2010 News Releases

December 30, 201033 new colleges to be established
December 29, 2010Saudi exports rise sharply
December 28, 2010Hajj activities closing ceremony held in Madinah
December 27, 2010Al-Qaida operative killed by Saudi security forces
December 26, 2010King Abdullah receives phone call from President Obama
December 26, 2010Prince Salman meets with Iraqi Ambassador
December 25, 2010National dialogue meeting to focus on tribalism, regionalism and ideological profiling
December 22, 2010King Abdullah leaves New York hospital
December 22, 2010IDB, African Development Bank sign $1 billion agreement
December 20, 2010Prince Naif arrives in Cairo
December 20, 2010Ministry of Finance Report on FY2010 outcome and FY2011 budget
December 20, 2010On behalf of King, Crown Prince issued three royal decrees on 2011 state budget
December 20, 2010Cabinet adopts 2011 budget
December 20, 2010KAUST joins ERASMUS program
December 19, 2010Grand Mufti stressed danger of terrorism, extremism
December 16, 2010IDB finances $180 million in projects in Uzbekistan
December 15, 2010Chief of General Staff receives U.S. delegation
December 14, 20101,167,000 pilgrims have departed Jeddah
December 14, 2010Saudi Committee launches first winter relief convoy in Afghanistan
December 13, 2010Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
December 12, 2010Al-Naimi addresses UN Climate Change Summit
December 10, 2010KACST, Boeing to establish decision-making support center
December 10, 2010SDF grants Morocco $200 million loan to finance Tanja-Casablanca train project
December 9, 2010Saudi-U.S. joint ventures valued at $21.9 billion
December 8, 2010GCC summit issues final communiqué
December 7, 201031st GCC Summit held in UAE
December 7, 2010Prince Mohammed bin Nayef signs MOUs with 7 U.S. universities
December 6, 2010Crown Prince Sultan leads Cabinet meeting
December 4, 2010King calls on GCC businessmen to establish economic partnerships with Africa
December 3, 2010King Abdullah to undergo second back surgery
December 3, 2010Saudi Embassy releases 1431 (2010) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
December 3, 2010King’s surgery completed successfully
December 1, 2010426,428 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
December 1, 2010Saudi medical team arrives in Rawalpindi
November 29, 2010Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
November 28, 2010King Abdullah “enjoying good health”
November 26, 2010149 terrorism suspects apprehended
November 24, 2010King Abdullah underwent successful back surgery in New York
November 24, 2010King Abdullah receives phone call from U.S. President
November 23, 2010Saudi King arrives in New York
November 23, 2010Pakistan receives 350 tons of dates from Saudi King
November 22, 2010King Abdullah deputizes Crown Prince Sultan during his absence
November 22, 2010King Abdullah leaves for U.S.
November 22, 201020.5% more pilgrims over last year
November 21, 2010King Abdullah to leave for the United States for medical check-ups
November 21, 2010Crown Prince Sultan to return this evening
November 19, 2010King Abdullah underwent more medical tests
November 19, 2010Deputy Chief of Royal Protocol’s service extended
November 19, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir’s service extended
November 19, 2010Grand Mufti’s service extended
November 19, 2010Secretary-General of the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives' service extended
November 18, 20102.8 million pilgrims participated in Hajj 1431
November 17, 2010Prince Badr steps down, Prince Mit'eb appointed new commander of the National Guard
November 17, 2010Sacrificial meat distributed in Pakistan
November 16, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts Eid Al-Adha prayer
November 14, 20101.8 million pilgrims arrived for Hajj
November 12, 2010King Abdullah suffers from herniated disk
November 11, 2010Prince Saud leads Saudi delegation to G-20 Summit
November 8, 2010Prince Nayef chairs Cabinet session
November 4, 2010Over 1.5 million pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom
November 3, 2010GCC Interior Ministers hold 29th meeting
November 1, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
October 31, 2010King Abdullah invites Iraqi politicians to reconciliation meeting in Saudi Arabia
October 31, 2010Pakistan's Adversity and the Kingdom's Aid
October 30, 2010President Obama calls King Abdullah
October 25, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
October 25, 2010King Abdullah receives Arab League Secretary General
October 24, 2010Record 4 million Umrah pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom
October 22, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir lauds Saudi-U.S. relations
October 22, 2010King Abdullah receives visiting Palestinian President
