2011 News Releases

December 30, 2011Saudi Arabia Announces Purchase of Military Equipment from the U.S.
December 30, 2011OIC participates in humanitarian relief works in Philippines
December 28, 2011Saudi Campaign for Pakistan signs accord with UNICEF
December 26, 2011Ministry of Finance Report on FY2011 outcome and FY2012 budget
December 26, 2011King Abdullah issued three royal decrees on 2012 state budget
December 26, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (12/26/11)
December 24, 2011OIC to send humanitarian mission to the Philippines
December 23, 2011Kingdom donates $25 million to Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis and Malaria
December 22, 2011Kingdom witnessed dramatic decrease in infectious disease
December 21, 2011Minister of Health speaks at National Children’s Medical Center in D.C.
December 21, 2011GCC leaders conclude 32nd session of Supreme Council
December 20, 2011King Abdullah opens 32nd GCC Supreme Council summit
December 19, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Riyadh
December 19, 2011Minister of Finance discusses anti-money laundering efforts with U.S. official
December 19, 2011Riyadh Economic Forum 2011 concludes
December 18, 2011Prince Salman receives Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
December 17, 2011Saudi Arabia supports polio eradication in Niger
December 16, 2011AGFUND launches microfinance bank in Africa to support the poor
December 15, 2011Government releases annual statistics on health care in the Kingdom
December 14, 2011Defense Minister receives Commander of U.S. Central Command
December 13, 2011King Abdullah receives GCC Secretary General
December 13, 2011King Abdullah announces Cabinet reshuffle
December 12, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (12/12/11)
December 12, 2011Annual SAMA report reflects strength of Saudi economy
December 12, 2011Sacrificial meat distributed among Palestinian refugees in Jordan
December 10, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
December 9, 2011Saudi Aramco President: Oil industry poised for new Golden Age
December 9, 2011Al-Naimi addresses Durban Climate Change talks
December 8, 2011Education Minister addresses Saudi-U.S. Business Opportunities Forum
December 7, 2011IDB and UNRWA sign accords to support education and reconstruction in Gaza
December 7, 2011General Electric, Saudi Electricity Co. sign $300 million gas-turbines deal
December 6, 20112nd U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum begins in Atlanta
December 5, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (12/5/11)
December 4, 2011Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz receives U.S. Defense official
December 3, 2011Ambassador hosts luncheon for participants in human trafficking program
December 3, 2011Defense Minister receives head of U.S. Military Training Mission
December 2, 2011Saudi Arabia calls on world to support Arab efforts to dismantle WMDs
December 2, 2011Foreign Ministry urges Saudis to leave Syria, cancel travel plans
December 1, 2011Sadara Chemical Company officially formed
December 1, 2011Saudi Arabia condemns storming of British Embassy in Tehran
November 30, 201147,000 Saudi students on scholarship in the U.S.
November 29, 2011Saudi Forum on Uniting Arab Countries to Combat AIDS opens
November 28, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (11/28/11)
November 27, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers approve sanctions against Syria
November 24, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers give Syria 48 hours to sign monitors protocol
November 24, 2011Prince Saud holds press conference to discuss GCC agenda
November 23, 2011Energy Dialogue Forum concluded in Riyadh
November 23, 2011GCC initiative to resolve Yemeni crisis signed in Riyadh
November 23, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Riyadh
November 22, 2011King’s Charitable Campaign dispatches second caravan in Pakistan
November 21, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/21/11)
November 20, 2011Saudi aid distributed to 7,000 families in Somalia
November 19, 2011U.S. welcomes Saudi resolution condemning plot against ambassador
November 18, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir briefs fellow diplomats on U.N. resolution
November 18, 2011UN condemns plot to kill Saudi ambassador
November 18, 2011Saudi Embassy Hosts Reception and Photo Exhibit for Breast Cancer Awareness
November 18, 2011Saudi Embassy releases 1432 (2011) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
November 17, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers discuss crisis in Syria
November 16, 2011Saudi Mission to U.N. will submit draft resolution against terrorism
November 15, 2011Saudi Campaign distributes food, tents, and blankets in Pakistan
November 15, 2011OIC, UN sign agreement for coordination of humanitarian action
