December 31, 2005Over 1 million pilgrims arrived in Kingdom
December 31, 2005King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan meet Palestinian President Abbas
December 30, 2005Preliminary Hajj figures released
December 29, 2005Civil Defense preparing for Hajj
December 29, 2005Presentation of new Kiswa for 1426 Hajj scheduled for January 1
December 29, 2005Philanthropist sets up kitchen to feed pilgrims
December 28, 2005Two most-wanted terror suspects confirmed dead in shoot-out
December 28, 2005Updated statistics of pilgrim arrivals
December 28, 2005Woman wins seat on Saudi Engineers Council
December 28, 2005Funeral prayer held for slain security officers
December 27, 2005King Abdullah receives US Ambassador to Iraq
December 27, 2005Crown Prince Sultan Receives Palestinian Ambassador and Mayor of Manchester
December 27, 2005King Faisal International Prize 2006 winners announced
December 27, 2005Five security men killed by terror suspects
December 27, 2005Supreme Judicial Council calls for sighting crescent
December 27, 2005Saudi Arabia participates in International Human Rights Conference
December 26, 2005Nayef Arab and French university sign MOU for scientific cooperation
December 26, 2005Saudi pension fund to invest SR9.6 billion abroad
December 26, 2005Saudi Arabia makes big strides in agricultural sector
December 26, 2005First Saudi female jockey finishes seventh at Dubai endurance race
December 26, 2005Railways to link Jeddah airport to Makkah and Medinah
December 26, 2005Kingdom and Yemen sign trade minutes
December 26, 2005Prince Khalid honors Air Force pilots
December 26, 2005Ministry of Health's preparations for Hajj completed
December 26, 2005Riyadh's first municipal meeting held since election
December 26, 2005Website targeting Saudi women investors launched
December 26, 2005Twenty-seven centers cater vocational and social services
December 26, 2005Saudi charity campaign finances projects in tsunami struck areas
December 26, 2005Prince Khalid bin Sultan comments on Eurofighter Typhoon
December 26, 2005King Abdullah receives telephone call from French President Chirac
December 26, 2005Preparation of Hajj continue in Makkah
December 25, 2005Dr. Bin Homaid's term of office extended
December 25, 2005Crown Prince Sultan holds press conference
December 25, 2005Expansion projects of Two Holy Mosques will benefit Islam and Muslims
December 25, 2005Prince Salman presides over King Abdulaziz Foundation function
December 25, 2005Crown Prince announces winners of King Faisal Prize for Service to Islam
December 25, 2005First group of Iranian pilgrims arrive in Kingdom
December 24, 2005Saudi Development Fund finances exports to UAE, Lebanon
December 24, 2005SR 256 billion invested in Kingdom's 3,657 productive factories
December 24, 2005GCC Health Ministers review electronic linkage of medical data centers
December 24, 2005Load of 45 containers distributed in Pakistan
December 24, 2005Saudi-Syrian sports agreement signed
December 24, 2005Updated statistics of pilgrim arrivals
December 24, 2005Official signs SR 91 million contract for power generation stations in Yanbu
December 23, 2005Minister endorses Hajj rituals program
December 23, 2005Ports handle 1.92 billion tons of goods in about three decades
December 23, 2005New NSHR volunteers to help defend Gitmo detainees
December 23, 2005Prince Turki accepts world’s top Middle East film archive
December 21, 2005Prince Turki congratulates noted Saudi dentist on award
December 21, 2005Saudi economist becomes first female CEO of a Gulf bank
December 20, 2005Kingdom signs agreement to build 300 residential units in Rafah
December 20, 2005Commerce Minister: Kingdom will honor its WTO commitments
December 20, 2005King Abdullah launches massive King Abdullah Economic City
December 20, 2005King Abdullah hosts former President Bush
December 19, 2005Saudi medical facilities gear up for this year’s hajj
December 19, 200526th GCC summit concludes, issues final communiqué
December 19, 2005Riyadh Governor praises executive plan to develop tourism
December 19, 200526th GCC summit issues Abu Dhabi Declaration focusing on education
December 18, 2005Minister of Commerce says Saudi Arabia will benefit from WTO entry
December 17, 2005National Dialogue forum ends with vision for bridging cultural gaps
December 17, 2005Saudi Aramco to increase number of wells in 2006
December 16, 2005King Abdullah receives telephone call from President Bush
December 16, 2005Saudi ambassador holds weekly meeting at the Embassy
December 16, 2005Prince Turki visits Saudi Cultural Mission
December 16, 2005Prince Turki discusses economy, Iraq, reform, Iran on CNBC
December 16, 2005Prince Turki visits Saudi Arabian Airlines offices in Washington
December 16, 2005Prince Turki hosts farewell luncheon for outgoing diplomats
December 15, 2005GCC Ministerial Council to meet Saturday in Abu Dhabi
December 15, 2005Kingdom announces formation of 178 municipal councils
December 14, 2005Saudi aid to Pakistan delivered by sea
December 14, 2005Prince Alwaleed donates $40 million to two US universities
December 14, 2005National Dialogue Forum is underway in Abha
December 14, 2005Kingdom’s exports reach a record SR 652 billion
December 14, 2005SAGIA and Swicorp announce consortium for $5 billion in energy projects
December 12, 2005King Abdullah announces state budget for FY2006
December 11, 2005Saudi Arabia officially becomes the WTO’s 149th member
December 11, 2005Prince Saud follows up on OIC summit with Secretary-General Ihsanoglu
December 11, 2005Shura Council praises outcome of the OIC summit
December 11, 2005Prince Salman opens Al-Bilad Bank in Riyadh
December 10, 2005Kingdom opens first of seven health centers in Niger
December 10, 2005First Tourist Information Center opened in Riyadh
December 09, 2005Prince Turki discusses Iraq, terrorism, Saudi reform with US reporters
December 08, 2005Oil Minister addresses Montreal climate change conference
December 08, 2005Third extraordinary OIC summit concludes
December 08, 2005Prince Turki meets with Secretary Rumsfeld, British ambassador
December 07, 2005Prince Saud briefs press on the progress of the summit
December 07, 2005OIC foreign ministers unanimously approve agenda for summit
December 07, 2005King Abdullah hosts dinner in honor of visiting Muslim leaders
December 07, 2005Ministry of Commerce appoints two women to the JCCI board
December 07, 2005King Abdullah unveils plaque for new OIC headquarters in Jeddah
December 07, 2005Kingdom transfers $15.4 million to Palestinian Authority
December 07, 2005King Abdullah opens OIC summit with call for unity, tolerance
December 07, 2005Iranian minister calls for closer industrial cooperation with the Kingdom
December 06, 2005Kingdom’s Grand Mufti comments on OIC summit
December 06, 2005Muslim leaders arrive for OIC summit
December 06, 2005Prince Turki meets with ambassadors of France and Oman
December 06, 2005Prince Saud addresses OIC preparatory meeting
December 05, 2005Saudi athletes win medals at the 2005 West Asian Games
December 05, 2005Cabinet: OIC summit, terrorism, Saudi Arabian Airlines
December 05, 2005ILO team arrives in Saudi Arabia for five-day visit
December 05, 2005MWL head stresses the importance of the OIC summit
December 04, 2005Prince Turki meets with Deputy Defense Secretary England
December 04, 2005Foreign Minister discusses upcoming OIC summit’s agenda
December 04, 2005Shura Council holds 49th ordinary session
December 04, 2005Prince Salman inaugurates Riyadh Economic Forum
December 03, 2005Saudi authorities arrest 17 suspected Al Qaeda terrorists
December 02, 2005IIRA establishes 14 orphanages
December 02, 2005Prince Turki presents his credentials to President Bush
December 02, 2005Construction begins on the Hawiyah natural gas mega-project
December 01, 2005SAGIA grants licenses for 126 investment projects worth $960 million
December 01, 2005Health Minister calls for quick implementation of health plan for expatriates
December 01, 2005Syrian official praises Saudi efforts to broker a deal with the UN
December 01, 2005Saudi poet to compile book about the lives of women in the Kingdom
December 01, 2005Prince Turki calls for enhanced Saudi-US cooperation
December 01, 2005Contracts signed for six new desalination plants in the Kingdom
December 01, 2005Two Saudi women make history with JCCI election wins
November 30, 2005Foreign Ministry confirms Saudi aid to Pakistan
