia condemns Russian comments

July 15, 2012

An official source at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday strongly denounced comments by Konstantin Dolgov, representative on human rights, democracy and the rule of law for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia as a blatant, unjustified interference in the Kingdom's internal affairs and contrary to political and diplomatic principles and rules.

In denouncing the Dolgov’s statement, , the source reminded Dolgov that the Kingdom has been keen on respecting the rules of legitimacy and sovereignty and independence of states, and that the Kingdom has always refrained from interfering in Russia’s internal affairs and policies toward “unrest within its borders, which has claimed the lives of many victims.”

The official source added that the “Kingdom hopes that such strange remarks were not intended to diverting attention away from the brutal and savage massacres the Syrian regime is committing against its people with support from known parties that are obstructing in the face of any effort to end bloodshed in Syria."