2013 News Releases

December 31, 2013Sacrificial meat shipments arrive in Gambia, Senegal, Mauritania
December 31, 2013Alwaleed bin Talal Foundation donates $200,000 for Syrian children
December 30, 2013King Abdullah talks to Lebanese President
December 30, 2013Saudi Campaign for Somali People provides financial aid for malnourished children
December 29, 2013King Abdullah receives French President Francois Hollande
December 27, 2013Kingdom cautions citizens not to travel to Lebanon
December 27, 2013Saudi Arabia condemns deadly bombing in Beirut
December 23, 2013Saudi Arabia Announces Record Budget for 2014
December 22, 2013Over 340,000 people arrested attempting to enter Kingdom illegally
December 22, 2013Prince Khalid Al-Faisal appointed Education Minister, Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah Makkah Governor
December 19, 2013Crown Prince receives Algerian Finance Minister
December 19, 2013Prince Sultan inaugurates Saudi Archeological Masterpieces Expo in Houston
December 17, 2013IIRO provides winter aid to Syrians in multiple countries
December 17, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes aid in Lebanon’s Bekka Valley
December 16, 2013Finance Minister receives advisers to U.S. Secretary of State
December 16, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/16/13)
December 15, 2013Saudi Committee sends money for housing units in Rafah
December 14, 2013Kingdom committed to pushing for UN Security Council reform
December 14, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
December 12, 2013SFD signs agreements with UNHCR to provide $10 million for Syrian refugees
December 11, 201334th GCC Supreme Council Summit concludes in Kuwait
December 10, 2013U.S. mayors delegation visits Majlis Al-Shura, Foreign Ministry
December 9, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives U.S. Secretary of Defense Hagel in Riyadh
December 9, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/9/13)
December 9, 2013Kingdom has approved over $135 million in aid projects for Somalia
December 8, 2013Deputy Defense Minister meets with King Hamad, Secretary Hagel in Manama
December 8, 2013King Abdullah condemns terrorist attack against Yemeni Defense Ministry
December 6, 2013Third Forum on Information Technology Investment organized in Washington
December 5, 2013Crown Prince receives Senator John McCain
December 4, 2013Minister of Interior receives Sen. John McCain
December 3, 2013Interior Minister approves SR 32 million in aid to Syrian Campaign
December 3, 2013Crown Prince receives Sen. Robert Corker
December 2, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/2/13)
December 1, 2013Foreign Minister receives Egyptian, Kuwaiti officials
November 28, 2013Interior Minister leads delegation to GCC meeting in Manama
November 28, 2013Saudi Arabia sends eight vehicles to combat locust outbreak in Sudan
November 27, 2013King Abdullah, President Obama discuss bilateral relations
November 27, 2013GCC, Jordanian, Moroccan foreign ministers meet in Kuwait
November 25, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/25/13)
November 25, 2013Saudi Arabia welcomes Geneva Agreement on Iranian nuclear program as first step
November 23, 2013King Abdullah receives Emir of Kuwait, Emir of Qatar
November 22, 2013UN General Assembly passes resolution drafted by Saudi Arabia on Syria
November 21, 2013Saudi Campaign hands out more rent checks to Syrians in Beirut
November 20, 2013Crown Prince meets with Palestinian President
November 20, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal attends 3rd Arab-African Summit in Kuwait
November 18, 2013Saudi Campaign to assist Syrian people distributed over $114 million
November 18, 2013Kingdom denies contact with Israel
November 18, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/18/13)
November 18, 2013Saudi National Campaign to Support the Brothers in Syria July 2012-June 2013
November 17, 2013Kingdom donates to UNHCR’s Rohingya appeal
November 15, 2013King Abdullah donates $10 million to Typhoon Haiyan recovery
November 11, 2013Cabinet emphasizes longstanding Saudi-U.S. relations
November 7, 2013SACTA President meets with Smithsonian delegation
November 6, 2013Prince Saud received by Omani Sultan, Kuwaiti Emir
November 6, 2013IIROSA provides medical treatment for Yemenis, food baskets for Syrians