November 14, 2011Majlis Al-Shura condemns attack on Embassy in Damascus
November 12, 2011Syrian mob storms Saudi Embassy in Damascus
November 12, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers suspend Syrian participation in Arab League activities
November 9, 20111,500 return flights scheduled from Madinah
November 9, 2011Pilgrims perform farewell circumambulation at Holy Mosque in Makkah
November 7, 2011Saudi Campaign distributes meat in Pakistan
November 6, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts Eid Al-Adha prayer, breakfast
November 6, 20112,927,717 pilgrims performed Hajj this year
November 6, 2011King Abdullah swears-in Prince Salman, Prince Sattam
November 5, 2011Prince Salman named Defense Minister, Prince Sattam appointed Riyadh Governor
November 5, 2011King Abdullah orders restructure of civil aviation, Saudi Airlines
November 5, 2011King Abdullah issued decrees reorganizing committees and commissions
November 4, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosted farewell luncheon in honor of Dr. Al-Sati
November 4, 2011Ambassador, embassy staff pledge allegiance to Crown Prince Nayef
November 4, 2011Forbes: King Abdullah ranks among the seven most powerful people in the world
November 3, 2011Arab League welcomes Syrian acceptance of its initiative
November 3, 2011Minister of Finance attends G-20 Summit
November 2, 2011Kingdom hails acceptance of Palestine as full member of UNESCO
October 31, 2011Crown Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet session (10/31/11)
October 31, 2011U.S. President congratulates Kingdom on new Crown Prince
October 30, 2011Saudi Ambassador to U.S. congratulates Crown Prince Nayef
October 30, 2011Minister of Justice meets with Saudi students in Washington, D.C.
October 29, 2011Saudi Campaign dispatches relief convoy to Pakistan
October 28, 2011Foreign leaders visit the Kingdom to offer their condolences
October 27, 2011Vice President Biden arrives in Riyadh to offer condolences
October 27, 2011Kingdom offers $50 million to Turkey
October 27, 2011Supreme Court declares Sunday November 6 Eid Al-Adha
October 27, 2011People offer condolences at embassy on death of Crown Prince Sultan
October 26, 2011Saudi humanitarian aid arrives in Mogadishu
October 22, 2011Saudi Royal Court announces death of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz
October 21, 2011Saudi Arabia ranks first regionally in doing business
October 21, 2011King Abdullah’s Global Program for Dialogue, Culture of Peace launched
October 20, 2011King Abdullah to host 1,400 Muslims during this year’s Hajj
October 19, 2011U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary meets with GCC and National Guard officials
October 19, 2011Emergency project to provide potable water for Somalia approved
October 19, 2011Kingdom donates $900,000 worth of dates to WFP
October 18, 2011King Abdullah undergoes successful back surgery
October 18, 2011U.S. mayoral delegation meets with Saudi officials
October 18, 2011Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman receives Deputy U.S. Energy Secretary
October 17, 2011Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet session (10/17/11)
October 17, 2011Emergency meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers held in Cairo
October 16, 2011G-20 Finance Ministers conclude meeting
October 14, 2011Saudi Ambassador to Cameroon delivers gift to World Food Program
October 14, 2011Agreement to establish King Abdullah Center for Dialogue in Vienna signed
October 14, 2011Iranian plot condemned around the world
October 13, 2011President Obama calls Saudi Ambassador to express solidarity
October 13, 2011Saudi Campaign for the Relief of the Pakistani People kicks off projects
October 12, 2011Kingdom, GCC condemn plot against Ambassador
October 11, 2011Statement on Plot to Assassinate Ambassador
October 11, 2011Royal Court: King Abdullah to undergo back surgery
October 10, 2011Kingdom expresses condolence to victims in Egypt, calls for restraints
October 10, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/10/11)
October 10, 2011OIC, USAID discuss prospects for cooperation
October 10, 2011Princess Hissah inaugurates Businesswomen's Forum
October 9, 2011Saudi Aramco, Dow sign agreement for Sadara Chemical Company joint venture
October 7, 2011GCC Ministers of Culture and Information meet in Abu Dhabi
October 7, 2011SAGIA and Pfizer sign accord for pharmaceutical plant in Rabigh
October 6, 2011Border guard killed in Jazan
October 4, 2011King Abdullah receives Hungarian Prime Minister
October 4, 2011Prince Sultan bin Salman meets with Smithsonian President
October 3, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (10/3/11)
October 3, 2011Prince Nayef directs aid to victims of Pakistani floods
October 3, 2011Exxon to sponsor Saudi antiquities exhibitions in the U.S.
