Recent News

July 20, 2016Deputy Crown Prince to participate in Anti-Daesh (ISIL) meeting
July 15, 2016GCC condemns terrorist act in Nice, France
July 15, 2016Senior Saudi religious scholars condemns terrorist act in Nice
July 15, 2016Muslim World League condemns terrorist act in Nice
July 15, 2016King Salman condoles French President on victims of terrorist act in Nice
July 15, 2016Embassy responds to declassification of the “28 Pages”
July 15, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir welcomes release of the ‘28 pages’‎
July 14, 2016Foreign Minister meets with a number of senior members of US Congress
July 14, 2016King Salman arrives in Morocco on private visit
July 14, 2016Kingdom condemns Nice attack
July 13, 2016KSRELIEF delivers 100 tons of dates to Ethiopia
July 13, 2016KSRELIEF to set up artificial limb center in Yemen
July 12, 2016Imams of the Two Holy Mosques condemn terrorism
July 12, 2016KSRELIEF signs 4 agreements to treat wounded Yemenis in Aden and Taiz
July 11, 2016Yemeni president: Arab coalition succeeded to stop Iranian interventions in the region
July 9, 2016Most of Al-Joaf Province liberated from Houthi hold
July 9, 2016KSRELIEF supported over 1.6 million people in Yemen
July 9, 2016King Salman Center continues humanitarian efforts in Yemen
July 7, 2016Madinah and Qatif suicide bombers identified, 19 conspirators arrested
July 6, 2016Embassy in Washington celebrates Eid Al-Fitr
July 6, 2016Crown Prince performs funeral prayer for martyred security men killed in terrorist attack in Medinah
July 5, 2016King Salman vows to fight extremists with an “iron fist”
July 5, 2016Perpetrator of suicide bombing in Jeddah identified as Pakistani national
July 4, 2016Two suicide bombings in Madinah and Qatif
July 4, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 10,000 food parcels and 20 tons of dates in Taiz
July 4, 2016Suicide bomber blows himself up a hospital parking lot in Jeddah
July 3, 2016OIC condemns terrorist bombing in Baghdad's Central District of Karada
July 2, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Bangladeshi capital
July 1, 2016Kingdom rejects accusations Saudi-led coalition violated international humanitarian law in Yemen
July 1, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist bombing in Bahrain
July 1, 2016King Salman Center distributes 345 tons of dates in Yemen
June 30, 2016Three Saudis among dead in Istanbul terror attack
June 29, 2016King Salman sends condolences to Turkish President
June 29, 2016Kingdom condemns Istanbul airport terrorist attack
June 27, 2016French President hold meeting with Deputy Crown Prince
June 27, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets French Prime Minister
June 27, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (6/27/2016)
June 26, 2016KSRELIEF delivers 50 tons of dates to Gambia
June 25, 2016Kingdom condemns Mogadishu hotel attack
June 24, 2016Aid planes continue to arrive in Kyrgyzstan
June 22, 2016King Salman condoles Jordanian monarch on victims of terrorist at Al-Rukban refugee camp
June 21, 2016Foreign Minister held meeting with Senate Intelligence committee leadership
June 21, 2016Foreign minister continuous meetings in Washington
June 20, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (6/20/2016)
June 19, 2016KSRELIEF continues distributing food baskets in Yemen
June 18, 2016Saudi National Campaign distributes 24,000 Iftar meals to Syrian refugees
June 18, 2016KSRELIEF distributes meals Taiz
June 17, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets with National Economic Council
June 17, 2016KSRELIEF provides 20,000 food baskets to Yemen
June 17, 2016Foreign Minister: Saudi-U.S. relationship is “very solid”
June 17, 2016Deputy Crown Prince, President Obama hold meeting at White House
June 16, 2016Saudi National Campaign distributes 12,000 Iftar meals to Syrian refugees
June 16, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets with Secretary of Defense Carter
June 16, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets with president of U.S. Chamber of Commerce
June 16, 2016Visit by Deputy Crown Prince reinforces close US-Saudi ties
June 15, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 11,853 food baskets in Yemen
June 15, 2016Saudi National Campaign distributes food to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
June 14, 2016Kingdom’s foreign assistance exceeds UN goal
June 13, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns Orlando attack
June 13, 2016Saudi National Campaign distributes 12,000 meals to Syrians
June 13, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (6/13/2016)
