Senior Scholars Council issues statement

March 7, 2011

The Council of Senior Scholars issued a statement in Riyadh on Saturday in which it called for national solidarity to protect the country against regional turmoil. Maintaining the unity of the group is one of the greatest pillars of Islam, it emphasized. Throughout its progress and advancement, the Kingdom has managed to preserve its Islamic identity, the Council said, adding that the Kingdom will never allow any incoming ideology, neither from the West nor from the East, to distort its identity or to wreak havoc on the community. The statement warned against deviant intellectual and partisan links and “anything that may cause sedition.” Reform must come through the proper channels, said the Council, not by issuing threats and inciting strife. Therefore, the scholars emphasized the national prohibition against demonstrations and the duty of the authorities to punish violators.

The Majlis Al-Shura (consultative council) endorsed the Senior Scholars Council’s statement during its meeting today. The Speaker of the Majlis, Sheikh Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim Al-Asheikh, noted that the Kingdom has a unique open-door approach in which Saudis may write directly to the leadership or any official in order to achieve a demand or eliminate a grievance. The Majlis stressed the importance of preserving security in the Kingdom and ignoring misleading calls for the organization of demonstrations, sit-ins and marches, which are incompatible with the principles of Islamic law, by which the Saudi leadership and people have always been governed.