October 2, 2011IIROSA provides drinking water to 50,000 families in Somalia
October 1, 2011King Abdullah receives U.S. National Security Advisor
October 1, 2011Results of municipal elections begin being reported
September 30, 2011Kingdom contributes $10 million to reconstruct Nahr Al-Bared refugee camp
September 30, 2011King Abdullah holds meeting with King of Sweden
September 29, 2011United Nations hails Kingdom’s $30 million commitment to polio eradication
September 29, 2011Saudis begin voting in municipal elections
September 29, 2011First groups of Turkish, Malaysian pilgrims arrive in Madinah
September 28, 2011Border Guards intercept smuggler infiltrating the Kingdom on a glider
September 27, 2011King Abdullah receives Bahraini King
September 27, 2011Saudi Foreign Minister Stresses Importance of Palestinian Statehood
September 26, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (9/26/11)
September 25, 2011White House welcomes expansion of Saudi women’s political participation
September 23, 2011Saudi Embassy Celebrates National Day
September 22, 2011Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Campaign sends food baskets to Gaza
September 21, 2011Saudi food assistance delivered to Algeria
September 21, 2011Saudi Foreign Minister meets with U.S. Secretary of State in New York
September 21, 2011Prince Nayef opens Takfeer conference in Madinah
September 20, 2011Agreement on establishment of U.N. Center for Combating Terrorism signed
September 20, 2011Saudi relief plane arrives in Cameroon
September 19, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (9/19/11)
September 19, 2011King Abdullah receives President Saleh
September 19, 2011Special Criminal Court resumes hearings for 41 suspected terrorists
September 19, 20119/11 First Responders present Ambassador plaque in appreciation for his support
September 18, 2011Man on most-wanted terrorists list surrenders
September 16, 20114,000 new school buildings planned
September 15, 2011Saudi Ambassador delivers financial assistance to government of Guinea
September 15, 2011Tunisian Interim President receives Prince Saud, Prince Abdulaziz
September 14, 2011Arab League Council holds 136th session
September 14, 2011King Abdullah receives U.S. Deputy Secretary of State
September 13, 2011Prince Saud leads delegation to Arab Peace Initiative Committee meeting
September 12, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (9/12/11)
September 12, 2011King Abdullah receives Emir of Qatar
September 11, 2011120th GCC Foreign Ministerial Council session held in Jeddah
September 11, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir releases statement on 9/11 anniversary
September 9, 2011Prince Saud delivers message to Qatari Emir
September 8, 2011Arab Finance Ministers begin extraordinary meeting
September 7, 2011Saudi Arabia ranks 17th in international competitiveness
September 6, 2011Saudi Customs revenues increase by nearly 15 percent in 2010
September 4, 2011King receives congratulations from President Obama and other world leaders
September 4, 2011Humanitarian sealift for Somalia launched
September 3, 2011Prince Turki bin Sultan receives new appointment
August 30, 2011King, Crown Prince address the nation as Eid Al-Fitr begins
August 30, 2011Saudi ambassador hosts morning Eid Al-Fitr prayers
August 26, 2011Border Guards foil smuggling attempts
August 26, 2011President of Gabon performs Umrah
August 26, 2011More than 2 million worshippers perform prayers in Grand Mosque
August 25, 2011King Abdullah, President of Senegal hold meeting
August 25, 2011IIROSA distributes more than 7 million kilograms of aid in Somalia
August 24, 2011Saudi Campaign for Somalia raises $54 million in 2 days
August 23, 2011King Abdullah receives King of Jordan
August 23, 2011Saudi Arabia provides $500,000 to Guinea
August 22, 2011Saudi National Campaign for the Relief of the Somali People kicked-off
August 22, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/22/11)
August 21, 2011King Abdullah receives Qatari Prime Minister
August 20, 2011King Abdullah patronizes foundation stone laying ceremony at Grand Mosque
August 19, 2011Grand Mosque expansion project begins
August 18, 2011OIC pledges $350 million for Somalia anti-starvation program
August 17, 2011Cutting edge Cardiac Surgery Center opened in Madinah
August 16, 2011Foreign Ministry issues nearly 5 million Umrah visas this year
August 15, 2011Turkish President visits the Kingdom
August 15, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/15/11)
August 13, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
August 12, 2011Los Angeles County Museum of Art acquires work from Saudi artists
August 11, 2011Prince Mohammed bin Nayef offers condolences to family of border guard
August 9, 2011Pakistani Prime Minister visits Saudi Arabia
August 8, 2011King Abdullah calls for end to violence in Syria, recalls Ambassador for consultations
August 8, 2011100 tons of Saudi dates delivered to Cameroon
August 8, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/8/11)
August 7, 2011GCC countries deplore situation in Syria
August 7, 2011Royal order appoints Prince Salman bin Sultan to new position
August 5, 2011Customs revenues up 14.2