November 5, 2013Prince Saud meets with leaders of Bahrain, UAE
November 4, 2013King Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
November 4, 2013Prince Saud, John Kerry confirm strength of U.S.-Saudi relations
November 4, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/4/13)
November 3, 2013Civil Service Minister receives President of American Society of Management
November 3, 2013Egyptian President receives Vice Foreign Minister
November 3, 2013Arab League Council calls on Syrian opposition to attend Geneva II conference
October 31, 2013Forbes: King Abdullah eighth most powerful person in the world
October 31, 2013Prince Saud receives Kuwaiti Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister
October 29, 2013IIRO implements sacrificial meat project in Guinea
October 28, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts luncheon for director of Narcotics Control
October 28, 2013Saudi Embassy releases 1434 (2013) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
October 28, 2013Kingdom to support anti-polio campaign in Pakistan
October 28, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (10/28/13)
October 26, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Egyptian FM
October 24, 2013Meat from 100 heads of cattle distributed in Chad
October 22, 2013Prince Saud attends Friends of Syria meeting in London
October 21, 2013Prince Saud attends Paris meeting with Secretary Kerry, Arab foreign ministers
October 21, 2013Saudi King receives King of Jordan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
October 19, 2013Sheep meat distributed to Syrian refugees in Jordan
October 18, 2013Saudi Arabia Declines UN Security Council Membership
October 17, 2013Saudi Arabia Elected to UN Security Council
October 17, 2013Minister of Health: Hajj was safe and free from epidemic or quarantine diseases
October 16, 2013Kingdom denies reports King Abdullah invited Iranian President Rouhani to perform Hajj
October 15, 2013Saudi Ambassador hosts Eid Al-Adha prayer
October 13, 2013Saudi Arabia recorded $268 billion trade surplus in 2012‎
October 13, 2013‎1,379,531 pilgrims from 188 countries arrived for Hajj
October 13, 2013Over 270,000 pilgrims received treatment in Makkah and Madinah
October 10, 2013King orders opening of Phase I of Grand Mosque expansion project
October 10, 2013Pakistani President visits Prophet’s mosque
October 7, 2013King Abdullah receives Egypt’s Interim President
October 7, 20131,165,172 pilgrims have arrived in Saudi Arabia from abroad
October 7, 2013King Abdullah receives French Defense Minister
October 7, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (10/7/13)
October 5, 2013GCC Monetary Council headquarters opened in Riyadh
October 4, 2013Saudi Campaign sends relief convoy to Baluchistan
October 3, 2013Prince Saud meets with Italian Prime Minister in Rome
October 2, 2013King Abdullah, Crown Prince Salman receive calls from Bahraini King
October 1, 2013Saudi Ambassador opens 2 field hospitals in Egypt
September 30, 2013King Abdullah sponsors Hajj pilgrims
September 30, 2013Hajj Minister meets with U.S. Consul General
September 30, 2013Saudi relief program launched for earthquake victims in Balochistan
September 30, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/30/13)
September 29, 2013More than 683,000 pilgrims arrive in the Kingdom
September 27, 2013Prince Saud addresses Friends of Syria meeting
September 26, 2013Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs Meets with Pakistani PM
September 26, 2013Kingdom pays rent for 68 more Syrian families in Lebanon
September 25, 2013Crown Prince receives U.S. Ambassador
September 24, 2013Prince Saud meets with foreign officials at opening of UN General Assembly
September 23, 2013Saudi Embassy Celebrates National Day
September 23, 2013Minister of Foreign Affairs meets with Secretary of State John Kerry
September 23, 2013Crown Prince Salman addresses the nation on National Day
September 21, 2013Three royal orders make new appointments
September 19, 2013Minister of Commerce and Industry addresses Saudi-U.S. Business Forum
September 18, 2013Saudi Campaign continues refugee housing project in Lebanon
September 17, 2013Crown Prince receives Director of U.S. Defense Security Cooperation Agency