October 22, 2010Fifth Saudi relief convoy heads to Pakistan
October 21, 2010National Council for Arab-U.S. Relations holds 19th annual meeting
October 21, 2010Al-Assaf: Saudi Arabia has pivotal role in the oil market
October 21, 2010Saudi Arabia plans to establish National Center for Energy Conservation
October 20, 2010Official: Saudi Arabia creating industrial, economic and educational super-centers
October 20, 2010Smoking to be banned in Saudi airports
October 19, 2010Saudi Arabia sends 71 tons of humanitarian aid to Chad
October 18, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
October 18, 2010King Abdullah holds meeting with Syrian President
October 15, 201056,306 pilgrims arrive in Madinah since beginning of month
October 15, 2010Mauritania and IDB sign two loan agreements
October 15, 2010Official describes unprecedented Saudi relief efforts for Pakistan
October 14, 2010Egyptian President receives Saudi Foreign Minister
October 14, 2010Saudi medical team arrives in Pakistan
October 12, 2010Prince Nayef sends 5,000 tents worth SR 2.21 million to Pakistan
October 12, 2010King Abdullah Program for Culture of Dialogue and Peace announced
October 11, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
October 11, 2010Extraordinary Arab Summit held in Sirte
October 11, 2010King Abdullah receives former Iraqi Prime Minister
October 10, 2010Saudi Arabia continues distributing food baskets in Pakistan
October 8, 2010Embassy hosts Religions for Peace reception
October 8, 2010Director of prisons presents gift to Ambassador
October 7, 2010King Abdullah gifts $20 million for reconstruction of Mauritanian city
October 6, 2010Saudi Arabia and Qatar hold talks
October 6, 2010IDB approves more than $772 million to finance new projects
October 5, 2010Health requirements for Umrah and Hajj (1431H) season announced
October 4, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
October 2, 2010KACST, NASA sign research collaboration agreements
October 1, 2010King Abdullah receives head of U.S. Central Command
September 30, 2010210 people arrested for smuggling narcotics worth SR 330 million
September 29, 2010Saudi pilots to train at U.S. university
September 28, 2010King receives SAMA report
September 27, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
September 27, 2010Saudi Arabia's Address to the U.N. General Assembly
September 24, 2010Embassy celebrates Saudi National Day
September 24, 2010Saudi Campaign distributes 7,000 food baskets in Pakistan
September 23, 2010Interior ministers of Iraq’s neighboring countries begin meeting
September 23, 2010Saudi relief camp in Pakistan expands
September 22, 2010Prince Saud Al-Faisal and U.S. Secretary of State hold meeting
September 22, 2010U.S. congratulates Kingdom on National Day
September 21, 201030 doctors from King Faisal Hospital arrive in Pakistan
September 21, 2010Prince Saud meets with Arab League Chief, U.S. official
September 20, 2010King Abdullah receives U.S. counterterrorism official
September 20, 2010Prince Saud leads delegation to U.N. session
September 17, 2010King Abdullah International Foundation for Charity established
September 16, 2010Ministerial Council of Arab Foreign Ministers starts session
September 14, 2010Ambassador hosts luncheon for Saudi General Presidency of Youth Welfare officials
September 12, 2010Saudi camp for Pakistani flood victims opens
September 11, 2010King Abdullah receives cable of congratulations from President Obama
September 10, 2010Eid prayers performed
September 9, 2010Humanitarian aid shipment arriving in Pakistan
September 9, 2010Saudi citizens being evacuated from New Zealand earthquake zone
September 8, 2010Eid Al-Fitr Friday
September 7, 2010Saudi assistance for Pakistani flood relief exceeds $240 million
September 6, 2010GCC Ministers arrived in Jeddah for annual meeting
September 3, 2010King arrives in Makkah
September 3, 2010Prince Nayef receives Qatari Prime Minister
September 3, 2010Saudi Campaign provides milk and dates to Pakistani children
September 2, 2010First relief plane of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Campaign arrives in Pakistan
September 2, 2010Saudi medical team arrives in Islamabad
September 1, 2010Al-Qasabi appointed Advisor at Crown Prince’s Court
September 1, 2010Saudi team rescues 463 people in Pakistan
September 1, 2010Saudi food aid distributed in Peshawar
August 31, 2010King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
August 31, 2010100 additional tons of dates arrive in Pakistan
August 30, 2010700 tons of foodstuff sent to Pakistan
August 30, 2010Second field hospital dispatched to Pakistan
August 30, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
August 29, 2010AGFUND donates $100,000 for victims of Pakistani floods
August 28, 2010Kingdom leading investor in Yemen
August 28, 2010Medical team arrives in Pakistan to aid food victims
