Prince Nayef: 100,000 security personnel deployed for Hajj

December 4, 2008

Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Minister of Interior and Chairman of the Hajj Supreme Committee, held a press conference in Mina, Saudi Arabia yesterday to welcome thousands of Hajj pilgrims.


Prince Nayef noted that more than 100,000 security personnel  have been positioned in and around the Holy Places to see to the needs of the pilgrims. Several checkpoints have been put in place on the roads leading to Makkah as a safety precaution, he added.

Asked about accusations made by Hamas officials that pilgrims from Gaza have been discriminated against, Prince Nayef stated, “We view the Palestinian pilgrims as Muslims irrespective of their political trends, and we welcome the pilgrims and hope that no party will put obstacles before them . . . We deal with pilgrims and not with an organization or a country. If this country stands with or against the Kingdom, that matter does not concern us.”