September 17, 2013Saudi Grand Mufti condemns attacks on Non-Muslims
September 17, 2013IIRO launches urgent relief project for flood victims in Pakistan
September 16, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/16/13)
September 14, 2013Saudi Arabia donates $300,000 to anti-piracy fund
September 14, 2013Prince Saud meets with Kuwaiti Emir in New York
September 13, 2013Saudi Arabia, France, UAE, Jordan coordinate Syria positions
September 12, 2013Al-Naimi: Saudi Arabia has capacity to meet global crude oil demand
September 12, 2013Saudi National Campaign provides rent checks to displaced Syrians in Lebanon
September 10, 2013GCC Ministerial Council holds 128th regular session in Jeddah
September 9, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/9/13)
September 6, 2013Saudi Arabia joins G20 partners in condemning Syrian regime’s use of chemical weapons
September 4, 2013KAU signs contract with Detroit Medical Center
September 4, 2013Acting Riyadh Governor receives U.S. military official
September 2, 2013Saudi cabinet calls for strong international response to help the Syrian people
September 2, 2013Prince Saud meets with Egyptian leaders, pledges support
September 2, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/2/13)
September 1, 2013Prince Saud calls for decisive and serious action on Syria
September 1, 2013Saudi Arabia donates $200 million to support Palestinian cities
September 1, 2013Crown Prince arrives in Jeddah coming from abroad
August 29, 2013Saudi aid arrives for floods victims in Sudan
August 28, 2013Kingdom reiterates its strong support for the Egyptian people
August 28, 2013Kingdom calls for decisive action on Syria
August 28, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Turkish Foreign Minister
August 27, 2013Saudi National Campaign rents 131 apartments for Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 26, 2013Prince Muqrin chairs Cabinet session (8/26/13)
August 24, 2013Ministry of Health sets requirements for pilgrims and other visitors
August 22, 2013King Abdullah receives phone calls from Afghan, Lebanese presidents
August 22, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with William Hague in Paris
August 22, 2013ICO kicks off assistance program in Sudan
August 21, 2013Saudi foreign minister calls on U.N. Security Council for emergency meeting on Syria
August 20, 2013More Saudi Medical Aid Arrives in Egypt
August 20, 2013King orders $10 million in urgent aid to Sudanese flood victims
August 20, 2013Crown Prince receives call from Egypt’s Gen. Al-Sisi
August 18, 2013Prince Saud expresses Kingdom’s support for Egypt’s efforts to maintain security
August 17, 2013Kingdom to send three field hospitals to Egypt
August 17, 2013Al-Jasser appointed General President of Meteorology, Environmental Protection
August 16, 2013King Abdullah express support for Egypt’s security
August 13, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes Eid Al-Fitr gifts to Syrian children in Turkey
August 12, 201350 tons of Saudi dates delivered to Gabon
August 11, 2013Ban Ki-Moon, John Kerry praise $100 million Saudi donation to UNCCT
August 9, 2013Royal Court: Crown Prince travels abroad on private vacation
August 8, 2013King announces $100 million donation to UN Counterterrorism Center
August 8, 2013King, Crown Prince perform Eid Al-Fitr prayers
August 8, 2013King receives calls from Muslim leaders on the occasion of Eid Al-Fitr
August 8, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir performs Eid Al-Fitr prayers
August 2, 2013Royal order appoints Al-Tobaishi as Royal Protocol Chief
August 1, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes 46,000 meals to Syrian refugees in Jordan
August 1, 2013Pakistani Prime Minister arrives in Jeddah to perform Umrah
August 1, 2013Saudi sacrificial meat shipment arrives in Lebanon
July 30, 2013IIROSA provides relief to flood and drought victims in Niger
July 29, 2013Saudi Foreign Minister telephones Egyptian counterpart
July 29, 2013Abbas Al-Mazra, member of most wanted list, arrested in Awamiyah
July 28, 2013Saudi Campaign provides food, shelters for Syrian refugees in Jordan
July 25, 2013Saudi Consulate in Istanbul distributes 4,200 kg of dates
July 24, 2013Kingdom distributing 35,000 Ramadan baskets to Syrians in Lebanon
July 23, 2013Saudi Fund for Development signs $275 million worth of agreements with Yemen