June 12, 2016KSRELIEF delivers 647 tons of dates to Yemen
June 12, 2016Jazan border officers foil drug smuggling attempt
June 11, 2016Saudi National Campaign dispatches 12,000 Iftar to Syrian refugees
June 8, 2016Saudi Arabia is a major terror target and it’s making great strides in cutting off ‎terror financing
June 8, 2016Kingdom condemns Istanbul terrorist bombing
June 8, 2016Saudi National Campaign dispatches 12,000 Iftar meals for displaced Syrians
June 7, 2016King Salman program to provide Iftar to over 400,000 in Sudan launched
June 7, 2016Saudi Arabia approves National Transformation Program
June 7, 2016King Salman condoles Jordanian King on victims of terrorist attack in Baqa’a Camp
June 5, 2016Supreme Court announces Monday the start of Ramadan
June 5, 2016Saudi-led coalition rejects UN report on Yemen
June 5, 2016Kingdom to begin distribution of 330,000 meals to Syrian refugees during Ramadan
June 4, 2016Health services to Syrian refugees
June 4, 2016KSRELIEF delivers 100 tons of dates to Niger
June 3, 2016Foreign Minister: 2002 Arab Peace Initiative is on the table
May 30, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (5/30/2016)
May 30, 2016KSRELIEF distribute 72 tons of dates in Yemen
May 28, 2016KSRELIEF Delivers 100 Tons of Dates to Senegal
May 28, 2016Foreign Minister: Iran's goal is evasiveness on Hajj this year
May 26, 2016Saudi-led coalition in Yemen committed to international law and human rights
May 24, 2016King approves exempting 38,774 borrowers from Agriculture Development Fund loan repayment
May 24, 2016Kingdom expresses great interest in welfare of Syrian refugees
May 24, 2016KSRELIEF delivers dates to Nicaragua and Mauritania
May 23, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (5/23/2016)
May 23, 2016Foreign Minister at the First World Humanitarian Summit in Istanbul
May 23, 2016KSRELIEF delivers dates to the Philippines
May 20, 2016Kingdom delivers 252 tons of dates to the WFP in Algeria
May 20, 2016Saudi Arabia, Belarus, sign MoU in education
May 20, 2016Saudi, Qatari special forces arrived in Turkey for EFES 2016 Exercise
May 19, 2016King Salman consoles Egypt on crash of EgyptAir 804
May 16, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (5/16/2016)
May 12, 2016Terrorism has no justification in any place
May 12, 2016Kingdom delivers 200 tons of dates to Pakistan
May 12, 2016Iran bans own pilgrims from this year’s Hajj
May 11, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets with U.S. CENTCOM commander
May 11, 2016KSRELIEF delivers aid to Sri Lanka
May 11, 2016Saudi Arabia, Egypt sign agreement on judicial cooperation
May 11, 2016Saudi aid plane arrives Iraq
May 10, 2016Saudi Arabia delivers share of Palestinian Authority budget
May 10, 2016Foreign Minister holds talks with Syrian opposition negotiator
May 9, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (5/9/2016)
May 9, 2016Foreign Minister meets with Secretary Kerry
May 9, 2016Foreign Minister holds meeting with French, German counterparts
May 7, 2016King Salman announces major government restructuring
May 7, 2016Royal Court statement on government restructuring
May 7, 2016Kingdom condemns Al-Assad regimen’s attack on refugee camp
May 5, 2016Saudi aid society continues distribution of food for Syrian refugees
May 5, 2016Foreign Minister meets his Norwegian counterpart
May 5, 2016Four terrorists killed during failed terror attack in Makkah Region
May 4, 2016Saudi clinics treat over 10 thousand Syrian patients in Jordan
May 3, 2016King Salman holds talks with President of Burkina Faso
May 2, 2016Foreign Minister Meets with UN Special Envoy to Syria
May 2, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (5/2/2016)
May 1, 2016King Salman hold meeting with Turkmenistan’s president
May 1, 2016Identities of the two killed in a foiled terrorist attempt revealed
April 29, 2016Kingdom strongly condemns Aleppo hospital strike by Syrian regime
April 28, 2016Coalition successfully fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen
April 28, 2016KSRELIEF Distributes 774 tons of Dates in Pakistan, Jordan and Mauritania
April 25, 2016Cabinet approves Saudi Vision 2030
April 25, 2016Saudi-led coalition retakes city from Al-Qaeda in Yemen
April 21, 2016King Salman chairs GCC-US Summit
April 21, 2016Deputy Crown Prince holds meeting with Secretary Kerry
April 21, 2016Ambassador Al-Saud's USA Today op-ed: The Kingdom is Transforming
April 20, 2016Saudi Arabia, Islamic coalition is aggressively confronting regional and global terrorism
April 20, 2016President Obama arrives in Riyadh
April 20, 2016King Salman and President Obama hold bilateral talks in Riyadh