November 30, 2005King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan meet with Iraqi Prime Minister
November 30, 2005King Abdullah meets with US delegations
November 29, 2005Cabinet: Syria, Iraq, Islamic summit, domestic issues
November 29, 2005Kingdom gifts computers to Sri Lanka
November 29, 2005Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry elections wind down
November 28, 2005King Abdullah telephones President Bush
November 28, 2005Kingdom brokers deal between Syria and the UN
November 28, 2005Saudi railway projects worth $1.1 billion to open to private investors
November 27, 2005SABIC subsidiary to launch IPO by next year
November 27, 2005Shura Council holds regular session
November 26, 2005GCC Interior Ministers discuss counterterrorism in Bahrain meeting
November 25, 2005Saudi Arabia elected to IMO Council
November 25, 2005Saudi academics conclude tour of the US
November 24, 2005Saudi Aramco allocates $4.8 billion for new oil refinery in Yanbu
November 24, 2005Eighth Development Plan to establish 7 new universities in the Kingdom
November 23, 2005Abha Investment Forum issues numerous recommendations
November 22, 2005Shura Council holds regular meeting
November 21, 2005SAGIA to open offices around the world
November 21, 2005International bird flu conference opens in Riyadh
November 21, 2005Saudi Arabia is top donor at international donors conference for Pakistan
November 21, 2005Saudi airlift delivers medical supplies to Pakistan
November 21, 2005Cabinet: IEFS opening, Iraq, development plans
November 20, 2005Shura Council holds regular session
November 19, 2005King Abdullah meets with US energy secretary
November 19, 2005Prince Muhammad bin Fahd University signs contract with US universities
November 19, 2005Oil Minister addresses IEFS opening ceremony
November 19, 2005King Abdullah opens new IEFS headquarters
November 18, 2005Saudi Arabia and Egypt sign memorandum on the environment
November 18, 2005Fourth Saudi relief plane arrives in Niger
November 18, 2005Foreign Minister attends Arab League ministerial meeting on Iraq
November 18, 2005Saudi field hospital in Pakistan has treated 10,200 patients so far
November 18, 2005Oil Minister meets with US Energy Secretary
November 17, 2005Council of Arab Ministers issues statement on environmental issues
November 17, 2005Deputy Chief of Mission meets with Saudi academics in Washington
November 17, 2005Saudi field hospital in Pakistan treats its 9,800th patient
November 17, 2005SAGIA and Intel Capital to set up $100 million venture capital firm
November 17, 2005Ministry of Culture allocates US 34.7 million to literary clubs
November 17, 2005Deputy Chief of Royal Protocol steps down
November 17, 2005Ground-breaking ceremony for new IEFS headquarters to be held in Riyadh
November 16, 2005Crown Prince Sultan meets with President Mubarak in Egypt
November 15, 2005WHO to send its regional employees to Kingdom for urgent medical care
November 15, 2005Three Saudi POWs missing in Kuwait now confirmed dead
November 14, 2005First Saudi-US Strategic Dialogue launched in Jeddah
November 14, 2005Saudi Arabia officially joins the WTO
November 14, 2005King Abdullah meets with Secretary of State Rice
November 13, 2005Interior Minister calls for Saudis captured in Iraq to be extradited
November 12, 2005Saudi aid to earthquake victims in Pakistan continues
November 12, 2005Saudi relief assistance to Niger continues
November 12, 2005Foreign Minister attends the Forum for the Future in Bahrain
November 10, 2005Foreign Minister holds joint press conference with UN Secretary-General
November 10, 2005GCC, OIC condemn Jordan bombings
November 10, 2005Saudi relief aid arrives in Niger
November 10, 2005King Abdullah condoles Jordanian ruler on the bombings in Amman
November 10, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to arrive in Pakistan
November 10, 2005Saudi Arabia hosts TNR event on free trade
November 10, 2005Saudi Arabia condemns bombings in Jordan
November 09, 2005King Abdullah meets with UN Secretary-General Annan
November 09, 2005Prince Turki meets with Yemeni President Saleh in Washington
November 08, 2005Prince Turki discusses terrorism in speech to Middle East Institute
November 08, 2005Saudi on most-wanted list extradited to the Kingdom
November 08, 2005Prince Saud comments on Iraq, Syria to reporters
November 08, 2005King Abdullah meets with Arab League Secretary-General
November 08, 2005Saudi relief plane leaves for Niger
November 08, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to deliver aid to Pakistan
November 07, 2005High-level Saudi delegation visits Pakistan
November 06, 2005High-level Saudi delegation heads to Pakistan
November 06, 2005Crown Prince Sultan kicks off Tabuk airport expansion project
November 05, 2005Saudi detainee returns to the Kingdom
November 05, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to arrive in Pakistan
November 03, 2005King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan issue Eid message
November 03, 2005Prince Turki hosts luncheon for Saudi diplomats and community leaders
October 31, 2005Saudi Arabia condemns bombings in New Delhi
October 31, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to arrive in Pakistan
October 30, 2005Saudi relief organization dispatches aid convoy to Pakistan
October 29, 2005WTO working team approves Saudi Arabia's accession
October 27, 2005Saudi Arabia establishes first center for domestic violence in Makkah
October 27, 2005OIC hopes a ratified constitution will strengthen democracy in Iraq
October 27, 2005Saudi Red Crescent chief tours Saudi field hospital in Pakistan
October 26, 2005Crown Prince Sultan stresses Iraqi unity in remarks to the press
October 26, 2005OIC is following Hariri investigation closely
October 26, 2005Kingdom bans poultry from Turkey and Romania
October 26, 2005King Abdullah receives telephone calls from Arab leaders
October 25, 2005Prince Turki hosts iftar for Arab and Muslim ambassadors
October 25, 2005Cabinet: Pakistan, Iraq, oil
October 24, 2005King Abdullah opens donation campaign for Pakistan
October 24, 2005Interior Ministry denies reports that terrorists were released
October 23, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to arrive in Pakistan
October 23, 2005Kingdom takes preventive measures against bird flu
October 22, 2005King Abdullah names new General Intelligence chief
October 22, 2005King Abdullah names Madinah governor
October 22, 2005Saad Al-Hariri thanks Saudi leadership for its support of Lebanon
October 21, 2005Prince Turki attends iftar in honor of Mahmoud Abbas
October 21, 2005Prince Turki hosts dinner at the Saudi embassy
October 20, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to arrive in Pakistan
October 19, 2005King Abdullah calls on nations to reduce taxes on petroleum products
October 19, 2005Saudi relief planes continue to arrive in Pakistan
October 18, 2005President Bush hosts iftar at the White House
October 18, 2005Cabinet: Agriculture, Israel-Palestine, Iraq
October 17, 2005Saudi Arabia leads Arab countries in attracting foreign and Arab investment
October 17, 2005Saudi Arabia likely to join WTO by December, says chief
October 16, 2005Shura Council holds regular session
October 16, 2005King Abdullah approves National Security Council bylaws, appoints Prince Bandar secretary-general
October 15, 2005King Abdullah orders US $133 million in additional assistance to Pakistan
October 14, 2005King Abdullah interviewed by ABC’s Barbara Walters
October 13, 2005Saudi field hospital to be established in Pakistan
October 13, 2005Deputy Defense Secretary hosts iftar for Arab and Muslim ambassadors
October 11, 2005Cabinet: Condolences for earthquake, Iraq, economy
October 11, 2005AGFUND donates $200,000 to victims of natural disasters
October 11, 2005Prince Turki comments on terrorism, Middle East conflict in Oxford speech
October 10, 2005Shura Council holds session
October 10, 2005Prince Turki Al-Faisal meets with heads of Islamic organizations in London
October 10, 2005Saudi relief plane leaves for Pakistan
October 10, 2005GOTEVOT and GM to set up 100 auto institutes in the Kingdom
October 10, 2005King Abdullah condoles Pakistani President Musharraf
October 09, 2005Al-Tuwaijeri named Chief of Royal Court
October 09, 2005King Abdullah orders aid to earthquake victims in Pakistan, India
October 09, 2005Annual SAMA report shows rapid growth in the Saudi economy
October 05, 2005OIC calls on Iraqis to end sectarian violence
