Ministry of Interior issues statement on demonstrations

March 5, 2011

The Ministry of Interior issued the following statement today:

“In light of the attempts of some people to circumvent the laws, relevant instructions and due processes in order to achieve illegitimate objectives, and in confirmation of what was announced on 02/01/1430 H, the Security Spokesman of the Ministry of Interior has explained that the laws enforced in the Kingdom strictly prohibit all forms of demonstrations, marches and sit-ins as well as any call for such actions because these contradict the principles of Islamic law (Sharia) and the values and norms of Saudi society. They lead to public disorder, harm public and private interests, breach the rights of others, and wreak havoc that results in bloodshed, the violation of people’s sanctity and loss of their possessions, and encroachment upon public and private properties. The Security Spokesman has stressed that while the laws and values prevailing in our society, under the laws of Allah and the teachings of His Messenger, have sanctioned legitimate venues for expression and open doors for communication at all levels to serve the public good, the security forces are lawfully authorized to take all necessary actions against whoever tries to violate the law in any way, and he will be subject to the full force of the relevant regulations.”