April 20, 2016King Salman chairs GCC-Moroccan Summit
April 20, 2016King Salman receives telephone call from Iraqi Prime Minister
April 19, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Afghan capital
April 19, 2016Deputy Crown Prince, US Secretary of Defense discuss regional developments
April 18, 2016Al-Jubeir meets with French President's Middle East peace envoy
April 18, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet Session (04/18/2016)
April 17, 2016Saudi Arabia and Djibouti sign security cooperation agreement
April 16, 2016KSRELIEF delivers technical assistance to Zambia
April 15, 2016OIC denounces Iranian attack on Saudi diplomatic missions
April 14, 2016King Salman urges stronger Islamic unity to defeat terrorism
April 14, 2016Saudi Arabia, Turkey agree to set up a coordination council
April 14, 2016King Salman chairs Kingdom’s delegation to 13th OIC Summit in Istanbul
April 14, 2016King Salman Centre to pay for medical treatment at private hospital in Taiz
April 12, 2016King Salman, President Erdogan hold talks in Ankara
April 11, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 5,500 food baskets in Yemen
April 11, 2016King Salman arrives in Turkey for official visit
April 11, 2016King Salman receives honorary doctorate from Cairo University
April 11, 2016King Salman to pay an official visit to Turkey
April 11, 2016Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (04/11/2016)
April 10, 2016Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen to observes Ceasefire in Yemen
April 10, 2016Saudi Arabia responds to 60 Minutes report
April 10, 2016Saudi Arabia, Egypt sign 21 agreements and MoUs
April 10, 2016KSRELEIF launches 3rd phase of emergency assistance to Tajikistan
April 10, 2016Al-Jubeir: King's visit to Egypt constitutes an important dimension relationship
April 9, 2016Foreign Minister holds meeting with his Egyptian counterpart
April 8, 2016Al-Jubeir: Iran must adhere to principle of non-interference in internal affairs of region s countries
April 8, 2016King Salman, Egyptian President told official talks
April 7, 2016King Salman arrives in Cairo
April 6, 2016King Salman, Crown Prince receive US House Speaker Paul Ryan
April 4, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet Session (4/4/2016)
April 3, 2016King Salman holds talks with Indian Prime Minister
April 3, 2016Crown Prince meets with Indian Prime Minister
April 2, 2016Saudi Arabia donates $10 million to fight nuclear terrorism
April 2, 2016Embassy Lights Up Blue For Autism Awareness Day
April 2, 2016Saudi clinics distributes infant formula Syrian refugees
April 2, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns massacre by Al-Assad's forces
April 1, 2016Saudi Arabia participates in Nuclear Security Summit 2016 in Washington
April 1, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 4,500 food baskets in Yemen
March 31, 2016Saudi Arabia and United States impose sanctions on terrorist financing networks
March 29, 2016Kingdom to participate in Nuclear Security Summit Washington
March 29, 2016Crown Prince receives U.S. ambassador
March 29, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 4,000 food baskets in Yemen
March 28, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/28/2016)
March 28, 2016OIC Condemns terrorist attack in Lahore
March 28, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 20 tons of dates in Yemen's Shabwa Province
March 28, 2016Kingdom, Yemeni militias exchange prisoners
March 27, 2016Islamic Military Alliance hold first meeting in Saudi Arabia
March 26, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attack in Iraq
March 24, 2016Kingdom signs 100,000 housing unit deal with Korean consortium
March 22, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns Brussels attacks
March 22, 2016KSRELIEF distributes food aid in Yemen
March 22, 2016Senior Islamic scholars condemns Belgium terrorist attacks
March 22, 2016OIC condemns terrorist attacks in Brussels
March 22, 2016GCC condemns Brussels bombings
March 21, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/21/2016)
March 21, 2016King Salman received US congressional delegation
March 21, 2016Kingdom regrets resignation of UN rights monitor for Palestinian territories
March 20, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 12 tons of dates in Yemen
March 19, 2016KSRELIEF launched new aid to Tajikistan
March 19, 2016King send condolences on Flydubai plane crash
March 19, 2016Saudi clinics treat 2,189 Syrian refugee in Jordan
March 18, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 27 tons of dates in Atq, Yemen