October 04, 2005Kingdom to provide Ramadan meals for Indonesians in need
October 04, 2005King Abdullah meets with US Coordinator for Iraq
October 03, 2005King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan offer good wishes for Ramadan
October 03, 2005Cabinet: Iraq, Middle East, Terrorism
October 03, 2005Prince Turki Al-Faisal meets with Queen’s representative
October 03, 2005Turki Al-Sudairi appointed head of Human Rights Commission
October 03, 2005Ramadan to begin Tuesday
October 03, 2005King Abdullah meets Egyptian President Mubarak
October 03, 2005Shura Council holds regular session
October 02, 2005OIC, GCC condemn Bali bombings
October 02, 2005Foreign Minister urges Iraqi groups to meet
October 02, 2005Royal order extends terms of office for officials
October 02, 2005Kingdom denies it is in secret talks with UK over fighter planes
October 02, 2005Shura Council approves draft regulation on chemical weapons ban
October 02, 2005Six firms win GCC power grid contracts
October 01, 2005King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan meet U.S. Ambassador to Iraq
September 30, 2005Arab ambassadors in the UK honor Prince Turki
September 30, 2005Saudi Embassy in Washington honors outgoing diplomats
September 30, 2005Kingdom gifts airplane to Senegal to combat locust swarms
September 28, 2005Saudi spokesman addresses controversy over Saudi's liver transplant in California
September 28, 2005Saudi Aramco to expand its drilling rig fleet by 100 percent over 2 years
September 27, 2005Oil Minister addresses World Petroleum Congress
September 27, 2005Crown Prince Sultan meets with Undersecretary of State Karen Hughes
September 26, 2005Cabinet enacts new labor law
September 26, 2005Cabinet: U.N. meeting, Israel-Palestine, Iraq, labor law
September 26, 2005Shura Council meets for regular session
September 24, 2005Finance Minister meets IMF Director, World Bank President
September 23, 2005Embassy celebrates National Day
September 23, 2005Prince Saud meets with Senate Foreign Relations Committee members
September 23, 2005Saudi Arabia celebrates National Day
September 22, 2005Foreign Minister discusses Iraq, Iran and US public diplomacy
September 22, 2005Foreign Minister meets Secretary of State Rice
September 21, 2005Foreign Minister discusses oil industry issues in Baker Institute address
September 21, 2005Al-Tubaishi named Chief of Royal Protocol
September 20, 2005Foreign Minister meets with U.S. official
September 20, 2005Prince Saud addresses Council on Foreign Relations in New York
September 20, 2005King Abdullah meets with Yemeni president
September 19, 2005King Abdullah hosts Turkish prime minister
September 19, 2005Condoleezza Rice meets GCC Foreign Ministers
September 19, 2005Saudi Arabia’s statement to the 60th U.N. General Assembly
September 19, 2005Cabinet: U.N. meeting, terrorism, National Day
September 17, 2005Crown Prince Sultan discusses Middle East, Iraq, terrorism in AP interview
September 17, 2005Prince Turki addresses Clinton Global Initiative meeting
September 16, 2005Crown Prince Sultan receives call from Vice President Cheney
September 16, 2005Crown Prince Sultan receives Iraqi prime minister
September 16, 2005King Abdullah renews appointments of head of MEPA, Al-Hasa governor
September 15, 2005Crown Prince Sultan discusses oil policy, economic reform
September 15, 2005Crown Prince Sultan addresses the 60th U.N. General Assembly
September 15, 2005Crown Prince Sultan meets with world leaders at New York summit
September 14, 2005Kingdom pledges aid for Palestinians
September 13, 2005Crown Prince Sultan arrives in New York for UN summit
September 13, 2005Desalination projects require $500 billion over 10 years, says minister
September 13, 2005Saudi Arabia and Switzerland to sign economic agreements
September 13, 2005Ministry of Finance to fund private hospital
September 13, 2005King Abdullah receives members of the Shura Council
September 12, 2005Cabinet: UN, terrorism, sustainable development, WTO, human rights
September 12, 2005Prince Turki Al-Faisal presents his credentials to Secretary Rice
September 12, 2005Interior Ministry issues clarification on identity of terror suspect killed in Dammam clashes
September 11, 2005Jeddah Telecom 2005 conference opens
September 11, 2005TASI soars by over 400 points after jump in industrial index
September 11, 2005King Abdullah receives Palestinian Prime Minister
September 11, 2005GCC officials to meet to discuss municipal affairs
September 10, 2005Saudi-U.S. bilateral agreement opens way to WTO accession
September 09, 2005Grand Mufti urges moderation and right thinking
September 09, 2005Prince Khalid in Portugal to exhibit his paintings
September 08, 2005Five most-wanted suspects confirmed dead in four-day Dammam raid
September 08, 2005Prince Saud attends Cairo meeting of Arab foreign ministers
September 07, 2005Crown Prince Sultan to address UN 2005 World Summit
September 07, 2005GCC foreign ministers conclude 96th meeting in Jeddah
September 06, 2005Four security officers confirmed dead in Dammam raid
September 06, 2005Prince Saud urges UN resolution on center to fight terrorism
September 05, 2005King Abdullah receives U.S. official
September 05, 2005Ka’abah washed in preparation for upcoming Hajj
September 05, 2005Cabinet: minimum wage, mideast, Iraq, Katrina
September 04, 2005Security forces in operation against suspected terrorist in Dammam
September 04, 2005Saudi Arabia finances projects to help Palestinian children
September 04, 2005Saudi-based organization donates U.S. $250,000 to Katrina relief
September 04, 2005King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan hold meeting with King of Jordan
September 03, 2005Madinah Province targeted for tourist attractions
September 03, 2005Saudi Refining to donate U.S. $5 million to Hurricane Katrina relief
September 03, 2005OIC extends condolences to US on Hurricnae Katrina
September 01, 2005No Saudi students suffering from Hurricane Katrina
August 31, 2005King Abdullah calls U.S. President to offer condolences on Hurricane Katrina
August 30, 2005IATA ranks Saudi Arabian Airlines first for safety
August 30, 2005Iraqi car smugglers arrested in Jubail
August 29, 2005Ministerial rank granted to head of Jubail/Yanbu commission
August 29, 2005Shura Council to participate in New York conference
August 29, 2005IIRO extends emergency relief to Mali drought victims
August 29, 2005Cabinet: Mina expansion, Middle East, Iraq, regulations on carrying arms
August 29, 2005International book fair to be held in Riyadh in February 2006
August 29, 2005Saudi Arabia ready to increase oil production as crude prices rise
August 28, 2005Arab report shows Kingdom’s lead in investment
August 28, 2005Crown Prince Sultan comments on new civil aviation regulations
August 27, 2005GCC water and power committee meets in Riyadh
August 24, 2005IIRO extends relief assistance to Niger
August 24, 2005UN General Assembly praises King Fahd
August 23, 2005King Abdullah receives Lebanese Premier
August 23, 2005Crown Prince Sultan notes the Kingdom’s promising economy
August 23, 2005Prince Saud’s briefing touches on terrorism, Gaza, and Iraq
August 22, 2005Cabinet: Terrorism, domestic development issues
August 20, 2005WHO praises Saudi Arabia’s efforts to combat polio
August 20, 2005Expansion of Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah to be completed
August 19, 2005Remains of second terrorist on most-wanted list identified
August 18, 2005Militant leader Aloafi confirmed dead in Madinah raid
August 18, 2005King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan leave for Madinah
August 17, 2005National soccer team wins through to 2006 World Cup
August 17, 2005Water forum scheduled for November in Jeddah
August 16, 2005Royal order re-formulates Supreme Economic Council
August 15, 2005King Abdullah, Crown Prince Sultan receive Nelson Mandela in Jeddah
August 15, 2005Cabinet: King Fahd condolences, Middle East, Iraq, Sri Lanka, terrorism
August 13, 2005Conjoined Egyptian twins go home in good health
August 11, 2005Saudi-French cooperation to be enhanced by Riyadh exhibition
August 10, 2005Number of umrah performers increases by one third
August 10, 2005Kingdom sends aid to drought victims in Mali
August 08, 2005Cabinet: King Fahd’s death, continuity of policy, pardon for Libyans
August 08, 2005King Abdullah orders pardon for prisoners of conscience
August 07, 2005Prince Saud’s briefing includes naming of Ambassador to U.K.