July 22, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/23/13)
July 21, 2013IIROSA aids 108,472 Malian refugees in Burkina Faso
July 21, 2013Cabinet approves female participation in next elections
July 20, 2013Royal orders appoint SWC President, Deputy Minister of Economy and Planning
July 19, 2013King Abdullah approves treatment of Iranian girl diagnosed with cancer in Riyadh
July 18, 2013Crown Prince receives President of Syrian National Coalition
July 17, 2013Saudi Ambassador to Algeria delivers 200 tons of dates to WFP
July 16, 2013Saudi Campaign for Syria runs mobile bakeries for refugees in Turkey
July 15, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/15/13)
July 15, 2013Kingdom provides Iftar meals to Afghanis, Syrians and Sudanese
July 14, 2013IMF: Kingdom has high-performing economy, helps stabilize global oil market
July 11, 2013Ambassador hosted traditional Iftar
July 11, 2013Crown Prince receives Maldivian President
July 10, 2013King Abdullah receives congratulations on Ramadan from heads of state
July 9, 2013SFD funds construction of 1,025 houses in Pakistan
July 9, 2013Saudi Arabia pledges $5 billion in aid to Egypt
July 9, 2013King, Crown Prince address Muslims on eve of Ramadan
July 8, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts farewell luncheon for outgoing diplomats
July 8, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes Ramadan food baskets to Syrians in Lebanon, Jordan
July 8, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/8/13)
July 7, 2013Crown Prince Salman meets with Tunisian Prime Minister
July 7, 2013Saudi Campaign for Gaza to distribute 92,000 Ramadan food baskets
July 6, 2013IIRC kicks off Ramadan Food Baskets projects in Pakistan, Yemen
July 5, 2013King Abdullah receives telephone call from Egyptian Army Chief
July 4, 2013King and Crown Prince congratulate U.S. President on Independence Day
July 3, 2013Saudi Campaign continues distribution of food baskets in Lebanon
July 3, 2013King Abdullah congratulates new Egyptian President
July 2, 2013Head of U.S. military training mission receives King Abdulaziz Medal
July 1, 2013Saudi National Campaign pays for treatment of Syrians wounded in Al-Qusair
July 1, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/1/13)
June 30, 2013Minister of Commerce and Industry meets U.S. carmaker executives
June 29, 2013Distribution of Ramadan baskets to displaced Syrians begins in Lebanon
June 28, 2013UN Human Settlement Program awards prize to late Crown Prince Nayef
June 26, 2013Saudi Consulate in Chicago opens
June 26, 2013King congratulates Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, new Qatari Emir
June 25, 2013Prince Saud, Secretary Kerry discuss developments in Syria
June 24, 2013King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/24/13)
June 23, 2013Saudi National Campaign for Somalia launched
June 23, 2013Saudi National Campaign for Syria preparing Ramadan food baskets
June 22, 2013Friends of Syria vow to provide substantial assistance to Syrian opposition
June 21, 2013Prince Sultan bin Salman opens Saudi Archeological Exhibition in Pittsburgh
June 20, 2013French President receives National Guard Minister
June 19, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts luncheon for Saudi Boy Scout Leaders
June 18, 2013MWL denounces sectarian fighters in Syria
June 18, 2013Ethiopian President arrives in Riyadh
June 17, 2013King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/17/13)
June 16, 2013King congratulates Hassan Rowhani on winning Iranian presidential election
June 15, 2013Turkish Prime Minister receives Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
June 14, 2013Ambassador hosts lunch for Jazan University staff and students
June 14, 2013King Abdullah arrives in Jeddah coming from Morocco
June 13, 2013Crown Prince receives British Defense Secretary
June 11, 2013WHO praises Saudi response to MERS coronavirus
June 10, 2013Governor of Makkah washes holy Kaaba
June 10, 2013Deputy Defense Minister receives head of U.S. Military Training Mission
June 10, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/10/13)
June 10, 2013GCC denounces Hezbollah’s interference in Syrian conflict
June 9, 2013Saudi Foreign Minister congratulates Yemeni President
