Interior Ministry issues list of extremists wanted for extradition

February 3, 2009

The Interior Ministry released a list yesterday containing the names of 85 men wanted by security authorities for participating in extremist activities abroad. The list, which includes 83 Saudis and two Yemenis, was announced after the suspects’ families were informed and applications for their extradition were delivered to Interpol.


An official source at the Interior Ministry commented on the Saudi government’s success in rooting out deviant groups operating inside the Kingdom. "Those who work for instigating sedition and corruption were deprived of finding a footage in this pure land," the source said yesterday. "The security forces have successfully confronted them and forced them to go to other places, where they work towards harming their country and relatives."

Thus far, fifteen Saudis involved in extremist groups abroad have renounced their beliefs and returned to the Kingdom. However, those who remain involved with deviant groups are being sought by authorities.

The Saudi citizens wanted for extradition include:

1- Ibrahim Hassan Tali Assiri

2- Ibrahim Suleiman Hamad Al-Hablain

3- Ibrahim Salman Mohammed Al-Rubeish

4- Ibrahim Mohammed Abdullah Al-Mudian

5- Ahmad Ibrahim Mohmmed Al-Tuweijiri

6- Ahmad Salih Ali Al-Shiha

7- Ahmad Abdullah Salih Al-Zahrani

8- Ahmad Ali Barakat Al-Zahrani

9- Ahmad Ali Atallah Al-Farhood

10- Ahmad Kuteim Mohammed Al-Huzali

11- Osama Hamoud Gharman Al-Shihri

12- Osama Ali Abdullah Damjan

13- Bassil Ayed Ali Al-Qahtani

14- Badah Mukhis Badah Al-Kodari Al-Qahtani

15- Badr Saud Oweid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi

16- Badr Mohammed Nasser Al-Shihri

17- Baheej Abdulaziz Abdullah Al-Baheeji

18- Turki Mashouy Zayed Assiri

19- Thamir Mohammed Ghiram Al-Omari

20- Jaber Jabran Ali Al-Fifi

21- Hassan Ibrahim Hamad Al-Shabaan

22- Hassan Ayed Badah al-Saad Al-Qahtani

23- Hussein Mohammed Abdu

24- Hamad Hussein Nasser Al-Hussein

25- Khalid Ibrahim Ahmad Al-Sunbul Al-Assiri

26- Khalid Saleem Oweid Al-Luheibi Al-Harbi

27- Khalid Salih Ali Al-Samiti

28- Khalid Ghallab Fari Al-Rouki Al-Oteibi

29- Rayed Abdullah Salim Al-Zahiri Al-Harbi

30- Rayyan Mohammed Humeidi Al-Zayedi

31- Saeed Bin Ali Jaber Al-Shihri

32- Sultan Radi Sumeilil Al-Oteibi

33- Salih Suleiman Hamad Al-Hablain

34- Salih Abdullah Salih Al-Qar’awi

35- Salih Naif Eid Al-Makhlafi

36- Tuleihan Mutlaq Tuleihan Al-Muteiri

37- Adel Fileih Salim Al-Jaffari Al-Anazi

38- Abdul-Ilah Mustafa Mohammed Al-Jubeiri Al-Shihri

39- Abdularrahman Abdullah Abdurrahman Al-Dosari

40- Abdullah Hassan Tali Assiri

41- Abdullah Salim Duheim Al-Qahtani

42- Abdullah Abdurrahman Abdullah Al-Murshid

43- Abdullah Abdurrahman Mohammed Al-Harbi

44- Abdullah Abdel-Karim Ibrahim Al-Salloum

45- Abdullah Othman Abdurrahman Al-Dubeikhi

46- Abdullah Farraj Mohammed Hamoud Al-Juweir

47- Abdullah Mohammed Abdullah Al-Ayed

48- Abdullah Nasser Suleiman Al-Raya’ei

49- Abdul-Mohsin Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Sharikh

50- Obeid Abdurrahman Abdullah Al-Oteibi

51- Obeid Mubarak Obeid Al-Kufeil

52- Ateik Faraj Sati Al-Hassanani

53- Othman Ahmad Othman Al-Omeira Al-Ghamidi

54- Othman Suleiman Dakheel Al-Suweid

55- Adnan Mohammed Ali Al-Sayigh

56- Azzam Abdullah Zureik Al-Maulid Al-Subhi

57- Okeil Omeish Okeil Al-Muteiri

58- Ali Saud Omeir Al-Shanbari

59- Ali Abdulaziz Ali Al-Omar

60- Fayez Ghuneim Hameed Al-Hijri Al-Harbi

61- Fahd Rikad Sameer Al-Ruweili

62- Fahd Salih Suleiman Al-Jutaili

63- Fahd Moahmmed Saad Al-Ajlan

64- Fahd Mohammed Ali Al-Jueithin

65- Fawaz Al-Humeidi Hajid Al-Habradi Al-Oteibi

66- Fawaz Oweiz Ateeq Al-Zahimi Al-Salami

67- Faisal Jassim Mohammed Al-Oamri Al-Khalidi

68- Yousef Mohammed Mubarak Al-Jubeiri Al-Shihri

69- Majed Mohammed Abdullah Al-Majed

70- Mohammed Saad Saeed Al-Siam Al-Omari

71- Mohammed Abdurrahman Suleiman Al-Rashid

72- Mohammed Abdullah Hassan Abul-Khair

73- Mohammed Oteik Oweid Al-Aufi Al-Harbi

74- Mohammed Ali Mohammed Al-Mutlaq

75- Mohammed Hilal Thawab Al-Makati Al-Oteibi

76- Murtada Ali Saeed Mukram

77- Mishaal Mohammed Rasheed Al-Shadoukhi

78- Mujab Atiyyah Abdel-Karim Al-Zahrani

79- Mukad Qa'ed Mukad Al-Mukati

80- Naif Mohammed Saeed Al-Kodari Al-Qahtani

81- Waleed Abdullah Ibrahim Bin Barghash

82- Waleed Ali Mishafi Al-Mishafi Assiri

83- Yousef Mohammed Jameel Abdullah Al-Takrooni

The Yemenis include:

1- Kassem Mohammed Mehdi Al-Rimi

2- Nasser Abdel-Karim Abdullah Al-Wiheishi

Regarding the suspects, the Interior Ministry source commented, "Rewards earlier announced will also be extended to those who provide information about these persons wanted by the security authorities. The Ministry would like to urge them to return to their rational senses, end their transgressions and surrender themselves to the nearest Saudi representative, who will facilitate their return home to their families."