August 07, 2005Prince Turki discusses terrorism in BBC interview
August 05, 2005Prince Salman speaks of reform at press conference
August 05, 2005Condolences offered to King Abdullah by U.S. delegation
August 04, 2005Prince Saud pledges no change in Kingdom’s foreign policy
August 03, 2005King Abdullah addresses Saudi citizens
August 03, 2005Crown Prince Sultan speaks out to Saudi citizens
August 03, 2005King Abdullah continues to receive condolences
August 03, 2005People from all walks of life sign condolence book at Washington Embassy
August 03, 2005King Abdullah and Crown Prince Sultan receive condolences
August 03, 2005مبايعة الملك عبدالله في منطقة واشنطن
August 02, 2005Arab and Muslim leaders attend funeral prayers for King Fahd
August 02, 2005United States, UN Sec.-General express sorrow at King Fahd's death
August 01, 2005Embassy in Washington holds press conference on King Fahd’s death
August 01, 2005Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz
August 01, 2005King Fahd 1923-2005
August 01, 2005Death of King Fahd announced; Crown Prince Abdullah proclaimed King
August 01, 2005King Abdullah issues royal order confirming composition of Cabinet
August 01, 2005King Abdullah receives condolences, including call from U.S. President
August 01, 2005Arab League postpones Summit
July 28, 2005Crown Prince condoles Algeria on killing of diplomats in Iraq
July 28, 2005Prisoners freed on occasion of King Fahd’s recovered health
July 28, 2005Prince Turki Al-Faisal in TV commentary on war on terror
July 27, 2005Saudi iron and steel company to expand production
July 27, 2005SABIC affiliate awards contracts in expansion project
July 26, 2005Prince Turki clarifies dubious 'Alsharq Alawsat' comment
July 26, 2005Social Affairs Minister praises initiative to aid farmers
July 25, 2005Cabinet: Sharm El-Sheikh bombings, terrorism, Iraq
July 25, 2005One of 36 most-wanted arrested carrying pipe bomb
July 25, 2005Extradition of Saudis detained in Syria
July 24, 2005Crown Prince condoles Egypt’s President on Sharm al-Sheikh bombings
July 24, 2005Muslim groups condemn Sharm al-Sheikh bombings
July 24, 2005Ambassador Designate to the United States interviewed by CNN
July 24, 2005SABIC to establish polymrat factories
July 24, 2005Nizar Madani appointed Minister of State
July 24, 2005Prince Nayef comments on Sharm El-Sheikh bombings
July 23, 2005MWL, GCC and OIC all condemn the terror attacks in Egypt
July 23, 2005Six Saudi tourists injured in Sharm al-Sheikh bombings
July 23, 2005Saudi Arabia strongly condemns Egypt bombings
July 20, 2005Prince Turki Al-Faisal commments on nomination to U.S. post
July 20, 2005Three Saudis detained in Guantanamo now back in Kingdom
July 20, 2005King Fahd nominates new Ambassador to United States
July 20, 2005Terrorist hideout uncovered in Al-Kharj
July 20, 2005New petrochemical company announced as SABIC reports high profits
July 19, 2005Meeting of interior ministers of countries neighboring Iraq
July 19, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives King of Jordan
July 19, 2005Prince Bandar calls Tancredo's comments “abhorrent and irresponsible”
July 18, 2005Shura Council endorses GCC counter-terrorism agreement
July 18, 2005Justice Ministry joins SAGIA in Riyadh investment workshop
July 18, 2005Cabinet: Middle East, Iraq, Export Program, narcotics
July 17, 2005Saudi Arabia confirms credit underwriting for non-oil exports
July 16, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives head of Arab League
July 16, 2005Almarai dairy company IPO oversubscribed
July 13, 2005Live online discussion on Saudi-U.S. relationship
July 12, 2005Saudi Arabia participates in tenth anniversary of Srebrenica
July 12, 2005SCT signs contract with Spanish company for tourism services
July 11, 2005Saudi Days Festival in Manchester, U.K.