August 28, 20101,000 trucks to provide humanitarian supplies to flood victims in Pakistan
August 28, 2010New governor of Baha named
August 27, 2010New Saudi Ports Authority President appointed
August 27, 2010Crown Prince gifts 100 tons of dates to Pakistanis
August 26, 2010Saudi medical team arrives in Pakistan
August 25, 2010Saudi pilot dies during training crash in Spain
August 25, 2010Saudi Consulate in Istanbul distributes 2 tons of dates from Crown Prince
August 25, 2010General Al-Mohayya receives Chief of Staff of U.S. Air Force
August 24, 2010Saudi envoys hand over dates to Turkey, Cameroon
August 23, 2010King Abdullah receives Jordan’s King
August 23, 2010Kingdom sends field hospitals, rescue teams to Pakistan
August 23, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
August 21, 2010Royal Decree announces Saudi Aramco’s new Board of Directors
August 20, 201022 Saudi planes have delivered relief supplies to Pakistan
August 19, 2010Saudi Arabia donates $80 million for Pakistani flood relief
August 18, 2010New Minister of Labor appointed
August 17, 2010King Abdullah donates SR 20 million to Pakistani relief campaign
August 17, 2010Saudi Ambassador hosts iftar for Arab and Muslim ambassadors
August 17, 2010First day of national campaign to help Pakistan flood victims raises SR 77 million
August 17, 2010Kingdom to host 2,000 Palestinian pilgrims
August 17, 2010Saudi humanitarian airlift to Pakistan continues
August 17, 2010Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz undergoes successful surgery
August 16, 2010King’s Campaign for the Relief of the Pakistani People starts today
August 16, 2010Saudi Popular Campaign provides financial assistance to Lebanon
August 16, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
August 16, 2010More Saudi relief arrives in Pakistan
August 15, 2010Royal Court announces passing of Minister Al-Qusaibi
August 15, 2010Saudi relief planes continue to arrived with relief supplies for Pakistan
August 13, 2010Saudis evacuated from Moscow, flood affected areas of Pakistan
August 13, 2010Saudi Arabia delivers tents, dates to Senegal
August 12, 2010IDB extends $11 million in relief aid for flood victims in Pakistan
August 12, 2010Royal order announced on issuing of fatwas
August 11, 2010Ninth and Tenth Saudi relief planes arrive in Pakistan
August 11, 2010King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan address Saudi citizens on advent of Ramadan
August 10, 2010CITC allows continuation of BlackBerry Messenger Service
August 9, 2010Sixth relief plane arrives in Pakistan
August 9, 2010Kingdom extends grace period for BlackBerry's Messenger service until Monday
August 9, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
August 9, 20107th and 8th Saudi relief planes arrives in Pakistan
August 9, 2010Ninth Development Plan (2010 - 2014) approved
August 7, 2010Saudi Arabia continues relief airlift for Pakistani flood victims
August 7, 2010Saudi Arabia leading MENACA aid donor
August 7, 2010MOH announced the death of one of the separated Iraqi conjoined twins
August 6, 2010100 tons of Saudi dates given to the Philippines
August 6, 2010Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan visits areas hit by flooding
August 5, 2010Saudi humanitarian aid arrives in Pakistan
August 5, 2010150 tons of Saudi dates delivered to Pakistan
August 5, 2010Preliminary census results show Saudi population up 19.7 percent to 27 million
August 4, 2010King Abdullah receives Palestinian President Abbas
August 4, 2010Dir’iya added to World Heritage List
August 4, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir chairs annual meeting of Saudi Ambassadors and Consul Generals
August 3, 2010Crown Prince Sultan provides Palestinian refugees with 15 tons of dates
August 2, 2010King Abdullah leads Cabinet session
July 31, 2010King Abdullah returns home
July 30, 2010King Abdullah, Lebanese and Syrian presidents hold trilateral summit
July 30, 2010Saudi, Jordanian Kings hold talks
July 29, 2010King Abdullah arrives in Syria
July 28, 2010King Abdullah leaves Casablanca for Sharm El-Sheikh
July 28, 2010Chairman of Saudi Allegiance Commission departs U.S.
July 28, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir holds reception for Saudi Boy Scouts
July 28, 2010King Abdullah and President Mubarak hold talks
July 27, 2010IIROSA has dug 5,745 wells in Asia and Africa
July 27, 2010Mauritania receives 200 tons of Saudi dates
July 27, 2010Saudi Embassy hosts Saudi women photo exhibit
July 26, 2010Crown Prince holds weekly Cabinet meeting in Jeddah
July 26, 2010King Abdullah to visit Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan
July 26, 2010Saudi Embassy to Host Saudi Women Photo Exhibit
July 26, 2010King Abdullah receives CIA Deputy Director
July 25, 2010RSAF Commander visits “Red Flag” exercises in U.S.
