IIROSA provides health care to 350,000 patients around the world

January 10, 2012

The International Islamic Relief Organization of Saudi Arabia (IIROSA), an affiliate of the Muslim World League (MWL), provided free health care and medical treatment to about 350,000 patients throughout the world during the past year, according to IIROSA Secretary-General Dr. Adnan bin Khalil Basha. Summarizing his organization’s activities, he reported that IIROSA has 48 health facilities operating in 27 countries, including 4 hospitals, 20 dispensaries, 3 clinics, 4 specialized medical centers, one pharmacy and 16 health programs. Furthermore, 184 doctors, pharmacists, nurses and technicians are working on health projects across the world, including 40 in Asia, 137 in Africa and 7 in Europe.