July 11, 2005Cabinet: Egyptian envoy, London bombings, terrorism, Sudan, Yanbu
July 11, 2005SAA reports record earnings in 2004
July 11, 2005Shura Council discusses Eighth Plan (2005-09)
July 11, 2005Saudi Arabia addresses Arab Parliamentarian Union Council meeting
July 10, 2005Consultative Council condemns London bombings
July 10, 2005Saudi Arabia to host conference on blood diseases and children’s tumors
July 09, 2005Twelve extradited from Yemen
July 09, 2005Interior minister offers Saudi cooperation on London bombings
July 09, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah calls PM Blair to condemn London bombings
July 09, 2005GCC, MWL condemn killing of Egyptian envoy, violence in Iraq
July 09, 2005Suspect on most wanted list being held in Yemen
July 08, 2005Saudi Grand Mufti calls murder of Egypt's envoy in Iraq a great sin
July 08, 2005Mufti condemns London bombings, urges rejection of un-Islamic acts
July 08, 2005MWL condemns London blasts, urges greater global cooperation
July 07, 2005Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist bombings in London
July 07, 2005Ambassador to UK condemns attack, offers condolences
July 05, 2005Kingdom easies photography rules
July 05, 2005Home computer ownership to be facilitated
July 05, 2005Saudi Telecom granted 3G mobile license
July 05, 2005Crown Prince inaugurates Yanbu-2 Projects
July 04, 2005Cabinet: terrorism, British Prime Minister, OIC, mideast, Iraq
July 04, 2005Crown Prince vows terrorism fight in July 4 cable to U.S. President
July 03, 2005King Fahd congratulates President Bush, US people on Independence Day
July 03, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah and British Prime Minister Blair hold meeting
July 03, 2005Kingdom to send ambassador to Baghdad
July 03, 2005Denial of allegation of Saudi support for Libyan opposition meeting
July 03, 2005Top terror suspect on new most wanted list killed
July 01, 2005Suspect on new most wanted list surrenders upon return to Kingdom
June 30, 2005Fruitful meeting in Sana’a of OIC foreign ministers
June 29, 2005Conference on health care economics planned for September
June 29, 2005Interior Minister clarifies new most-wanted list
June 28, 2005Interior Ministry issues new list of wanted terrorists
June 28, 2005OIC foreign ministers meet in Yemen to discuss counter-terrorism
June 28, 2005Crown Prince receives U.S. Assistant Deputy Secretary of State
June 27, 2005Saudi Aramco reports new source of gas and condensates
June 27, 2005Saudi Arabia presents gift to mark 60th anniversary of UN
June 27, 2005Cabinet: Pakistan, United States, Iraq, Asia-Middle East Dialogue
June 26, 2005Education ministry confirms availability of U.S. scholarships
June 26, 2005Conjoined twins from Egypt successfully separated
June 26, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives visiting Pakistani President
June 25, 2005Saudi-Japanese auto institute ready for upcoming academic year
June 24, 2005Saudi medical team to separate Egyptian conjoined twins
June 22, 2005Prince Saud addresses Brussels conference on Iraq
June 21, 2005Prince Saud holds talks with U.S. Secretary of State
June 21, 2005Suspects in Makkah security officer’s murder killed in Jeddah
June 21, 2005Kingdom attends Asia-Middle East Dialogue in Singapore
June 21, 2005Prince Turki on ‘Wahhabism’ and reform
June 20, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of State
June 20, 2005Conference on Muslim solidarity planned for Makkah this August
June 20, 2005Cabinet: Middle East, Iraq, GCC
June 19, 2005Saudi-Malaysian consortium wins Shuaiba water contract
June 19, 2005Shura Council discusses protection of Saudi coastline
June 18, 2005Security officer murdered in Makkah: motive unknown
June 18, 2005Prince Saud’s briefing confirms adherence to nuclear ban
June 17, 2005Preparations continue for Fifth National Dialogue Forum
June 16, 2005Kingdom’s address to South Summit in Doha
June 16, 2005Saudi Arabia signs Small Quantities Protocol with IAEA
June 16, 2005Oil minister in Vienna for OPEC talks
June 16, 2005Kingdom receives International Road Federation award
June 15, 2005Five gang members arrested for crimes in Jeddah
June 14, 2005Kingdom to provide more funds for tsunami assistance
June 14, 2005Almarai to float shares for public subscription
June 14, 2005Saudi elected to presidency of Society of Petroleum Engineers
June 14, 2005Saudi woman wins UN award for work with NGOs
June 13, 2005Cabinet: Kuwait and the GCC, weapons of mass destruction
June 13, 2005Prince Nayef gives press conference in Riyadh
June 13, 2005Kingdom to float shares in petrochemical and mining companies
June 12, 2005Saudi Arabia reaffirms commitment against weapons of mass destruction
June 12, 2005Saudi Arabia continues to send aid to Palestinians
June 12, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives Iranian official
June 11, 2005TASI exceeds 13,000 points as stock market booms
June 11, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives Kuwaiti Prime Minister
June 11, 2005GCC foreign ministers conclude 95th session
June 09, 2005Saudi soccer team wins through to 2006 World Cup
June 08, 2005Makkah Governor pledges support for women in business
June 07, 2005Saudi Arabia wins seat on ILO board
June 07, 2005Saudi Arabia and Oman stress ties in joint statement
June 07, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah approves three new universities
June 06, 2005Visit of Sultan Qaboos of Oman
June 06, 2005SABIC prepares Yansab for public subscription
June 06, 2005Saudi petrochemical company signs joint venture with German firm
June 06, 2005Cabinet: King’s health, visit of Sultan Qaboos, Iraq, end of school year
June 05, 2005Third Islamic economic conference concludes in Makkah
June 05, 2005Kingdom and Egypt strengthen economic ties
June 04, 2005Conference in Italy to focus on Islam in Europe
June 04, 2005NCWCD working to preserve the environment
June 02, 2005Kingdom’s plans for Red Sea tourist resorts
June 02, 2005Saudi stock exchange records new high
June 01, 2005Security incident on Riyadh-Qassim Highway
May 31, 2005Labor Minister attends 93rd session of ILO in Geneva
May 31, 2005Prince Sultan confirms King Fahd in good health
May 31, 2005SABIC’s Yansab project brings U.S. company on board
May 30, 2005SAGIA implements strategy to facilitate investment process
May 30, 2005Cabinet: King Fahd’s health; GCC meeting
May 30, 2005Shura Council endorses private sector investment in airline industry
May 29, 2005Prince Nayef speaks of terrorist situation as well as King’s health
May 28, 2005GCC holds seventh consultative summit in Riyadh
May 28, 2005King Fahd in stable and satisfactory condition
May 27, 2005King Fahd in hospital for medical tests
May 25, 2005Service launched for Kingdom’s second cell phone company
May 24, 2005Oil minister comments on globalization in California speech
May 24, 2005Saudi Arabia to set up commission for date production
May 24, 2005Kingdom’s accession to WTO predicted within weeks
May 24, 2005Saudi stock market continues to show gains
May 23, 2005Cabinet: GCC, energy, computerized ID cards
May 23, 2005Expansion of Jeddah airport to accommodate largest aircraft
May 22, 2005Saudi doctor’s break-through in treating Leishmaniasis
May 21, 2005NCWCD to observe international bio-diversity day
May 21, 2005SABIC to expand petrochemical production
May 20, 2005Saudi trade mission concludes U.S. visit on positive note
May 19, 2005Saudi Arabia ratifies WHO tobacco control treaty
May 19, 2005Term of office extended for ulema Secretary-General
May 18, 2005Saudi Aramco CEO speaks on energy issues at Rice University
May 18, 2005‘Landbridge’ rail freight project opened for BOT bidding
May 18, 2005SAMA expects 2005 economic growth to exceed 2004 increase
May 18, 2005State Department official meets with Saudi students
May 17, 2005SAA moving ahead with privatization plans
May 17, 2005Prince Bandar honors Nelson Mandela
May 17, 2005Arrangements made for further aid to Palestinians
May 17, 2005Praise for Cabinet decision on cement exemption from import tax
May 17, 2005Oil minister addresses CSIS conference on stable energy supply
May 16, 2005Saudi trade mission on U.S. tour to promote investment
May 16, 2005Cabinet: Brasilia Summit, Lebanon, GCC, cement
May 16, 2005Talks held in Riyadh on Saudi-Iranian trade and investment
May 15, 2005King Fahd receives visiting Prime Minister of Lebanon
May 14, 2005Italian company to build petrochemical plant in Yanbu
May 14, 2005SEC presents electricity projects to the private sector
May 14, 2005Members of provincial councils appointed for new term
May 13, 2005Security forces arrest suspect in Buraydah
May 13, 2005Mosaic Foundation holds 8th festival in Washington DC
May 13, 2005Saudi banks to hold GCC banking conference in Riyadh
May 11, 2005Prince Saud stresses need for global financial reform
May 11, 2005Arab-South American summit ends with Brasilia Declaration
