Minister of Justice: Terror-related crime in Saudi Arabia is on the decline

January 20, 2012

Terror-related crime in the Kingdom is on the decline, as a result of the Saudi Arabia’s decisive crackdown on criminals, its effective justice system and its successful extremist rehabilitation program, Minister of Justice Dr. Mohammed Al-Isa stated today. During a meeting in Washington with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and senior officials of the U.S. Justice Department, Dr. Al-Isa outlined the steps that his government has taken to combat terrorists targeting the Kingdom. He insisted that the Saudi judiciary protects legal rights and freedoms, but stressed the difference between freedom and chaos, liberty and law-breaking. Quoting political theorists, Al-Isa vowed that freedom and responsibility are twins that, if separated, both face death. Regarding terrorist financing, the Minister of Justice noted that the Saudi government has recently taken strong measures to end the phenomenon, citing new legislation, effective executive tools and consistent prosecutions.