August 5, 2011Prince Salman receives Arab delegations offering their condolences
August 4, 2011Wanted man surrenders himself to authorities
August 3, 2011King receives calls from President, Prime Minister of Turkey
August 3, 2011Saudi Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosted traditional Iftar
August 3, 2011Wanted terror suspect surrenders to Saudi authorities
August 2, 2011UNRWA thanks Saudi Arabia for donations to Palestinians in Gaza
August 2, 2011Saudi Arabia delivers 424 tons of dates to Syria
August 1, 2011King, Crown Prince address Muslims on advent of Holy Month of Ramadan
August 1, 2011King Abdullah receives congratulatory calls from world leaders
August 1, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (8/1/11)
July 31, 2011Rodeo Exercise concluded in U.S. with participation of Royal Saudi Air Force
July 29, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts farewell dinner in honor of departing DCM
July 29, 2011200 tons of dates gifted to Djibouti
July 28, 2011New Zamzam water coolers developed
July 28, 2011Gen. Al-Ribai’an appointed Supervisor General for Office of Prince Nayef
July 27, 2011IIROSA sponsors more than 1,200 open-heart surgeries and angioplasties
July 26, 2011MWL conference in Makkah concludes
July 26, 2011Prince Nayef approves Civil Defense Plan for Ramadan
July 25, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/25/11)
July 25, 2011Kingdom boosts emergency aid to Somalia
July 24, 2011Saudi food assistance arrives in Dushanbe
July 23, 2011OIC Secretary General condemns terrorist attacks in Norway
July 22, 2011Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz appointed Deputy Foreign Minister
July 21, 2011Royal Saudi Air Force to participate in 2011 Rodeo Exercise
July 20, 2011Pakistani President arrives in Jeddah
July 20, 2011Islamic Development Bank funds Palestinian school rehabilitation
July 19, 2011King Abdullah receives message from King of Morocco
July 19, 2011WAMY medical camp conducts 500 eye surgeries in Mali
July 18, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/18/11)
July 18, 2011Foreign Minister receives Djiboutian counterpart
July 16, 2011King Abdullah offers condolences to Afghan President
July 16, 2011Service of Hail Governor extended
July 15, 2011King Abdullah holds talks with Sudanese President
July 14, 2011SPA launches Facebook page
July 13, 2011Qatari Prime Minister visits Jeddah
July 12, 2011King Abdullah receives Arab League Secretary General
July 11, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/11/11)
July 10, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Turkish Foreign Minister
July 10, 2011Saudi Ambassador to Bosnia participates in opening of heart surgery center
July 8, 2011Kingdom provides dates to Muslims in the Philippines
July 7, 2011U.S. Medical Licensing Examination to be available in the Kingdom
July 7, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives U.S. official
July 7, 2011Saudi Red Crescent provides ambulances for Darfur
July 6, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal and British Foreign Secretary hold press conference
July 5, 2011King Abdullah receives Kuwaiti Prime Minister
July 4, 2011King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan congratulate President Obama on July 4th
July 4, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (7/4/11)
July 3, 2011King Abdullah receives Jordanian King
July 3, 2011Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz appointed Assistant to Prince Nayef
July 3, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Egyptian, Pakistani and Sudanese ministers
July 2, 2011Washing of the Ka’abah in preparation for 1432 Ramadan
July 2, 2011Prince Khalid Al-Faisal washes Holy Ka’abah
July 1, 20112011 Hajj Dates
July 1, 2011King receives Indonesian children orphaned by tsunami
July 1, 2011Crown Prince gifts 15 tons of dates to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
June 29, 2011Recruitment of domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines stopped
June 28, 2011KAU signs MoU with U.S. Marine Research Center
June 27, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/27/11)
June 27, 2011King chairs meeting of Supreme Council for Petroleum and Minerals Affairs
June 27, 2011Indonesia’s President inaugurates Saudi-funded developmental projects
June 26, 2011Prince Abdulaziz relieved from post as President of Cabinet Presidency Court
June 26, 2011Royal order annexes Cabinet Presidency Court to Royal Court
June 26, 2011Crown Prince sends a cable of congratulations to Emir of Qatar
June 26, 2011Islamic Saudi Academy in Washington graduates 46 students
June 26, 2011Specialized criminal court begins hearings against 85 people accused of terrorism
June 24, 2011Saudi Arabia denies rumors regarding travel restrictions on US citizens
June 24, 2011Al-Ma’alami presents credentials to Ban Ki-Moon
June 22, 2011Saudi Arabia approves SR 75 million loan to Mauritania
June 22, 2011Saudi Arabia hands over 150 tons of dates to Pakistan
June 22, 2011SDF delivers medical equipment to flood victims in Pakistan
June 21, 2011Kingdom provides millions in aid to Egypt
June 20, 2011Saudi Cultural Mission holds Saudi Career Fair in U.S.
