July 29, 2015UN unveiled re-installation of Kiswa
July 26, 2015SCTH renovates historic Abu Gabal Mosque in Amlaj
July 23, 2015$8.5 million to improve Makkah's entrance
July 16, 2015Kingdom announces Friday as Eid Al-Fitr
July 11, 2015King Salman launches five projects within third expansion of the Grand Mosque
July 7, 2015King Salman chairs Cabinet session (07/07/2015)
July 1, 2015OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai
June 26, 2015Council of Senior Scholars condemns terrorist bombing in Kuwait
June 24, 2015Kingdom calls upon Myanmar to stop Rohingya Muslims persecution
June 23, 2015Embassy in host annual Iftar
June 18, 2015King Salman addresses Muslims on Ramadan
June 16, 2015Kingdom supports all legitimate efforts to end Yemen conflict
June 16, 2015Foreign Minister hold bilateral meetings with foreign ministers of Egypt, Senegal and Somalia
June 16, 2015Supreme Court announces Thursday the start of Ramadan
June 15, 2015Supreme Court calls on Muslims in the Kingdom to sight Ramadan Crescent
March 28, 2015Minister of Defense meets with former Swedish defense minister, special Swedish envoy
March 27, 2015King Salman receives letters from Sweden's king and prime minister
March 9, 2015Grand Mufti calls on Muslims to combat terrorism
March 9, 2015Kingdom rejects international criticism over Raef Badawi case
February 22, 2015King Salman: Saudi Arabia waging relentless effort to defeat terrorism
February 18, 2015King of Malaysia arrives in Madinah
January 21, 2015Kingdom condemns continued publication of offensive cartoons
January 16, 2015Senior Saudi religious scholars condemn continued publication of offensive cartoons
January 11, 2015Kingdom grants Sudan 10,000 sacrificial meat
December 20, 2014Senior Saudi religious scholars condemn Peshawar massacre
November 21, 2014King Abdullah Interfaith Center hosts Unity Conference
October 27, 2014Kingdom to attend OIC's First Investment Forum in Tajikistan
October 21, 2014Saudi Embassy releases 1435 (2014) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
October 20, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (10/20/2014)
September 24, 2014Saudi Grand Mufti Urges Islamic Scholars to Defeat Terrorism
September 17, 2014Saudi religious scholars issue fatwa condemning terrorism
September 8, 2014King Abdullah to host 1,000 Palestinians Hajj pilgrims
September 7, 2014Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti urges Muslims to reject extremism