Foreign Aid

January 26, 2015King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Relief Campaign resumes aid distribution in Yemen
January 22, 2015Saudi winter aid supplies dispatched to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 21, 2015Saudi aid arrives in Turkey for Syrians in northern Syria
January 21, 2015King Abdullah donates $2.67 million to support Saudis abroad
January 20, 2015Saudi medical aid arrives in Rafah Port for Gaza
January 20, 2015Saudi winter aid supplies dispatched to Syria
January 17, 2015Interior minister directs urgent relief bridge to Syrians
January 14, 2015Kingdom carrying out second phase of well-drilling project in Somalia
January 14, 2015IDB, Burkina Faso signs three loan agreements
January 13, 2015Kingdom provides $60 million for Palestinian Authority budget
January 11, 2015Kingdom grants Sudan 10,000 sacrificial meat
January 11, 2015Interior Minister directs to provide $2.4 million heating fuel for Syrians in Lebanon
January 9, 2015Saudi campaign continuous distributes of winter clothing to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 8, 2015Saudi campaign continuous distributes of winter clothing to Syrian refugees in Jordan
January 6, 2015Saudi Arabia's donation reaches hundreds of Iraqi families
December 15, 2014President of Saudi Red Crescent Authority Receives President of Iraqi Red Crescent Society
December 14, 2014Kingdom to distribute 3 million winter aid supplies to Syrian refugees
December 11, 2014King Abdullah donates $35 million to West African countries to fight Ebola
December 10, 2014King Abdullah donates $104 million to the World Food Program
December 10, 2014Kingdom donates one million dollars to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
December 1, 2014King Abdullah orders $54 million in food aid to Yemen
November 23, 2014Saudi health centers provide medical assistance to displaced Syrians
November 13, 2014Second relief plane arrives in Sudan
November 6, 2014Second Saudi aid consignment plane leaves for Afghanistan
November 4, 2014Saudi relief assistance reaches Afghanistan
November 4, 2014Kingdom hands over $2 million annual contribution to UNRWA
November 2, 2014Saudi Arabia signs $350 million in oil, power financing deals with Egypt
October 16, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $12 million to aid Palestinian refugees
October 1, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $ 1 million to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
September 29, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $60 million for Palestinian Authority budget
September 24, 2014Kingdom expresses continued and firm support for Yemen as it faces major challenges
September 1, 2014Health centers provide medical assistance to displaced Syrians in Jordan
August 25, 2014Saudi national campaign continues distribution of food packages to Syrians in Lebanon
August 18, 2014Saudi Arabia announces $1 million in additional aid to Palestine
August 14, 2014Saudi officials and UN Secretary-General hold joint news conference on the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre
August 13, 2014Saudi Arabia Donates $100 million to the U.N. Counter-Terrorism Centre
August 12, 2014Prince Saud leads OIC emergency meeting on Gaza crisis
August 10, 2014IIRO provides medical services in Ghana
August 6, 2014Saudi Arabia Donates $1 Billion to Lebanese Security Services to Combat Terrorism
August 5, 2014UNHCR thanks IIRO for helping Malian refugees
August 3, 2014IIRO launches relief campaign for Palestinians in Gaza
August 2, 2014Kingdom sends medical aid to the Gambia
July 25, 2014King Abdullah issues directive to provide Palestinian Health Ministry with $26.7 million
July 25, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes food baskets in Syria
July 25, 2014Saudi, Arab relief convoys arrive in Rafah
July 22, 2014Saudi clinics treat 2,158 Syrians in Al-Zaatari camp in Jordan
July 17, 2014IIRO distributes 10,000 Iftar food baskets to Syrian refugees in Egypt
July 15, 2014Emergency Meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers held in Cairo
July 13, 2014King Abdullah issues directive to provide Palestinian Red Crescent with $53 million
July 11, 2014Saudi Arabia donates more than 10 million polio vaccines to Pakistan
July 10, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria continues provision of food and relief aid
July 9, 2014IIRO starts implementation of Ramadan program in Yemen
July 8, 2014Crown Prince receives President of International Committee of the Red Cross
July 7, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/7/14)
July 6, 2014Saudi Arabia initiates medical, educational programs for displaced Syrians in Lebanon
July 3, 2014Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Iftar Project launched in Sudan