June 7, 2013IIRO provides food, blankets to Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon
June 5, 2013Minister of State for Foreign Affairs attends AL meeting in Cairo
June 4, 2013Prince Nawaf bin Faisal attends Sport for Peace Forum in New York
June 3, 2013Saudi Ambassador to Kenya delivers 300 tons of dates to WFP
June 3, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet meeting (6/3/13)
June 2, 2013GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Jeddah
June 1, 2013UNRWA thanks Saudi Arabia for $86 million donation
May 31, 2013King Abdullah travels to Morocco
May 30, 2013Statement on the sentencing of Manssor Arbabsiar
May 28, 2013Saudi Arabia, U.S. sign Open Skies agreement
May 27, 2013Saudi Minister of Higher Education and Saudi Ambassador hold town hall meeting with Saudi students
May 27, 2013Prince Miteb bin Abdullah appointed Minister of the National Guard
May 27, 2013King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/27/13)
May 26, 2013Sixth graduation ceremony for Saudi scholarship students held in Washington
May 26, 2013Saudi Arabia provides 340 tons of dates to World Food Program in Yemen
May 25, 2013Saudi Campaign provides shelters for Syrian refugees, sponsors Syrian students
May 24, 2013Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon delivers 10 tons of dates for Palestinian refugees
May 23, 2013Friends of Syria Group calls for withdrawal of Iran, Hezbollah from Syrian conflict
May 22, 2013400 U.S.-Saudi joint projects invest $44 billion in the Kingdom
May 21, 2013Saudi Arabia supports WFP in Bangladesh with 515 tons of dates
May 21, 2013Ten more arrests made in Iranian spying case
May 21, 2013Crown Prince Salman meets with Turkish President in Ankara
May 20, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/20/13)
May 19, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal holds talks with Chinese President Xi
May 18, 2013Crown Prince receives U.S. Secretary of the Navy
May 17, 2013Saudi Arabia delivers 561 tons of dates to WFP
May 16, 2013Saudi Arabia participates in International Conference for Mali
May 15, 201313th consignment of Saudi medical aid for Gaza arrives in Arish
May 15, 2013IIROSA provides aid to Syrian refugees in Turkey
May 14, 2013Saudi National Campaign assists displaced Syrians in Bekka region
May 14, 2013Undersecretary of Islamic Affairs Ministry receives U.S. official
May 14, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal attends Foreign Ministers’ Joint Regional Meeting on Syria
May 13, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/13/13)
May 12, 2013Gabonese President visits Kingdom
May 11, 201311th batch of Saudi medical aid provided for Gaza hospitals
May 11, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Yemeni, Iranian Foreign Ministers
May 10, 2013Maj. Gen. Fayyadh Al-Ruwaili promoted to Commander of Royal Saudi Air Force
May 9, 201310th batch of Saudi medical aid arrives at Arish Airport
May 8, 2013Royal Saudi Air Force dedicates first F-15 SE in ceremony at Boeing headquarters
May 7, 2013Saudi medical airlift for Gaza continues
May 7, 2013Crown Prince holds talks with Kuwaiti Prime Minister
May 6, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/6/13)
May 6, 2013Crown Prince congratulates King Abdullah on eighth anniversary of his reign
May 5, 2013U.S. prosecutors seek 25 years for man who plotted to kill Saudi Ambassador
May 5, 2013Kingdom transfers more than SR 5 million for 12 libraries in Palestine
May 4, 2013Saudi Embassy hosts annual Passport DC Event
May 4, 20136th batch of Saudi medical aid arrives at Arish Airport
May 3, 20134th and 5th batches of Saudi medical aid arrive at Arish Airport
May 3, 2013Royal order appoints Al-Aqeeli as acting chief of Royal Protocol
May 2, 2013Ministry of Interior dismisses Daily Mail article
May 2, 2013Saudi Arabia provides 50 tons of dates to the Comoros
May 1, 2013Saudi Arabia denies Daily Mail's MailOnline Article on Boston bombers
May 1, 2013Saudi Embassy Participates in Passport DC
May 1, 2013Japanese Prime Minister meets Crown Prince, speaks with King
April 30, 2013Saudi Oil Minister Calls for Well-balanced Oil Market
April 29, 2013Saudi medical aid for Gaza arrives in Egypt
April 29, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (4/29/13)
April 29, 2013Deputy Majlis Speaker receives U.S. delegation