May 11, 2005Saudi Aramco to float shares in new Yanbu refinery
May 10, 2005Suspect wounded and arrested in shootout in Riyadh
May 09, 2005Cabinet: Crown Prince’s tour abroad; Hail; Brazil; Middle East
May 09, 2005Conference calls for investment in the Kingdom’s oil and gas reserves
May 09, 2005Saudi Arabia continues to help tsunami victims in Aceh
May 09, 2005Kingdom to launch six more mini satellites
May 09, 2005Prince Saud attends Arab-South American meeting in Brazil
May 07, 2005Crown Prince returns to Riyadh after visiting Egypt, Syria and Jordan
May 06, 2005Upcoming conferences on hospital care and remote sensing
May 05, 2005Saudi stock market reports record growth for April
May 04, 2005Foreign Affairs Advisor on terrorism, Iraq, and oil in TV interview
May 02, 2005Head of Supreme Judicial Council denies allegations
May 02, 2005Part of State Budget surplus to go to public housing
May 02, 2005SADAFCO shares considerably over-subscribed in IPO
May 02, 2005Cabinet: Saudi-U.S. relations; mideast, Iraq, Lebanon, Cairo; flooding
May 01, 2005Foreign affairs advisor interviewed on CNN
May 01, 2005Bank Al-Bilad shares soar on first day of trading
May 01, 2005GCC ports look to privatization and foreign investment
May 01, 2005OIC Secretary-General calls for reform
April 28, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah returns to Morocco after U.S. visit
April 28, 2005NCB inaugurates Shari’ah-compliant equity fund
April 28, 2005Saudi Arabia works to expand computer literacy
April 27, 2005SAA to purchase 15 regional aircraft from Brazil
April 27, 2005Crown Prince addresses U.S.-Saudi Arabian Business Council
April 26, 2005Crown Prince returns to Dallas after meeting with U.S. President
April 26, 2005Finance Minister gives assurances of accession to WTO
April 26, 2005TV interviews by Crown Prince’s Foreign Affairs Advisor
April 26, 2005Foreign Minister gives press conference in Dallas, Texas
April 25, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah meets with U.S. Vice President Cheney
April 25, 2005Cabinet: terrorism, elections, Lebanon, Arab world, Afro-Asian Summit
April 25, 2005Crown Prince received by U.S. President at his Texas ranch
April 24, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Texas
April 24, 2005Kingdom participates in Arab anti-drug meeting in Cairo
April 23, 2005Saudi Arabia pledges funds for post-tsunami reconstruction
April 23, 2005Praise for security forces involved in Makkah raid
April 22, 2005Two security officers, two militants killed in Makkah
April 22, 2005SAA plans purchase of small planes for domestic service
April 22, 2005High turnout at elections in Northern Borders Province
April 22, 2005Results of municipal elections in Madinah
April 21, 2005Oil minister reiterates assurances of Saudi production capacity
April 20, 2005SABIC reports high profits for first quarter of 2005
April 20, 2005Discussion in Riyadh on proposal for GCC joint stock exchange
April 20, 2005Second Saudi airline and new telecom reforms expected
April 19, 2005Saudi Hollandi Bank records profits for 2005 first quarter
April 18, 2005Foreign Minister on Crown Prince’s visit to France
April 18, 2005Saudi Aramco locates new light crude oilfield in central region
April 18, 2005Shura Council forms itself into 12 committees
April 18, 2005Cabinet: Shura Council, Albania, Syria, Tunisia
April 18, 2005SABIC announces cash dividends
April 18, 2005Al-Bilad to be established as commercial bank
April 17, 2005Kingdom seeking foreign investment in energy and desalination
April 17, 2005SAMA Governor address World Bank meeting in Washington DC
April 16, 2005Domestic customers to be provided with new grade of gasoline
April 15, 2005Crown Prince arrives in Morocco after State visit to France
April 15, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah continues discussion with French leaders
April 14, 2005Crown Prince received by French President Jacques Chirac
April 13, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah leaves for State visit to France
April 12, 2005SADAFCO to offer IPO for about one third of its shares
April 12, 2005Four more militants named as killed in Ar-Rass raid
April 12, 2005King Fahd addresses opening of Shura Council’s fourth term
April 12, 2005Work to start this summer on new plants along Arabian Gulf
April 11, 2005Shura Council expanded; terms of office of government officials extended
April 11, 2005Cabinet: Shura Council, terrorism, mideast, Islamic solidarity
April 11, 2005Prince Sultan praises achievements of security forces
April 11, 2005Crown Prince calls for cultural programs to combat deviant ideas
April 11, 2005Shura Council praises security forces, concludes its third term
April 10, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. advisor on Iraq
April 10, 2005King Faisal International Prize 2005 winners honored
April 09, 2005Two on most-wanted list confirmed killed in Ar-Rass raid
April 09, 2005Saudi stock market’s TASI continues to break records
April 07, 2005Interior Minister praises security forces
April 07, 2005Saudi Arabia and Sudan exchange detainees
April 06, 2005Militant on wanted list killed in raid in Riyadh
April 06, 2005Saudi leaders thankful for success of raid on militants
April 06, 2005Kingdom’s infant mortality rate down significantly
April 06, 2005Kingdom continues its relief aid to Darfur
April 05, 2005Oil minister speaks of gas and minerals as well as petroleum
April 05, 2005Prince Saud urges mideast solution at GCC/EU meeting in Bahrain
April 05, 2005Death toll of militants in Ar-Rass gunfight rises to fourteen
April 05, 2005Saudi ships carry aid to earthquake victims in Asia
April 04, 2005Kingdom to set up technical colleges for women
April 04, 2005Seven suspects killed in gunfight in Qasim Province
April 04, 2005Cabinet: praise for security forces; terrorism, Lebanon
April 04, 2005King Fahd funds center for recruiting Saudi nationals
April 04, 2005Death of King Fahd’s uncle
April 03, 2005Shura Council approves regulations on public accountability
April 02, 2005Royal Order approves principle of amendments to judiciary
April 02, 2005Jubail commended for economic potential
April 02, 2005Kingdom continues to send aid to the Iraqi people
April 02, 2005Islamic Ministry sets up new ‘dawa’ website
April 02, 2005Plans underway to attract tourists to the Kingdom
April 01, 2005Stock market shows record growth in first quarter of 2005
April 01, 2005Execution of criminal gang in Jouf Province
March 31, 2005Election of new head of JCCI
March 31, 2005Saudi Aramco and Indian Oil Corporation sign MoU
March 31, 2005Shura Council approves writers’ association
March 30, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives Indian oil minister
March 28, 2005New appointee as advisor to the Royal Court
March 28, 2005Centennial Fund giving support to young businesspeople
March 28, 2005Jeddah conference on women’s health
March 28, 2005Saudi bourse thriving on successful IPOs
March 28, 2005Cabinet: Algiers Summit, Arab solidarity, Sudan, quarantine, desalination
March 28, 2005Extradition of wanted suspects between Kingdom and Yemen
March 26, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. congresswoman
March 26, 2005GCC power grid project to start this September
March 25, 2005Prince Nayef leaves Sudan after signing security agreements
March 25, 2005Labor Minister urges businesses to employ Saudis
March 24, 2005Kingdom pledges four million dollars to IMF emergency aid fund
March 23, 2005Prince Nayef in Sudan to sign security agreements
March 23, 2005Arab Summit ends with pledge on Middle East peace
March 22, 2005Kingdom continues to extend medical aid to Yemen
March 22, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives British secretary of defense
March 22, 2005Kingdom participates in Paris symposium on nuclear energy
March 21, 2005At UN Commission for Human Rights, Kingdom pledges to fight racism
March 21, 2005Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Algiers for Arab Summit
March 21, 2005Cabinet: Palestinian President, human rights, Arab League
March 20, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives former Polish President
March 20, 2005Wildlife conservation agency marks 20th anniversary
March 20, 2005Riyadh-based GCC Secretariat condemns Qatar bombing
March 20, 2005Shura Council completes discussion on technical education
March 19, 2005Washington’s Mosaic Foundation continues lecture series
March 19, 2005APICORP meeting held in Jubail
March 18, 2005Saudi Arabia denies mediation for dispute with Libya
March 17, 2005Death of a son of the late King Saud
March 17, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah approves new university of health
March 16, 2005Saudi Aramco signs contracts for two mega-projects
March 16, 2005Decrease in number of work visas issued to foreigners
March 16, 2005Saudi leaders in contact with U.S. officials