July 24, 2010Saudi Arabia gifts Yemen with 150 tons of dates
July 23, 2010Ethiopian President arrives in the Kingdom
July 22, 2010Saudi Arabia ranks 8th in the world in attracting direct foreign investment
July 21, 2010King Abdullah holds meeting with King of Bahrain
July 20, 2010Royal Saudi Air Force participates in exercise at U.S. airbase
July 19, 2010Iraqi Health Minister thanks King Abdullah after conjoined twin separation
July 19, 2010Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
July 16, 2010Operation to separate Iraqi conjoined twins begins
July 16, 2010Saudi F-15s arrive in U.S. for joint exercise
July 15, 2010Saudi team takes 2nd place at Microsoft’s global technology competition
July 14, 2010King Abdullah receives Qatari Emir in Morocco
July 13, 2010French President receives Saudi Foreign Minister
July 13, 2010Holy Ka’abah washed in advance of Ramadan
July 12, 2010King Abdullah congratulates Spanish King on World Cup victory
July 12, 2010Saudi Foreign Minister meets French counterpart
July 12, 2010Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
July 11, 2010Saudi Arabia provides Jordan with 150 tons of dates
July 10, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir chairs meeting of Saudi student clubs
July 9, 2010Kingdom aims for the top in global competitiveness
July 8, 2010UNRWA spokesman lauds Saudi assistance to Palestinian refugees
July 7, 2010Saudi Arabia tops rankings in anti-money laundering and terror financing efforts
July 7, 2010Saudi Arabia to sign nuclear cooperation agreement with France
July 7, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts farewell luncheon for outgoing diplomats
July 6, 2010Kingdom provides financial aid to help rebuild Ivorian Parliament
July 5, 2010Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
July 4, 2010U.S. Senate delegation visits KACND
July 1, 2010Saudi Fund for Development has provided over $8.23 billion in foreign grants since 1975
July 1, 2010Kingdom’s non-oil exports increase by 21%
July 1, 2010King Abdullah concludes U.S. visit
July 1, 2010Saudi security forces thwarted over 220 terrorist plots over the past decade
July 1, 2010Kingdom denies June 30 Le Figaro story
June 30, 2010King Abdullah holds talks with Obama at the White House
June 30, 2010White House issues statement on King Abdullah, President Obama’s talks
June 29, 2010King Abdullah meets President Barack Obama
June 29, 2010King Abdullah Chair for Dialogue established at University of Toronto
June 28, 2010Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session in Jeddah
June 28, 2010King Abdullah addresses G-20 Summit
June 28, 2010King Abdullah arrives in Washington for meeting with President Obama
June 27, 2010Saudi Islamic Academy in Washington celebrates graduation
June 26, 2010King Abdullah arrives in Toronto for G-20 Summit
June 26, 2010Prince Misha’al bin Abdulaziz arrives in Boston
June 25, 2010King Abdullah leaves Morocco for Canada
June 24, 2010U.S. Ambassador praises Saudi counterterrorism efforts
June 23, 2010GCC Foreign Ministers vow to support Yemeni development
June 21, 2010Crown Prince Sultan chairs Cabinet session
June 20, 2010Saudi Arabia provides UNHCR $10 million grant for Pakistani relief
June 19, 2010King Abdullah to attend G-20 Toronto Summit, visit US, France, and Morocco
June 19, 2010Makkah Governor to honor Jeddah flood volunteers
June 19, 2010King Abdullah arrives in Morocco
June 18, 2010Dr. Bakri Asas appointed Rector of Umm Al-Qura University
June 18, 2010King Abdullah receives call from Canadian Prime Minister
June 17, 2010Saudi Ambassador hosts farewell luncheon for US official
June 16, 2010New Commander of the Air Forces appointed
June 16, 2010King Abdullah dedicates first Saudi-made automobile
June 15, 2010Saudi Arabia transfers $15.4 million to Palestinian Finance Ministry
June 15, 2010King orders transportation of Iraqi conjoined twins to Saudi hospital
June 14, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
June 13, 2010King Abdullah receives Commander of U.S. forces in Iraq
June 12, 2010Cameroon receives 90 tons of Saudi dates
June 11, 2010Arab-Turkish Forum issues final communiqué
June 9, 2010MOI announces arrest of 125 drug smugglers
June 9, 2010King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Chair for Food Security to be established
June 9, 2010Minister of Culture and Information launches Live Transmission Website
June 9, 2010Saudi Campaign sends generators to Lebanon
June 9, 20105th anniversary of King Abdullah’s reign celebrated
June 8, 2010Ambassador congratulates fourth grader on academic achievement
June 8, 2010King Abdullah receives Prime Minister Al-Hariri
June 8, 2010U.S. trade official meets with Saudi ministers
June 7, 2010King Abdullah holds Cabinet session in Jeddah
June 4, 2010Saudi medical team performs 30 open heart surgeries on Yemeni patients
June 4, 2010Finance Minister attends G-20 meeting in South Korea
June 3, 2010Kingdom condemns Israeli attack on Gaza-bound aid flotilla
June 3, 2010Saudi humanitarian aid convoy heads for Gaza
June 2, 2010Officials’ service extended
