Field Marshal Tantawi receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal

March 2, 2011

Field Marshal Mohammed Hussein Tantawi, Commander in Chief and Chairman of the Supreme Council of the Egyptian Armed Forces, received Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Cairo today. During their meeting, bilateral relations were discussed, specifically ways in which the Kingdom can contribute to political and economic stability in Egypt. In a statement afterwards, Prince Saud expressed the appreciation of the Saudi government and people for the performance of the Egyptian Armed Forces in managing their country’s crisis, wishing them success in the coming period.

Earlier in the day, Prince Saud led the Kingdom’s delegation to the 135th session of the Arab Foreign Ministerial Council. During a closed-door meeting, the ministers discussed the current situation in the Arab world. The Council decided to postpone until mid-May the Arab summit meeting previously scheduled to take place in Baghdad by the end of March. The delay was attributed to regional developments, particularly the situation in Libya, the outgoing holder of the rotating presidency of the Arab League. In a statement, the Arab Foreign Ministers rejected foreign military interference in Libya, confirmed Libya’s territorial integrity and called upon Arab countries to extend humanitarian and medical assistance to the Libyan people.