April 27, 2013IIROSA provides Sudan with twenty-three dialysis devices
April 27, 2013WAMY distributes baby milk to Syrian refugees in Iraqi Kurdistan
April 27, 2013Deputy Foreign Minister leads Saudi delegation to Afghanistan Conference
April 26, 2013Saudi National Campaign distributes carpets and dates to Syrians in Lebanon
April 26, 2013Saudi Ambassador delivers 100 tons of dates to Cameroon
April 25, 2013Kingdom pays rent, tuition for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
April 24, 2013100 tons of Saudi dates delivered to Djibouti
April 24, 2013Kingdom provides Gaza hospitals with medical aid
April 23, 2013Crown Prince holds talks with U.S. Secretary of Defense
April 23, 2013Governor of Riyadh receives head of U.S. Military Training Mission
April 22, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/22/13)
April 21, 2013IIRC team performs open heart surgeries in Sudan
April 20, 2013King Abdullah names new deputy defense minister
April 20, 2013Saudi National Campaign to Support the Syrian Brothers in Lebanon continues sending aid
April 19, 2013Dr. Al-Assaf leads Saudi delegation to G-20 meeting in Washington
April 18, 2013Foreign Minister meets with U.S. President, National Security Adviser
April 18, 2013Kingdom provides school bags to Pakistani orphans
April 17, 2013President Obama meets with Saudi Foreign Minister
April 16, 2013Prince Saud holds meeting with Secretary Kerry
April 16, 2013Prince Saud holds meeting with Sen. McCain
April 16, 2013Saudi Arabia, UNICEF sign MoU for polio eradication
April 16, 2013King Abdullah offers condolences to President Obama on the Boston bombings
April 16, 2013Crown Prince offered condolences on the Boston bombings
April 15, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir condemns Boston Marathon bombing, offers condolences to families of victims
April 15, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/15/13)
April 14, 2013Deputy Higher Education Minister receives Johns Hopkins delegation
April 13, 2013King Abdullah receives phone call from Moroccan King
April 12, 2013King Abdullah announces new appointments
April 12, 2013Crown Prince receives telephone call from U.S. Secretary of Defense
April 11, 2013Ministry of Justice denies media reports about paralysis sentence
April 10, 2013Saudi Arabia gifts hundreds of tons of dates to Pakistan, Senegal
April 9, 2013Saudi Arabia calls for greater cooperation on WMD non-proliferation
April 8, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/18/13)
April 8, 2013Saudi Campaign continues relief programs for Syrian refugees in Lebanon
April 7, 2013Saudi Campaign to provide 1,000 housing units to Zaatari refugee camp
April 6, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives Bahraini Prime Minister
April 4, 201328th Janadriyah Festival opens doors to visitors
April 3, 2013Crown Prince receives Commander of U.S. Central Command
April 2, 2013Al-Naimi addresses Doha Energy Forum
April 1, 2013Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/1/13)
April 1, 2013Saudi Committee for Palestinian Relief, UNESCO sign cooperation agreement
March 31, 2013Kingdom sends 20,000 heads of sacrificial meat to Yemen
March 30, 201335th King Faisal International Prize handed out
March 28, 2013Evidence directly links espionage suspects to Iranian intelligence agencies
March 27, 201324th Arab Summit issues Doha Declaration
March 26, 2013Arab leaders hold summit in Doha
March 25, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (3/25/13)
March 24, 2013Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah supports re-examining peace process
March 20, 2013Saudi National Campaign sends 41 trucks of aid to Syrians in Jordan
March 19, 2013Saudi Arabia donates Jordan with 200 tons of dates
March 19, 201318 men arrested on espionage charges
March 18, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (3/18/13)
March 17, 2013King Abdullah confers with Egyptian President Morsi
March 16, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives Prince Charles
March 14, 2013Yemeni Defense Minister praises Saudi medical team
March 14, 2013Bahraini King receives Prince Saud bin Nayef
March 13, 2013Arab Interior Ministers release statement on counterterrorism efforts
March 12, 2013Crown Prince attends cultural events in Madinah