March 17, 2016KSRELIEF distributes 20,000 food baskets in Yemen
March 14, 2016King Salman condemns Ankara terrorist attack
March 14, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/14/2016)
March 14, 2016220 Tons of Food and Medical Supplies arrive in Yemen
March 11, 2016North Thunder Military exercise concludes
March 11, 2016Killers of security officer killed in gun battle with security forces
March 11, 2016Arab League labels Hezbollah a terrorist group
March 11, 2016King Salman, Crown Prince meet with Secretary Kerry in Hafr Al-Batin
March 8, 2016GCC Ministerial Council to hold its 138th session in Riyadh tomorrow
March 8, 2016King Salman, Ethiopian president hold bilateral meetings in Riyadh
March 8, 2016King Salman meets with EU special representative
March 8, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Tunisia
March 7, 201620 counties take part in Islamic military exercises
March 7, 2016King Salman Chairs Cabinet session (03/7/2016)
March 5, 2016KSRELIEF, Saudi Red Crescent and IFRC agree to support Yemen Red Crescent
March 4, 2016Crown Prince receives French National Order of the Legion from French President
March 4, 2016Foreign Minister holds meeting with his French counterpart
March 3, 2016Crown Prince Mohammad bin Naif arrives in Paris
March 2, 2016Saudi National Campaign distributes more than 12,000 winter pieces to Syrians in Lebanon
March 2, 2016King Salman meets with visiting Malaysian Prime Minister
March 2, 2016GCC declares Hezbollah a terrorist organization
March 1, 2016Saudi sheikh and embassy staff survive murder attempts in the Philippines
February 29, 2016King Salman Center airdrops food supplies to Yemen
February 29, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/29/2016)
February 28, 2016King Salman Relief Center dispatches 3rd batch of aid to Tajikistan
February 27, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attacks in Somalia and Afghanistan
February 26, 2016Saudi fighter jets arrive in Turkey
February 25, 2016Kingdom imposes sanctions on individuals and entities linked to Hezbollah
February 24, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Cameroon
February 24, 2016King Salman Relief Center to treat Yemenis at private hospitals
February 22, 2016Over 95,000 winter clothing items distributed to Syrians
February 22, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/22/2016)
February 21, 2016Hundreds of Yemenis housed in Djibouti
February 20, 2016King Salman Center launches 2nd aid campaign for Tajikistan
February 19, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir: Yemen was a war of necessity
February 19, 2016King Salman receives telephone call from President Putin
February 19, 2016Kingdom suspends aid to Lebanese Army and Internal Security Forces
February 18, 2016Kingdom condemns terrorist attack in Ankara
February 18, 2016Kingdom continuous distribution of winder cloth to Syrian refugees
February 18, 2016Saudi Arabia to rehabilitated war-damaged hospitals in Somalia
February 17, 2016Warning against participating in television fundraising
February 12, 2016Foreign Minister: Al-Assad will leave, no doubt
February 12, 2016Kingdom’s decision to send troops to Syria “irreversible”
February 12, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Russian counterpart
February 11, 2016Saudi Deputy Crown Prince attends anti-Daesh (ISIS) coalition meeting
February 11, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir holds meeting with US, Turkish, and Qatari foreign ministers
February 11, 2016Deputy Crown Prince meets with French Defense Minister in Brussels
February 11, 2016King Salman to visit Egypt on April 4
February 10, 2016$900 million allocated to help needy families
February 10, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir meets with US congressional leaders
February 9, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir concludes visit to Washington
February 9, 2016Saudi Arabia intercepts ballistic missile from Yemen
February 9, 2016Foreign Minister: the Kingdom is ready to send ground troops for combating terrorism in Syria
February 8, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/08/2016)
February 8, 2016Foreign minister holds meeting with Secretary Kerry in Washington
February 5, 2016Saudi Arabia contributes $59 million to UNRWA
February 4, 2016Kingdom ready to send troops to fight Daesh in Syria
February 4, 2016Minister of Foreign Affairs receives German counterpart
February 4, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir: Saudi Arabia is fighting terrorism
February 2, 201630th Janadriah Festival Opens on Wednesday
February 2, 2016Foreign Minister arrives in Rome to attend anti-ISIS international conference