June 2, 2010Saudi Arabia provides dates for WFP in Cameroon
June 1, 2010Saudi Arabia to chair UNRWA Advisory Commission
June 1, 2010King Abdullah, Omani Sultan hold talks in Jeddah
May 31, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 31, 2010King Abdullah receives U.S. Homeland Security Secretary
May 28, 2010U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice receives Prince Bandar bin Salman
May 28, 2010Saudi exhibition on Arabian horses opened in Kentucky
May 28, 2010Prince Saud delivers speech before Third Alliance of Civilizations Forum
May 26, 2010King Abdullah holds talks with visiting German Chancellor
May 26, 2010“A Gift from the Desert” Exhibition opens tomorrow in Kentucky
May 25, 2010German Chancellor arrives in Jeddah
May 25, 2010Minister of Health delivers lecture at Harvard
May 25, 2010Saudi medical team performs heart surgeries in Yemen
May 24, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 23, 20103rd shipment of Saudi flour aid heads to Gaza
May 23, 2010GCC Ministerial Council concludes meeting in Jeddah
May 23, 2010Text of Asharq Al-Awsat interview with Secretary General of Council of Senior Ulema
May 23, 2010Secretary General of Council of Senior Ulema comments on anti-terrorism funding in Asharq Al-Awsat
May 22, 2010Yemeni President announces Saudi-financed water project
May 21, 2010Qatari Prime Minister delivers message to King Abdullah
May 21, 2010Prince Turki Al-Faisal calls for Arab Common Market
May 19, 2010Kidnapped German girls secured by Saudi security forces
May 19, 2010Embassy hosts Saudi religion teachers and supervisors
May 18, 2010King Abdullah receives Lebanese Prime Minister
May 18, 2010Princess Hissah inaugurates Cultural Businesswomen’s Forum
May 18, 2010Saudi Arabia provides WFP in Yemen with 1,013 tons of dates
May 17, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 16, 2010Saudi students win four prizes at international science fair in California
May 16, 2010King Abdullah receives Tony Blair
May 13, 2010General Census of the Kingdom concluded
May 12, 20102nd convoy of Saudi flour heads to Gaza
May 12, 2010Kingdom funds five humanitarian projects in Aceh, Indonesia
May 12, 2010Saudi students participate in U.S. Science and Engineering Fair
May 11, 2010Saudi Arabian Airlines resumes U.S. flights
May 11, 2010GCC leaders and heads of delegations arrive in Riyadh
May 11, 2010GCC leaders hold 12th Consultative Meeting
May 10, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 10, 2010Saudi Arabian Airlines suspends U.S. flights due to volcanic ash
May 9, 2010Royal order appoints commander of naval forces
May 7, 2010Council of Senior Ulema (Islamic scholars) forbids funding terrorism
May 6, 2010GCC Interior Ministers meet in Riyadh
May 5, 2010Embassy participates in 2010 Passport DC cultural event
May 5, 2010IDB expands activities with India
May 4, 2010King Abdullah receives Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas
May 4, 2010Saudi Military Attaché Office in Washington holds health care conference
May 4, 2010Embassy hosts Saudi Aramco Training Programs members
May 3, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
May 2, 2010King Abdullah receives Dick Cheney
April 30, 2010Ambassador Al-Jubeir: Saudi-U.S. economic relationship is stronger than ever
April 30, 2010Jordanian conjoined twins successfully separated
April 29, 2010Kingdom sends 342 tons and 90 tons of dates to Egypt and Mauritania, respectively
April 29, 2010SFD funds Cuban maternity hospitals
April 28, 2010U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum opens in Chicago
April 27, 2010Development of 18 SDF-funded vocational institutes in Yemen monitored
April 27, 2010King Abdullah receives Qatari Prime Minister
April 26, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
April 23, 2010Service of Director General of Saudi Arabian Airlines extended
April 23, 2010Ambassador meets I-SWEEEP 2010 participants
April 23, 2010Saudi Embassy in Bangkok urges citizens to leave the country
April 22, 2010Deputy Labor Minister tells G-20 summit Saudi economy is strong
April 21, 2010Minister of Finance to lead delegation to G-20 Finance Ministers Meeting in Washington
April 21, 2010Immigration officers trained to use sign language
April 20, 2010195 arrested for drug smuggling and distribution
April 20, 2010Kingdom participates in G20 Labor and Employment Ministers’ Meeting
April 19, 2010Crown Prince chairs Cabinet
April 18, 2010King orders nuclear and renewable energy centre
April 16, 2010Crown Prince pays for hotel accommodation for all Saudis stranded in Britain
April 15, 2010Saudi Arabia sends 750 tons of flour to Gaza
April 15, 2010King Abdullah receives Prince Saud Al-Faisal and ambassadors
April 14, 2010King and Crown Prince send condolences to Chinese President after earthquake
April 14, 2010Saudi Aramco clinches 2010 Energy Company of the Year Award
April 14, 2010SFD grants $40 million loan for Jordanian power station
April 13, 2010Prince Muqrin leads Saudi delegation to Washington Nuclear Summit
April 13, 2010Prince Muqrin attends luncheon hosted by U.S. Vice President Biden