June 20, 2011Minister of Higher Education attends graduation of 3,000 students in U.S.
June 20, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/20/11)
June 19, 2011Crown Prince Sultan arrives in New York
June 18, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from British Prime Minister
June 16, 2011Crown Prince will depart for the United States on Saturday
June 15, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers issue a final statement
June 15, 2011King Abdullah reassured about health of Yemeni President
June 14, 2011President of Saudi Human Rights Commission receives U.S. official
June 13, 2011King Abdullah receives President of Palestinian National Authority
June 13, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (6/13/11)
June 11, 2011IIROSA relief supplies benefited 29,233 disaster victims last year
June 11, 2011King Receives French Minister of Economy, Finance and Industry
June 11, 2011King Abdullah receives Arab League Secretary General
June 10, 2011Officials offer condolences to families of martyred servicemen
June 9, 2011Saudi Arabia supports Niger’s broadcasting station
June 9, 201158 injured in Yemen evacuated to Saudi hospitals
June 8, 2011Man who killed two Border Guards in Najran Province identified
June 7, 2011Two Saudi Border Guards killed, one injured by infiltrator
June 7, 2011Jordanian Minister thanks Saudi Arabia for economic support
June 6, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/6/11)
June 4, 2011Yemeni President arrives in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment
June 3, 2011GCC efforts to end crisis in Yemen continue
June 3, 2011D.C. students put on performance at Saudi Embassy
June 2, 2011White House reiterates strength of Saudi-U.S. relationship
June 2, 2011Al-Naimi: Saudi Arabia’s solar energy production to soar
May 31, 2011Majlis Al-Shoura approves judicial reforms
May 30, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 30, 2011OPEC Fund extends humanitarian assistance to Libyan refugees
May 29, 2011Arab League issues Doha Communiqué
May 28, 2011Officials congratulate King on 6th anniversary of his reign
May 28, 2011IIROSA medical services benefit 345,000 patients in 27 countries
May 26, 2011King Abdullah talks to Qatari Emir
May 24, 2011Saudi Embassy hosts Saudi-U.S. health symposium
May 23, 2011Council of Ministers Weekly Meeting
May 20, 2011Services of heads of KACST, Saudi Railways and HRC extended
May 20, 2011King Abdullah makes new appointments
May 17, 2011Body of murdered Saudi diplomat arrived in Riyadh
May 17, 2011King Abdullah calls family of killed Saudi diplomat
May 16, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 16, 2011Saudi diplomat killed in Karachi
May 16, 2011King attends opening of Princess Nora bint Abdulrahman University
May 14, 2011King Abdullah receives message from Moroccan King
May 14, 2011Embassy opens doors to public
May 13, 2011King Abdullah receives Prime Minister of Malaysia
May 12, 2011No injuries in attack against Saudi Consulate in Karachi
May 11, 2011GCC leaders hold their 13th Consultative Meeting
May 11, 2011Saudi Foreign Minister visits leaders of Egypt, Jordan
May 11, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.S. President
May 10, 2011King Abdullah receives Yemeni Prime Minister
May 10, 2011Chief of General Staff meets U.S. National War College delegation
May 9, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 8, 2011Cabinet approves creation of National Anti-Corruption Commission
May 7, 2011King Abdullah receives message from Pakistani President
May 6, 2011Ministry of Interior: Fugitive turns himself in
May 4, 2011GCC Interior Ministers hold Consultative Meeting in Abu Dhabi
May 3, 2011Customs officers intercept heroin on King Fahd Causeway
May 2, 2011Official: Killing Osama bin Laden should boost global counterterrorism efforts
May 2, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (5/2/11)
May 1, 2011Islamic Development Bank grants $120 million to Palestinian Authority
May 1, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from Yemeni President
May 1, 2011King Abdullah sends cable of condolences to King of Morocco
April 29, 2011Embassy to participate in Passport DC event
April 28, 2011Amnesty period extended for those who have overstayed visas
April 26, 2011U.S. Congressman Keith Ellison meets with Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Commerce
April 25, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/25/11)
April 25, 2011King Abdullah holds meeting with Egyptian Prime Minister