February 1, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (02/01/2016)
January 31, 2016Coalition announces formation of committee to investigate claims in Yemen
January 31, 2016Kingdom distributes over 42,000 school bags to Syrian children
January 31, 2016King Salman receives Turkish Prime Minister
January 31, 2016Update on attack on Special Emergency Forces mosque in Asir
January 31, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Turkish Prime Minister
January 30, 2016King Salman Center continuous emergency relief supplies to Tajikistan
January 30, 2016Turkish Prime Minister arrives in Medinah
January 30, 2016Crown Prince Arrives in Ahsa Governorate
January 30, 2016Perpetrate of Al-Ridha Mosque identified
January 29, 2016Attack on Mosque in Al-Ahsa kills two, injures seven
January 28, 2016Ambassador Al-Saud presented his credentials to President Obama
January 27, 2016Saudi Arabia provides its share of Palestinian Authority budget
January 27, 2016King receives Commander of US Central Command
January 27, 2016King Salman receives Asian defense officials
January 26, 2016Saudi Arabia provides share of Palestinian Authority budget for 2015
January 25, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (01/25/2016)
January 24, 2016Saudi Arabia continues distribution of winter clothes to Syrian
January 24, 2016King Salman Center delivers aid to Al-Jawaf in Yemen
January 23, 2016Iran remains world’s chief state sponsor of terrorism
January 21, 2016Foreign Minister: Attacks on diplomatic mission in Iran follows aggressive policies by Iran
January 20, 2016Foreign minister meets Chinese counterpart
January 20, 2016IIRO to train farmers and displaced people in Darfur
January 20, 2016Chinese president leaves Riyadh following state visit
January 20, 2016Saudi Arabia to launch remote sensing satellite from China
January 20, 2016King Salman, Chinese president inaugurate Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Company Project (YASREF)
January 20, 2016Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Afghanistan
January 19, 2016Foreign Minister Expresses Concern over Iranian Behavior
January 19, 2016Al-Jubeir, French Foreign Minister Review Latest Developments in the Region
January 19, 2016Wanted terrorist arrested
January 19, 2016FACT SHEET: Iran's Record in Supporting Terrorism and Extremism
January 19, 2016King Salman holds talks with Chinese President Xi
January 18, 2016King Salman meets with Pakistani prime minister
January 18, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (01/18/2016)
January 17, 2016King Salman hold talks with Mexican president
January 16, 2016King Salman Center donates food baskets to Mauritania
January 15, 2016Chinese President to Visit Kingdom Tuesday
January 15, 2016King Salman calls Indonesian President
January 14, 2016Saudi Arabia Condemns terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Indonesia and Cameroon
January 14, 2016Foreign Minister Al-Jubeir meets with Kerry in London
January 14, 2016Saudi Ambassador presents credentials to Iraqi foreign minister
January 14, 2016Saudi Arabia and UNHCR Sign MoU to aid Rohingya refugees
January 13, 2016King Salman Relief Centre delivers 40 tons of relief supplies to Yemen
January 12, 2016King Salman condoles Turkish President on victims of terrorist bombing in Istanbul
January 11, 2016King Salman chairs Cabinet session (01/11/2016)
January 10, 2016Arab League supports Saudi Arabia, condemns Iranian aggression in region
January 9, 2016GCC condemns Iranian interference in the region
January 9, 2016Minister Al-Jubeir: additional measures may be taken against Iran
January 9, 2016Deputy Crown Prince to visit Pakistan tomorrow
January 9, 2016Arab League to hold extraordinary meeting in Cairo
January 9, 2016King Salman Relief Center's relief campaign starts in Tajikistan
January 7, 2016Saudi-led coalition in rejects Iranian claims its embassy in Yemen was hit
January 7, 2016Foreign Minister meets Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister
January 6, 2016Kingdom should be commended, not condemned for fighting terrorism
January 6, 2016Kingdom continues distribution of winter clothes to Syrians in Jordan
January 5, 2016Foreign Minister Receives UN Envoy to Syria
January 5, 2016Iran’s aggression against Saudi Arabia goes back over three decades
January 4, 2016Kingdom’s UN Mission condemns violence against Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran
January 3, 2016Foreign Minister announcement severing ties with Iran
January 2, 2016Forty-seven convicted terrorist executed
January 2, 2016Executed terrorist had fair trials