April 12, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
April 12, 2010King Abdullah receives Iraqi leaders
April 11, 2010Ministries of Education and Higher Education to revamp teacher training curricula
April 11, 2010Prince Khalid honored by U.S. Military Training Mission
April 10, 2010Ministry of Health announces death of conjoined Palestinian twins
April 10, 2010King Abdullah, President Nguyen hold bilateral meeting
April 10, 2010Saudi Arabia, Vietnam sign three agreements
April 10, 2010President Nguyen meets with Saudi businessmen to increase trade, investments
April 9, 2010Syrian conjoined twins separated in Riyadh
April 9, 2010King Abdullah receives Kuwaiti Foreign Minister
April 8, 2010Former President Clinton departs Riyadh
April 8, 2010Prince Fahd bin Saud Al-Kabeer passed away, Royal Court announces
April 8, 2010King, Crown Prince send condolences to Brazilian president
April 7, 2010King Abdullah receives Bill Clinton
April 7, 2010NAUSS workshop on Arab and international justice systems concluded
April 6, 2010Saudi-U.S. Parliamentary Friendship Committee meets with U.S. ambassador
April 6, 2010KACST, STC sign agreement with University of California, San Diego
April 6, 2010Health Minister opens WHO office in Kingdom
April 6, 2010Former U.S. President Clinton arrives in Riyadh
April 6, 2010Saudi Arabia delivers assistance to Bangladesh
April 6, 2010Conjoined Palestinian twins arrive in Riyadh for surgery
April 5, 2010Cabinet session held in Riyadh
April 5, 2010Ninth Five-Year Development Plan (2010-2014) adopted
April 4, 2010Prince Nayef makes appointments
April 3, 2010NAUSS forum on “Money-Laundering and Terror-Financing” begins
April 3, 2010U.S. scout delegation visits Kingdom
April 2, 2010Saudi Arabia gives $2 million for Darfur peacekeepers
April 2, 2010King Abdullah orders treatment of Palestinian conjoined twins
April 2, 2010Pakistani Foreign Minister arrives in Riyadh
April 1, 2010Conference on Terrorism concluded
April 1, 2010U.S. Congressman lauds Saudi economic performance
April 1, 201012th Conference of International Energy Forum concluded in Mexico
March 31, 2010Justice Minister chairs 10th session of Conference on Terrorism
March 30, 2010Al-Jasser named first chairman of Gulf Monetary Council
March 30, 2010Prince Khaled bin Sultan meets Director of US Missile Defense Agency
March 30, 2010King Abdullah meets US Congressman Ellison
March 30, 2010Saudi U.N. delegation calls for Mideast nuclear-free zone
March 29, 2010Kingdom condemns terrorist attacks in Moscow
March 29, 2010King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
March 28, 2010Saudi border guards foil drug smuggling attempt along southern border
March 28, 2010Saudi Deputy Chief of General Staff, U.S. Chief of Naval Operations hold meeting
March 28, 2010King Abdullah sends message to President Al-Qaddafi
March 28, 2010Railway project to transport phosphate and bauxite ore to be ready by end of year
March 27, 2010Prince Saud, President Al-Assad meet at the sideline of Arab Summit
March 26, 2010King Abdullah receives Prince Charles
March 26, 2010Saudi Embassy in Bangkok urges citizens to defer travel to Thailand, leave the country
March 26, 2010Prince Saud to lead Saudi delegation to Arab Summit in Libya
March 24, 2010Saudi Arabia Condemns Israeli Prime Minister’s Remarks
March 24, 2010Service of Al-Shathri and Al-Faleh extended
March 24, 2010101 members of terrorist network arrested
March 24, 2010Crown Prince meets with female members of Prince Mohammed bin Fahd Center
March 23, 2010Foreign Minister meets Egyptian, Jordanian counterparts
March 22, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet meeting
March 22, 2010King Abdullah congratulates President Obama on health care legislation
March 22, 2010Ambassador hosts luncheon for new Consul General
March 22, 2010Health care is a right, not a privilege for Saudi citizens
March 21, 2010King Abdullah receives Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al-Missned
March 19, 2010Finger printing required for residence permits beginning April 15
March 18, 2010Prince Nayef proposes Arab Strategy for Intellectual Security
March 18, 2010King attends opening ceremony of 25th Janadriyah Festival
March 17, 2010Saudi Dialogue Forum held in Paris
March 17, 2010Crown Prince visits armed forces in Jazan
March 17, 2010Kingdom promotes dialogue at Non-Aligned Nations meeting
March 17, 2010IDB approves $333.9 million in new grants
March 16, 2010Syria receives 450 tons of dates as gift from Saudi King
March 16, 2010KACST, Google presidents hold meeting
March 15, 2010King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
March 15, 2010Prince Sultan accepts award in Algiers for disability center
March 14, 2010Fourth FM radio license awarded
March 14, 2010Prince Dr. Turki bin Mohammed to lead delegation to Special NAM meeting
March 12, 2010King performs funeral prayers for Princess Sheikha bint Abdulrahman Al-Saud
March 11, 2010Arab Ministers of Health meet in Cairo
March 10, 2010King Abdullah holds meeting with U.S. Secretary of Defense
March 10, 2010Crown Prince Sultan receives Boeing CEO