April 24, 2011Dr. Huda Al-Umail appointed Rector of Princess Nora University
April 24, 2011Governor of Eastern Province receives U.S. delegation
April 22, 2011King Abdullah receives Abu Dhabi’s Heir Apparent
April 22, 2011King of Bahrain receives Governor of Eastern Province
April 21, 20112.5 million visitors have attended Al-Janadriyah Festival
April 20, 2011Existence of Prince Nayef Facebook page denied
April 19, 2011Foreign Minister meets Egyptian counterpart in Riyadh
April 19, 2011King Abdullah receives Bahraini, Qatari Prime Ministers
April 18, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (4/18/11)
April 18, 2011Service of Governor of Social Insurance Corporation extended
April 18, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers call for peace in Yemen, condemn Iranian actions
April 17, 2011Saudi delegation attends global economic meetings in Washington
April 17, 2011Saudi Initiative to Combat AIDS in GCC Countries inaugurated
April 17, 2011Ministry of Interior captures 478 drug suspects
April 16, 2011Chief of General Staff receives head of U.S. Central Command
April 16, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
April 15, 2011Border Guard killed in clash with infiltrators
April 15, 2011More than 200,000 people visit Al-Janadriyah Festival on opening day
April 14, 2011Funeral prayers performed for Princess Saita bint Abdulaziz
April 13, 2011President Obama receives OIC Secretary General
April 13, 2011King Abdullah opens 26th Janadriyah Festival
April 12, 2011King Abdullah receives message from U.S. President
April 11, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
April 11, 2011GCC invites Yemeni parties to meet in the Kingdom
April 11, 2011Arab League Council demands no-fly zone over Gaza
April 8, 2011Royal order appoints Dr. Saeed Al-Omer Rector of Northern Borders University
April 8, 2011Majlis Al-Shoura delegation meets National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations
April 7, 2011Shoura Council delegation meets members of U.S. Congress
April 7, 2011Shoura Council delegation meets members of U.S. Senate
April 6, 2011King Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of Defense
April 6, 2011Minister of Finance signs agreement to fund power plant in Syria
April 6, 2011Arab Finance Ministers Council holds meeting in Syria
April 5, 2011Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Majlis Al-Shoura delegation
April 5, 2011Saudi ambassador to Haiti presented credentials to the President
April 5, 2011OIC condemns Israeli settlement expansion in Jerusalem
April 5, 2011King Abdullah to attend Jenadriyah opening ceremony
April 4, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/4/11)
April 4, 2011Majlis Al-Shoura denounces Iranian statement
April 3, 2011GCC Foreign Ministers condemn Iranian interference
April 2, 2011Royal order extends services of Makkah and Asir Governors
April 2, 2011BIP: 5,080 people investigated or prosecuted for terrorist crimes
April 1, 2011Shoura Council begins U.S. visit tomorrow
April 1, 2011Prince Nayef leaves the Kingdom on a private trip
March 31, 2011Saudi researchers identify genes linked to colorectal carcinoma
March 30, 2011King Abdullah contacts Jordanian King
March 30, 2011Foreign Ministry denies media reports
March 29, 2011King Abdullah calls Syrian President
March 29, 2011Indian Prime Minister meets Secretary General of NSC
March 28, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session (3/28/11)
March 27, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal leaves Cairo
March 27, 2011Pakistani Prime Minister receives Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz
March 25, 2011Princess Mashael wins U.N. Water for Life Award
March 25, 2011Royal order establishes Ministry of Housing
March 25, 2011Russian President receives Minister of Foreign Affairs
March 25, 2011Minister of Foreign Affairs arrives in Cairo
March 24, 2011King Abdullah speaks to Bahraini, Lebanese leaders
March 24, 2011Saudi Embassy in Tokyo issues travel advisory
March 24, 2011Arab financed road in central Mauritania opens
March 23, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets with British Prime Minister
March 22, 2011Saudi Electricity Company and Bank of America officials hold press conference
March 21, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 21, 2011Saudi Arabia condemns attacks against its diplomatic missions in Iran
March 20, 2011Dr. Faisal Al-Soqair appointed President of General Authority of Civil Aviation