March 16, 2005Kingdom’s statement to UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva
March 15, 2005Kingdom denies mediator role in Lebanon-Syria crisis
March 15, 2005Madinah’s Governor condoles father of woman slain in Jeddah
March 15, 2005King Fahd receives Palestinian President
March 14, 2005GCC foreign ministers hopeful of free trade agreement with EU
March 14, 2005Preparations under way for third phase of municipal elections
March 14, 2005SAMA reports increase in foreign assets
March 14, 2005Shura Council amends regulations on non-Saudis renting real estate
March 14, 2005Oil minister confirms Kingdom’s potential to increase production
March 14, 2005Cabinet: Azerbaijan, Yemen, higher education
March 14, 2005Half of sports federation committees to be elected
March 14, 2005Kingdom to attend six-week UN human rights session in Geneva
March 13, 2005Death of innocent woman in Jeddah incident where suspect arrested
March 13, 2005Prince Nayef’s press conference after talks in Yemen
March 12, 2005Taif’s Al-Hada resorts report record number of visitors in 2004
March 12, 2005Endorsement of final results of Riyadh City elections
March 11, 2005Death of Royal Court Advisor Shaikh Abdulaziz Al-Ashaikh
March 09, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives separated Polish twins
March 09, 2005King Fahd receives President of Azerbaijan
March 08, 2005International conference on school curricula in Muslim nations
March 07, 2005Zamil Group now joint stock company
March 07, 2005Cabinet: Syria and Lebanon, Arab Peace Initiative
March 07, 2005Foreign Affairs Advisor's press conference on extremism
March 06, 2005Foreign affairs advisor comments on Syria-Lebanon crisis, and reform
March 06, 2005Results of elections in southern provinces
March 06, 2005Lebanese parliamentarian on visit to Kingdom
March 06, 2005Oil minister addresses Jeddah seminar on investment in minerals
March 06, 2005King Fahd receives King Abdullah of Jordan
March 06, 2005Population of Riyadh City remains at well over four million
March 06, 2005New mayor of Jeddah appointed
March 05, 2005Eastern Province results of second phase of elections
March 03, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah holds talks with visiting Syrian President
March 03, 2005Prince Saud denies Saudi initiative in Syria-Lebanon situation
March 02, 2005Symposium on investment in minerals to be held in Jeddah
March 02, 2005German companies interested in Kingdom’s railway project
March 01, 2005Maaden plans giant phosphate plant in northern Saudi Arabia
March 01, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from Tunisian President
March 01, 2005Prince Turki at London conference on mideast peace and aid to Palestine
March 01, 2005Al-Faisaliyah Hotel wins U.S. award for excellence
February 28, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from Algerian President
February 28, 2005Cabinet: visiting dignitaries, mideast, Iran’s earthquake
February 28, 2005Shura Council approves enhancement of GOSI
February 28, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from Syrian President
February 28, 2005SDF hands over to UNRWA urgent funds to aid Palestinians
February 28, 2005Germany’s Chancellor Schröder on visit to Kingdom
February 27, 2005King Fahd receives Al-Hariri’s sons
February 27, 2005Foreign Ministry to appoint women in various departments
February 27, 2005SAGIA Governor urges British investment in Saudi Arabia
February 26, 2005Saudi Arabia deposits with UN ratification of organized crime agreement
February 26, 2005Kingdom sends aid to victims of Iranian earthquake
February 25, 2005Opening day of the 20th Jenadriya Festival attracts large crowds
February 25, 2005Labor minister comments on Saudis seeking jobs
February 25, 2005Prince Saud gives lecture in U.K. on Muslim-West relations
February 24, 2005Bank Al-Bilad IPO oversubscribed on second day
February 24, 2005Saudi engineering student honored as one of world’s best
February 24, 2005Crown Prince condoles Iranian President on earthquake
February 23, 2005Prince Saud meets in London with U.K.’s Jack Straw
February 23, 2005Kingdom hands over detainee who is U.S. citizen
February 23, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah opens 20th Jenadriyah Festival
February 22, 2005Agriculture Minister opens seminar in Riyadh
February 22, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives Senegalese President
February 22, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives former U.S. Secretary of State
February 21, 2005Cabinet: OIC, State Budget, terrorism, Jenadriyah
February 21, 2005King Fahd receives U.K.’s Prince Andrew
February 21, 2005Prince Saud in U.K. for meetings and a conference
February 21, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah to open 20th Jenadriyah Festival
February 21, 2005Oil Minister holds press conference with Norwegian energy minister
February 21, 2005Economic Forum covers human resources, tourism, and poverty
February 21, 2005Prince Turki comments on Saudi-British economic relations
February 21, 2005Malaysian PM announces Makkah OIC Summit in November
February 21, 2005Pakistan’s PM returns to Islamabad after visit to Kingdom
February 20, 2005Afghan President visits Saudi Arabia
February 20, 2005King Fahd receives invitation to Algiers Arab Summit in March
February 20, 2005Jeddah Economic Forum addressed by Prince Turki Al-Faisal
February 20, 2005Finance Minister confirms increased spending on infrastructure
February 19, 2005Tourism taking off in the Kingdom
February 19, 2005Islamic Affairs Minister promotes ongoing counter-terrorism campaign
February 17, 2005Aramco CEO urges oil producers to build more refineries
February 17, 2005Saudi Arabia comes first in Arab youth festival in Khartoum
February 16, 2005Prince Saud leaves Beirut after offering condolences on Hariri’s death
February 15, 2005Crown Prince receives interior minister of Italy
February 15, 2005Crown Prince receives message from French President on Hariri murder
February 15, 2005Voting statistics and winners in Riyadh’s municipal elections
February 14, 2005‘Al-Bilad’ bank offers IPO as commercial banking thrives
February 14, 2005MWL urges moderation, warns against extremism
February 14, 2005Red Sea marine environment forum opens in Cairo
February 14, 2005Makkah Province starts preparations for municipal elections
February 14, 2005Cabinet: terrorism conference, new ministers, Saudization
February 14, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives messages from U.S. President
February 14, 2005Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist explosion in Beirut
February 13, 2005Saudi Arabia and Russia working for oil market stability
February 13, 2005Saudi named special envoy for UN World Food Program
February 13, 2005Prince Nayef refutes allegations concerning municipal elections
February 11, 2005Counter-terrorism exhibit in Dhahran shows strength of Saudi security
February 11, 2005Winners announced in Riyadh City’s municipal elections
February 10, 2005Saudi Arabia and Pakistan negotiate investment agreement
February 10, 2005Riyadh’s polling centers close after municipal elections
February 09, 2005First phase of GCC power grid project to begin soon
February 09, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from Palestinian President
February 09, 2005Shura Council not yet ready for women members or elections
February 09, 2005Workshop recommendations from Counter-Terrorism Conference
February 08, 2005Cabinet reshuffle affects four ministries
February 08, 2005Counter-Terrorism Conference concludes with ‘Riyadh Declaration’
February 08, 2005Oil minister confirms Kingdom’s surplus capacity
February 07, 2005Terrorism conference continues with discussion of final communiqué
February 07, 2005Third day of terrorism conference concludes with unanimity
February 07, 2005Cabinet: success of Hajj, terrorism conference, terrorist acts in Kuwait
February 06, 2005Prince Saud gives briefing on progress of terrorism conference
February 06, 2005Plans for development of urban tourist sites
February 06, 2005Oil and commerce ministers meet with visiting U.S. official
February 05, 2005Crown Prince inaugurates Riyadh's counter-terrorism conference
February 05, 2005Interior Minister gives Kingdom’s terrorism statistics
February 04, 2005Grand Mufti condemns terrorism on eve of international conference
February 04, 2005Death of Prince Muhammad bin Mishaal bin Abdulaziz
February 04, 2005Kingdom to extend soft loan to Azerbaijan
February 04, 2005GCC education workshop in Jeddah ends with recommendations
February 03, 2005Saudi Telecom to cut service charges
February 03, 2005Jeddah Economic Forum 2005 to focus on capacity building
February 03, 2005Kingdom promotes dialogue at U.K. inter-faith meeting
February 02, 2005Saudi Consulate releases figures for Hajj visas issued in the U.S.