March 9, 20102010 King Faisal International Prizes handed out
March 9, 2010King Abdullah receives Turkish Prime Minister
March 8, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 8, 2010West Virginia University delegation tours Saudi Aramco
March 8, 2010Prince Salman receives former Secretary of State James Baker
March 8, 2010King: Saudi environmental policies support sustainable development
March 7, 2010Saudi, Syrian Finance Ministers co-chair meeting
March 7, 2010King reflects on Saudi accomplishments at Shoura opening
March 6, 2010King Abdullah holds talks with Lebanese President Michel Suleiman
March 5, 2010Abha clinches WHO title of “Healthy City”
March 4, 2010Prince Saud attends Arab Foreign Ministerial Council meeting
March 3, 2010Saudi Arabia provides funds for Cote D’Ivoire Islamic centers
March 3, 2010Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan named World Economic Forum' Young Global Leaders (YGLs) for 2010
March 3, 2010Minister of Culture and Information opens Riyadh International Book Fair
March 2, 2010Saudi King and Indian Prime Minister hold talks, issue Riyadh Declaration
March 2, 2010Indian Prime Minister concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
March 2, 2010King approves appointment of eight judges
March 1, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
March 1, 2010Kingdom funds $114.8 million in Yemeni development projects
February 28, 2010Crown Prince, Yemeni Prime Minister chair meeting of Coordination Council
February 26, 2010Prince Abdulaziz appointed Deputy Chief of General Intelligence
February 25, 2010U.S. administration praises Saudi intellectual property protection
February 25, 2010Arab Transport Ministers conclude meeting
February 25, 2010KACST VP chairs 27th Meeting of COMSTECH Executive Committee
February 24, 2010King Abdullah, Yemeni President hold meeting
February 24, 2010Prince Miteb, Prince Khalid receive senior U.S. military officers
February 24, 2010Saudi Aramco discovers new quantities of gas
February 24, 2010Saudi non-oil exports rise by 17 percent
February 23, 2010U.S. DIA Director meets with Saudi officials
February 23, 2010Saudi-Qatari Joint Coordinating Council issues communiqué
February 23, 2010KACST signs MOU with U.S. Energy Department
February 23, 2010IDB extends $5 million for Haitian school reconstruction
February 23, 2010Tuberculosis and AIDS prevention workshop launched
February 22, 2010King Abdullah and Chadian President hold meeting
February 22, 2010King Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu
February 22, 2010Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 20, 2010“Global Legal Framework against Terrorism” workshop held in Riyadh
February 18, 2010Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Chairman of U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff
February 17, 2010Interior Ministry: Wanted fugitive captured
February 16, 2010Toyota recalls Avalon, Sequoia in Saudi Arabia
February 16, 2010Prince Khalid Al-Faisal receives US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
February 16, 2010King Abdullah receives Gen. Petraeus
February 15, 2010King Abdullah, U.S. Secretary of State Clinton hold meeting
February 15, 2010U.S. Trade Delegation Visits Madinah Chamber of Commerce and Industry
February 15, 2010Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives CENTCOM head David Petraeus
February 15, 2010Border Patrols Foil Drug Smugglers
February 15, 2010Yemeni infiltrators return missing Saudi soldier
February 15, 2010U.S. Congresswoman Lowey meets with Saudi officials
February 15, 2010Prince Saud Al-Faisal and Hillary Clinton hold joint press conference
February 15, 2010Cabinet meeting 2/15/2010
February 14, 2010King Abdullah meets with U.S. Congresswoman Lowey
February 13, 2010Second private radio license granted
February 12, 2010Workshop on Universal Legal Framework against Terrorism approved
February 11, 2010Saudi Arabia Launches Solar Energy Program
February 9, 2010King Abdullah holds meeting with Emir of Qatar
February 5, 2010Saudi Arabia Contributes $5 Million to the Carter Center’s Guinea Worm Eradication Program
February 3, 2010King Abdullah and visiting Afghan president hold talks
February 2, 2010Afghanistan’s president performs Umrah
February 2, 2010IDB approves $196.4 million for development projects
February 1, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 31, 2010Service of Vice Governor of Qassim extended
January 30, 2010Prince Faisal bin Khalid receives Saudi-American Business Council delegation
January 30, 2010Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives Secretary of U.S. Air Force
January 30, 2010Saudi Arabia finances expansion of Bangladesh’s national mosque
January 28, 2010Prince Saud, Secretary Clinton meet at the sideline of London conference
January 28, 2010Prince Saud calls on international community to aid Yemen
January 28, 2010Saudi Arabia pledges $150 million in aid for Afghanistan
January 27, 2010Prince Saud meets with GCC officials in London
January 27, 2010Embassy Cultural Attaché says Saudi students fare well in U.S.