March 20, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from Spanish King
March 20, 2011Turkish Prime Minister visits Kingdom, lauds bilateral relations
March 18, 2011Algerian conjoined twins successfully separated
March 18, 2011King Abdullah addresses Saudi people, issues royal decrees
March 18, 2011Turkey’s President receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 17, 2011King Abdullah to address nation on Friday
March 17, 2011Separation surgery of conjoined Algerian twins begins
March 16, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
March 16, 2011King Abdullah sends message to Syrian President Al-Assad
March 15, 2011Bahraini King receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 15, 2011Saudi Embassy in Tokyo assists citizens affected by disaster
March 14, 2011Arab Foreign Ministers hold emergency meeting
March 14, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 13, 2011Prince Turki addresses meeting on Peace and Dialogue Among Cultures
March 12, 2011King Abdullah offers condolences to Japanese people
March 11, 2011Council of Arab Ministers of Health meets in Beirut
March 10, 2011Conference on promotion of moderation by Arab universities concluded
March 10, 2011GCC Provides $20 billion in support for Bahrain and Oman
March 10, 2011Ambassador meets with prominent Saudi professors of dentistry
March 9, 2011Foreign Minister holds press conference
March 8, 2011GCC foreign ministers call for no-fly zone over Libya
March 7, 2011Senior Scholars Council issues statement
March 7, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 6, 2011GCC Financial, Economic Cooperation Committee meets in Riyadh
March 5, 2011Ministry of Interior issues statement on demonstrations
March 4, 2011Algerian conjoined twins arrive in Riyadh
March 3, 2011Saudi-Qatari Coordination Council concludes meeting
March 3, 2011Prince Nayef receives Crown Prince of Bahrain
March 2, 2011Field Marshal Tantawi receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal
March 1, 2011PMU, UCF sign agreement to establish Saudi-American Institute
February 28, 2011King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
February 28, 2011Saudi-U.S. military exercises conclude
February 28, 2011Ahmed Kattan named Saudi Ambassador to Egypt
February 28, 2011IDB allocates $250 million to curb poverty and create jobs
February 26, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.N. Secretary General
February 26, 2011Prince Nayef attends Kuwaiti celebrations
February 25, 2011Minister of Health makes statement on King Abdullah’s recovery
February 25, 2011Prince Nayef arrives in Kuwait for anniversary celebrations
February 24, 2011King Abdullah receives phone calls from Arab leaders
February 23, 2011King Abdullah returns home
February 23, 2011Saudi Arabia begins to evacuate its citizens from Libya
February 23, 2011Al-Naimi inaugurates IEF Extraordinary Ministerial Meeting
February 23, 2011King Abdullah announces increased benefits for citizens
February 22, 2011King Abdullah to return home Wednesday, says Royal Court
February 22, 2011OIC strongly condemns use of “excessive force” against civilians in Libya
February 21, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 21, 2011Royal order extends services of Prince Mishaal bin Abdullah
February 21, 2011Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
February 20, 2011Kingdom stands by Bahrain
February 18, 2011Saudi development bank to be established in Egypt
February 17, 2011Saudi Red Crescent to establish two health clinics in Darfur
February 16, 2011NAUSS organizes international counterterrorism workshop
February 16, 2011King Abdullah phones King of Jordan
February 15, 2011Arab League Council agrees to aid Egypt and Tunisia
February 14, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 13, 2011Civil Defense issues report on Jeddah floods
February 13, 2011Crown Prince receives Qatari Prime Minister
February 12, 2011Kingdom welcomes peaceful transition of power in Egypt
February 12, 2011Crown Prince receives French Prime Minister
February 11, 2011Saudi-Moroccan Joint Committee concludes meeting
February 10, 2011Arab Parliamentary Union concludes conference in Qatar
February 9, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.S. President
February 9, 2011Royal orders extend service of a number of senior civil servants
February 8, 2011Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives Omani Foreign Minister
February 7, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
February 6, 2011President of Civil Aviation Authority meets U.S. security official