July 3, 2014750 Iftar food baskets distributed in Mali
July 2, 2014U.N. expresses gratitude for Kingdom’s $500 million donation for Iraq
July 1, 2014King Abdullah Orders $500 Million in Humanitarian Assistance to the Iraqi People
June 30, 2014Agreement signed between Saudi Campaign for Palestinians in Gaza, UNRWA
June 30, 2014Saudi national campaign continues shelter project for Syrians in Lebanon
June 27, 2014IDB Board of Governors concludes annual meeting in Jeddah
June 27, 2014Saudi Campaign launches food basket distribution project in Pakistan
June 26, 2014SDF aids Yemen, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Chad, Guinea, Mozambique
June 25, 2014IIRO conducts 188 surgeries in Yemen
June 24, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes more rent checks to Syrians in Lebanon
June 24, 2014Crown Prince receives Microsoft founder Bill Gates
June 22, 2014IIRO to launch Iftar aid project in 29 countries
June 19, 2014Kingdom continues distribution of assistance to displaced Syrians in Lebanon
June 18, 2014Kingdom distributing 150 tons of dates to Syrians in Lebanon during Ramadan
June 16, 2014Kingdom extends aid to displaced Syrians in Lebanon
June 4, 2014Kingdom pays 6 months of rent for 1,000 displaced Syrian families in Lebanon
June 3, 2014International Islamic Relief Organization finances 25 surgeries in Yemen
June 2, 2014World Bank President thanks the Kingdom for its assistance
May 26, 2014IDB signs $2 billion sustainable development agreement with Kazakhstan
May 25, 2014International Islamic Relief Organization conducts 25 surgeries in Sudan
May 25, 2014Saudi Committee sends aid to Afghans affected by floods, landslides
May 24, 2014Al-Rabeeah announces success of Sudanese twins’ separation surgery
May 23, 2014Saudi medical team to separate conjoined Sudanese twins
May 21, 2014Saudi Campaign resumes distribution of assistance in Jordan
May 17, 2014IIRO performs 250 surgeries in Yemen
May 16, 2014OIC initiates humanitarian projects in Chad
May 13, 2014IDB provides $50 million for agricultural project rehabilitation in Sudan
May 13, 2014Work begins on $270 million Saudi-funded road in Jordan
May 11, 2014SFD funds $232 million in developmental projects in Jordan
May 8, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria donations reach $207 million
May 4, 2014IIRO undertakes several drinking water and irrigation projects in Somalia
May 1, 2014Saudi Campaign gives food to 171 Syrian families in Jordan
April 29, 2014Saudi delegation attends Friends of Yemen meeting in London
April 28, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/28/14)
April 27, 2014IIRO provides assistance to people affected by war in Afghanistan
April 21, 2014Dr. Al-Harthi meets with U.S. Envoy for Syria
April 20, 2014IIRO provides aid to 4,000 orphans in Chad
April 17, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syrians distributes 18th round of aid
April 15, 2014Yemeni Health Minister meets with SFD delegation
April 14, 2014Saudi Campaign for Pakistan launches school bag project
April 14, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syrians distributes 17th round of aid
April 11, 2014Conjoined Iraqi twins successfully separated
April 10, 2014Iraqi conjoined twins’ surgery starts at King Abdulaziz Medical City
April 8, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $100 million to Arab Trade Financing Program
April 7, 2014Saudi National Campaign for Syrians targets people of Zarqaa Province
April 7, 2014Arab Organization for Red Crescent and Cross headquarters dedicated in Riyadh
March 24, 2014SFD funds dialysis center, long term care facility in Bahrain
March 24, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria helps refugees in eastern Jordan
March 23, 2014IIRO distributes aid to Congolese refugees in Uganda
March 21, 2014Saudi Campaign completes distribution of winter supplies in northern Jordan
March 18, 2014Kingdom donates $1 million to the International Organization for Migration
March 18, 2014IIRO medical camp performs 500 cataract surgeries in Nigeria
March 17, 2014Kingdom donates sacrificial meat to Yemen, the Comoros
March 16, 2014IIRO aid benefits 3,603,788 Syrian refugees
March 16, 2014Solidarity Campaign for Syria collects SR 75 million in cash, SR 20 million in goods
March 15, 2014Saudi Ambassador delivers relief aid to Niger’s government
March 10, 2014IIRO hands out 3,500 food rations to Syrians in northern Lebanon
March 9, 2014Kingdom gives India’s Hamdard University $5 million in aid
March 5, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $1 million to UN Human Rights Commission
March 4, 2014200 tons of Saudi dates presented to Jordanian officials
March 3, 2014SR 65 million donated to Solidarity Campaign for Syrian Children