January 27, 2010Al-Angary: 60% of university places went to women
January 26, 2010Saudi officials receive Council on Foreign Relations delegation
January 26, 2010King Abdullah receives delegation from Middle East Policy Council
January 25, 2010Kingdom donated $50 Million for Haiti earthquake relief
January 25, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 25, 2010Saudi Aramco and Siemens-Saudi Arabia launch “Discovery Box” initiative
January 24, 2010Prince Khalid visits troops on southern border
January 24, 2010Arab information ministers hold extraordinary meeting
January 24, 2010King Abdullah receives Tony Blair
January 21, 2010Prime Minister Erdogan visits Makkah and Madinah
January 21, 2010GCC appropriates $164 million for Gaza projects
January 21, 2010SABIC reports surge in profits
January 20, 2010King approves extension of foreign scholarship program
January 19, 2010Chief of General Staff receives U.S. counterpart
January 19, 2010Three Saudi fugitives killed abroad
January 18, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 18, 2010King Abdullah, Prime Minister Erdogan co-chair talks
January 16, 2010OPEC Fund announces $500,000 in relief aid for Haiti
January 15, 2010AGFUND donates $100,000 to support relief efforts in Haiti
January 15, 2010Saudi Arabia retains high credit rating
January 15, 2010President Al-Assad visits KAUST
January 15, 2010King Abdullah receives Jordanian Health Minister
January 15, 2010Malaysian Prime Minister visits KAUST
January 14, 2010Embassy hosts luncheon for Saudi municipal officials
January 14, 2010Saudi, Chinese Foreign Ministers hold press conference
January 13, 2010King Abdullah, Syrian President hold meeting
January 12, 2010King Abdullah receives U.S. National Security Advisor
January 12, 201062,000 students sent on foreign scholarships in 4 years
January 12, 2010Turkish Prime Minister wins King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam
January 11, 2010Saudi Embassy releases 1430 (2009) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
January 11, 2010Saudi Embassy releases 1430 (2009) U.S. Hajj visa figures
January 11, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 11, 2010King Abdullah receives head of MI6
January 11, 2010King Abdullah decorates Dr. Khola Al-Kirayea with King Abdulaziz Medallion
January 10, 2010King Abdullah receives German Foreign Minister
January 9, 2010Saudi, German Foreign Ministers hold joint press conference
January 8, 2010King Abdullah receives Omani Foreign Minister
January 8, 2010German Foreign Minister arrives in Riyadh
January 7, 2010“AIDS and the Media Conference” concluded in Jeddah
January 6, 2010IDB clinches Standard & Poor’s top ratings
January 6, 2010Prince Khalid bin Sultan receives U.S. Ambassador
January 6, 2010Chair for the promotion of moderation launched at KAU
January 5, 2010Saudi, Jordanian Kings hold talks
January 5, 2010Prince Saud holds press conference with Egyptian Foreign Minister
January 5, 2010Prince Saud delivers message to Syrian President
January 4, 2010King Abdullah chairs Cabinet session
January 4, 2010King receives Turkey’s Foreign Minister
January 4, 2010SAMA Governor stresses soundness of Saudi monetary policy
January 3, 2010Foreign Minister receives Hamas political chief
January 3, 2010Foreign Minister meets with Turkish counterpart
January 2, 2010Prince Khalid Al-Faisal washes the Kaaba
January 2, 2010Sudanese President departs the Kingdom
January 2, 2010Nearly 60,000 people vaccinated against swine flu in the Kingdom
January 2, 2010SCTA Chief receives U.S. Ambassador