March 11, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (3/11/13)
March 10, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives U.S. Attorney General
March 9, 2013Saudi pediatric heart specialists arrive in Sana’a
March 8, 201330 housing units delivered to Syrian refugees Jordan
March 7, 2013Saudi Arabia jointly chairs Friends of Yemen meeting in London
March 6, 2013Foreign Minister proposes Arab League reform
March 5, 2013Qatari Emir receives Crown Prince Salman
March 5, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives call from U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
March 4, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives U.S. Secretary of State
March 4, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal and U.S. Secretary of State hold press conference
March 4, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (3/4/13)
March 4, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives Palestinian President
March 3, 2013Minister of Culture and Information receives U.S. official
March 3, 2013Saudi real GDP grew by 6.8 percent in 2012
March 3, 2013GCC Foreign Ministers hold 126th Ministerial Council meeting
March 2, 2013IIROSA to carry out surgeries in Sudan and Chad
March 2, 2013Prince Mohammed bin Salman appointed President of Crown Prince’s Court
March 1, 2013Prince Saud calls for urgent action at Friends of Syria Conference in Rome
February 28, 2013Kingdom delivers medical assistance to Somali hospital
February 28, 2013Medical City in Sana’a built with $200 million in Saudi funds
February 27, 2013Saudi Land Forces conduct joint exercise with U.S. military
February 26, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives Turkish official
February 25, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (2/25/13)
February 24, 2013Chief of General Staff receives Commander of U.S. 5th Fleet
February 24, 2013Vice President Biden congratulates Prince Muqrin
February 22, 2013Second Deputy Prime Minister meets with Crown Prince of Qatar
February 20, 2013U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to visit Saudi Arabia in March
February 19, 2013New members of Majlis Al-Shura sworn in
February 19, 2013Microsoft official praises Saudi anti-piracy efforts
February 19, 2013King Abdullah receives call from Bahraini King
February 15, 2013Crown Prince receives condolences on death of Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz
February 14, 2013Umm Al-Qura University delegation visits Zaytuna College in U.S.
February 14, 2013Royal order appoints Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz Riyadh Governor
February 13, 2013Prince Saud: Iran needs to be more forthcoming on its nuclear program
February 12, 2013U.S. medical delegation visits Taif University
February 12, 2013Royal Court: Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz dies
February 11, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (2/11/13)
February 11, 2013Dr. Majed Al-Muneef appointed Secretary General of Supreme Economic Council
February 11, 2013Jazan University Rector receives University of Illinois delegation
February 10, 2013Saudi National Campaign aids 270 Syrian families in Tripoli
February 10, 2013Commander of U.S. Naval Forces decorated with King Abdulaziz Medal
February 8, 2013Saudi Arabia provides 200 tons of food assistance to Mali
February 7, 2013Crown Prince addresses 12th Islamic Summit in Cairo
February 7, 2013Jordanian monarch receives Minister of Foreign Affairs
February 5, 2013Mohammed Al-Asheikh appointed CMA President
February 5, 2013Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives USCIRF delegation
February 4, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (2/4/13)
February 4, 2013Saudi-U.S. organizations cooperate on construction of medical city in Jeddah
February 4, 2013Crown Prince receives Spanish Defense Minister
February 3, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes heaters in Jordan
February 2, 2013Saudi National Campaign for Syria signs cooperation agreement with WHO
February 1, 2013Prince Miqren bin Abdulaziz appointed Second Deputy Prime Minister
January 31, 2013Prince Saud meets with Algerian President
January 30, 2013Saudi Arabia announces $345 million in aid at Syria Donor Conference
January 30, 2013Prince Saud holds consultations in Tunisia