February 02, 2005Indian businessmen encouraged to invest in Saudi Arabia
February 02, 2005Riyadh terrorism conference welcomed by international community
February 01, 2005Shura Council welcomes visit of head of Inter-Parliamentary Union
February 01, 2005Saudi Arabia congratulates Iraq on success of electoral process
February 01, 2005Media meeting to discuss coverage of terrorism conference
February 01, 2005Mayors not allowed to run for municipal elections
January 31, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
January 31, 2005London conference promotes Saudi rail expansion project
January 31, 2005IIRO providing relief for tsunami victims
January 30, 2005Workshop discusses Crown Prince Abdullah’s education initiative
January 30, 2005Islamic Affairs minister urges support of terrorism conference
January 29, 2005Hundreds of candidates register for Riyadh's municipal elections
January 28, 2005Kingdom cooperates with UN agencies to help tsunami victims
January 26, 2005Resignation of Chief of General Intelligence Prince Nawaf
January 25, 2005Saudi Arabia's continued aid to tsunami victims
January 23, 2005Crown Prince’s summit proposal favorably received by OIC
January 23, 2005Sacrificial meat total announced for 1425 Hajj
January 22, 2005Saudi relief delegation head meets with Indonesian officials in Aceh
January 22, 2005Hajj 1425 declared a success
January 22, 2005Wildlife park inaugurated
January 21, 2005Saudi relief delegation meets with Indonesian president
January 21, 2005Saudi leaders address pilgrims for Eid Al-Adha 1425
January 21, 2005Crown Prince receives heads of pilgrim delegations
January 21, 2005Saudi leaders respond to cable from U.S. President
January 20, 2005King Fahd receives foreign dignatories performing Hajj
January 20, 2005Saudi Red Crescent chairman meets Indonesian vice president
January 20, 2005Death of Princess Haifa bint Saud bin Abdulaziz
January 20, 2005Over 2.5 million pilgrims stood at Mount Arafat
January 20, 2005Over 388,000 pilgrims sought medical treatment during Hajj
January 19, 2005Saudi delegation arrives in Indonesia to assess relief efforts
January 19, 2005King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah give Eid Al-Adha address
January 18, 2005Over 1.5 million pilgrims arrive from abroad for Hajj
January 18, 2005King Fahd instructs distribution of meals to pilgrims
January 18, 2005Saudi relief plane arrives in Batam
January 17, 2005Prince Bandar in Johannesburg to offer condolences to Mandela
January 17, 2005Saudi relief plane leaves for Indonesia
January 17, 2005Location identified where December 29 car bombings planned
January 16, 2005Over 1.45 million foreign pilgrims have arrived for Hajj
January 16, 2005Libyan pilgrims to be treated like other pilgrims
January 16, 2005Kingdom to prevent its citizens from undermining Iraq’s security
January 15, 2005Senegalese premier arrives for Hajj
January 15, 2005Saudi relief plane leaves for Thailand
January 15, 2005Saudi relief plane departs for Sri Lanka
January 14, 2005Date of Eid Al-Adha announced for January 20
January 14, 2005Arab pledge to raise over U.S. $1 billion for tsunami victims
January 13, 2005Saudi relief plane arrives in Batam
January 12, 2005King Fahd to sponsor 500 Palestinian pilgrims
January 12, 2005Saudi unemployment figures
January 12, 2005Saudi cargo relief plane leaves for Sumatra
January 12, 2005Streets to be named after those killed in terrorist action
January 12, 2005King Faisal International Prize 2005 winners announced
January 12, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah congratulates President-Elect Abbas
January 11, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. ambassador
January 11, 2005Saudi British Bank donates SR1 million for tsunami relief
January 11, 2005Foreign pilgrims arriving in Saudi Arabia exceeds 1 million
January 11, 2005Saudi relief plane leaves for Maldives
January 11, 2005Saudi Aramco pledges $2 million to tsunami victims
January 10, 2005Cabinet: Telethon for tsunami victims, Palestinian elections
January 09, 2005Saudi aid sent to Fallujah
January 09, 2005Bank staff donate one day’s pay for tsunami victims
January 09, 2005Four suspected terrorists killed in desert shootout
January 09, 2005Crown Prince Abdullah orders aid for Iranian medical charity
January 09, 2005Saudi tsunami aid distributed to all in need
January 09, 2005Second shipment of Saudi relief aid arrives in Sumatra
January 09, 2005Hajj update: 147,010 Indonesian pilgrims
January 08, 2005IIRO extends $1 million for tsunami victims
January 08, 2005King Fahd to host 1,000 pilgrims
January 08, 2005Crown Prince receives Japanese delegation at Dialogue Forum
January 08, 2005Saudi educators to attend curricula development program in Japan
January 08, 2005Updated statistics of pilgrim arrivals
January 08, 2005Over 1.2 million Hajj visas issued
January 07, 2005Thousands of British pilgrims to perform Hajj
January 07, 2005Saudi telethon raises over $69 million for tsunami victims
January 06, 2005Saudi Arabia assures Asian countries that oil needs will be met
January 06, 2005Islamic Development Bank pledges $500 million for tsunami relief
January 06, 2005First Saudi-made cell phone expected in late January
January 06, 2005IPO for state-owned insurance company oversubscribed
January 06, 2005Prince Saud attends Jordan meeting of foreign ministers of Iraq's neighbors
January 05, 2005Updated statistics of pilgrim arrivals
January 05, 2005Relief airlift to tsunami devastated areas continues
January 04, 2005Saudi TV to hold fundraiser for victims of tsunami
January 04, 2005Saudi Arabia triples assistance to tsunami victims
January 03, 2005Saudi medical team separates Polish Siamese twins
January 03, 2005Prince Naif in Tunis for Arab Interior Ministers Council meeting
January 03, 2005Remains of terrorist identified, and vehicles used in attacks
January 03, 2005Cabinet meeting
January 02, 2005Islamic Development Bank donates $10 million to tsunami victims
January 02, 2005Prince Sultan meets head of U.S. military training mission
January 02, 2005Saudi Arabian Airlines to transport 100,000 Iranian pilgrims
January 02, 2005Saudi stock market ends year up 85 percent
January 01, 2005Makkah municipality recruits 24,000 people for Hajj work
January 01, 2005Thousands of security personnel assigned to Hajj
January 01, 2005Interior Ministry identifies remains of Riyadh bombers
January 01, 2005Over 586,000 pilgrims arrived in Saudi Arabia for Hajj
January 01, 2005Iranian Cultural Week opens in Riyadh