February 5, 2011Royal orders extend services of university directors
February 5, 2011More than 22,000 Saudi citizens leave Egypt
February 4, 2011Border Guard member killed in action in Al-Khoba
February 3, 2011Prince Nayef inspects damage in Jeddah
February 2, 2011Minister of Finance receives U.S. terrorism official
February 2, 2011Prince Salman receives CEO of General Electric
February 2, 2011King Abdullah receives phone calls from British, Bahraini leaders
February 1, 2011Minister Al-Naimi explains oil price volatility
February 1, 2011Minister of Justice receives U.S. religious delegation
January 31, 2011Saudi Embassy in Cairo assists nationals wishing to return home
January 31, 2011Prince Nayef receives CIA Director
January 31, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
January 31, 2011Prince Nayef chairs meeting on Jeddah situation
January 30, 2011King Abdullah receives phone call from U.S. President
January 29, 2011King Abdullah makes phone call to Egyptian President
January 28, 2011Rescue operations continue in Jeddah
January 27, 2011Embassy hosts luncheon for Saudi Mayors and Deputy Mayors
January 27, 2011King Abdullah directs authorities to provide assistance to Jeddah Province
January 26, 2011Investments in Saudi Arabia increase exponentially
January 26, 2011Foreign Ministry issues travel warning for Lebanon
January 25, 2011Najran Border Guards foil smuggling of 156 kilograms of hashish
January 25, 2011King Abdullah sends cable of condolences to President of Russia
January 24, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
January 22, 2011King Abdullah arrives in Morocco
January 22, 2011Prince Nayef inaugurates Fifth Global Competitiveness Forum
January 21, 2011Prince Saud: Kingdom committed to Lebanon
January 20, 2011Washington Post corrects story on alleged Saudi Arabia funding for terrorists linked to 9-11 attacks
January 19, 2011Arab Economic and Social Development Summit held in Egypt
January 18, 2011King Abdullah receives calls from Italian, German leaders
January 18, 20116th Saudi convoy launched in Pakistan
January 18, 2011King Abdullah interviewed by Al-Seyassah
January 17, 2011Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
January 17, 2011Saudi Embassy facilitates travel of 217 Saudis from Tunisia to the Kingdom
January 17, 2011Winners announced for 2011 King Faisal International Prize
January 16, 2011Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Chief of U.S. Naval Operations
January 16, 2011Najran Border Guards foil smuggling attempts
January 15, 2011Zine El Abidine Ben Ali arrives in Saudi Arabia
January 15, 2011Prince Nawaf appointed new General President of Youth Welfare
January 14, 2011King orders treatment of Algerian conjoined twins
January 13, 2011Embassy hosts luncheon for Saudi officials, human rights professionals
January 13, 2011OIC inaugurates construction of 100 housing units in Pakistan
January 13, 2011Saudi, Turkish Foreign Ministers hold joint press conference
January 12, 2011Crown Prince attends foundation stone laying ceremony of King Abdulaziz Airport
January 12, 2011King Abdullah receives U.N. Secretary General
January 11, 2011Crown Prince receives Sudanese Vice President
January 11, 2011King Abdullah, French President Sarkozy meet in New York
January 11, 2011King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Obama
January 10, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
January 10, 2011King Abdullah receives call from Kuwaiti Emir
January 9, 2011Ministry of Interior issues list of wanted terrorists
January 8, 2011King Abdullah, Clinton meet in New York
January 8, 2011Special Criminal Court continues consideration of terrorist cases
January 7, 2011Medical evacuation helicopter crashes
January 6, 2011OIC Secretary General condemns assassination of Punjab Governor
January 5, 2011Crown Prince receives telephone call from Sudanese President
January 4, 2011Saudi Ambassador expresses condolences to Egyptian people following church attack
January 4, 2011Saudi cardiac medical team in Yemen to conduct surgeries
January 3, 2011Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet meeting
January 2, 2011Muslim World League condemns Alexandria church blast as contrary to Islam
January 2, 2011OIC condemns bomb blast in Abuja
January 1, 2011OIC condemns Alexandria terrorist attack
January 1, 2011Kingdom condemns terrorist attacks in Alexandria
January 1, 2011King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan condemn terrorist attack in Alexandria