January 30, 2013Saudi National Campaign distributes assistance in Al-Ramtha
January 29, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon
January 28, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet session (1/28/13)
January 28, 2013IIROSA provides aid to Syrian and Palestinian refugees in Jordan
January 27, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives IAEA Director General
January 27, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives Turkish Foreign Minister
January 27, 2013Crown Prince Salman receives French Defense Minister
January 27, 2013Jeddah Municipal Council receives Harvard University delegation
January 25, 2013Ambassador Al-Mualami delivers speech before U.N. Security Council
January 24, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes blankets to Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon
January 23, 2013Hajj Minister receives U.S. envoy to OIC
January 22, 2013Riyadh Declaration issued
January 22, 2013Saudi Ambassador holds reception for U.S. Congress members
January 21, 2013Arab leaders arrive in Riyadh for Economic and Social Development Summit
January 21, 2013Crown Prince proposes increase in capital of Arab financial institutions
January 21, 2013Saudi National Campaign distributes 14 trucks of aid in Jordan
January 20, 2013SFD helps displaced people in Myanmar
January 19, 2013Interior Minister meets Canadian Prime Minister
January 19, 2013Saudi Arabia expresses support for Afghanistan
January 18, 2013Senior Arab officials hold preparatory meeting in Riyadh
January 17, 2013Prince Mohammad bin Naif concludes visit to Washington
January 16, 2013Prince Mohammad bin Naif Meets with Secretary Clinton
January 16, 2013Saudi Minister of Interior Meets with U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano
January 16, 2013Prince Mohammad bin Naif meets with Attorney General Eric Holder
January 16, 2013Prince Mohammad bin Naif meets with director of U.S. National Security Agency
January 16, 2013Eighth aid consignment sent to Syrian refugees in Jordan
January 16, 2013King appoints new Supreme Court President
January 15, 2013Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts reception for Prince Mohammad bin Nayef
January 15, 2013Interior Minister meets with Homeland Security and Treasury Officials
January 15, 2013Sacrificial meat to be distributed to needy Syrians and Somalis
January 14, 2013King Abdullah appoints new governors for Madinah and Eastern Provinces
January 14, 2013Umm Al-Qura University Rector meets with U.S. medical professor
January 14, 2013Crown Prince Salman chairs Cabinet meeting (1/14/13)
January 14, 2013Minister of Interior Meets with President Obama at White House
January 14, 2013White House reaffirms Saudi ties in statement
January 13, 2013Emergency meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers concludes in Cairo
January 13, 2013UNRWA Commissioner General thanks Kingdom for contributions
January 13, 2013GCC Secretary General receives U.S. scholar
January 12, 2013Saudi missions issued more than 10 million visas last year
January 11, 2013Royal orders amend Shura Council system and form new chamber
January 11, 2013King directs provision of $10 million in relief for Syrians in Jordan
January 10, 2013King Abdullah receives telephone call from Egyptian President
January 9, 2013British Prime Minister receives Minister of Interior
January 9, 2013Assistant Deputy Commander of National Guard receives U.S. military official
January 8, 2013Bangladesh President receives Speaker of Saudi Majlis Al-Shoura
January 6, 2013Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives U.S. Military Attaché
January 5, 2013Crown Prince, Foreign Minister receive Egyptian official
January 5, 2013Chief of General Staff receives U.S. official
January 4, 2013Coast Guard arrests 21 Iranian intruders
January 3, 2013Saudi Campaign distributes food, blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 3, 2013IIROSA aiding Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 3, 2013Kingdom to deliver $2.7 million worth of medical supplies to Gaza hospitals
January 2, 2013Saudi Arabia donated $40 million for Roseiris Dam project
January 2, 2013US firm Fluor to manage $7 billion Riyadh-Jeddah railway project
January 1, 2013Saudi Arabia exceeded many of the goals set by Millennium Development Goals