Saudi Embassy in Cairo assists nationals wishing to return home

January 31, 2011

The Saudi Embassy in Cairo has announced telephone contact numbers for use by any Saudi citizen or student having difficulties in Egypt. The numbers for citizens are +[202] 374-90775 and 376-25000. Students should contact the Cultural Attaché Office using numbers +[202] 333-60612 and +[202] 333-6014.

As of today, the Saudi Embassy has managed to secure the safe homecoming of about 5,000 Saudi nationals. Over the weekend, Saudi Ambassador to Egypt Hisham Nazir inspected the conditions of Saudi nationals at the Cairo Airport and the adjacent hotel reserved to accommodate Saudis wishing to return home.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) amended its schedule of flights between the Kingdom and Egypt, beginning Saturday, in light of the ongoing events in Egypt. According to the SAA Assistant Director General Abdullah Al-Ajhar, the airline operated 18 flights between the Kingdom and Egypt on Saturday.