Saudi Foreign Minister Reiterates Solution for Decisive and Peaceful Action in Syria

January 22, 2014

(Washington, DC) -- Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal today ‎reiterated the Kingdom’s approach and continued efforts to reach a peaceful solution in Syria ‎during a speech at the Geneva Conference on Syria hosted in Montreux. ‎

‎“We meet today, as the Syrian crisis is nearing the end of its third year, without a glimmer of ‎hope to stop the ongoing bloodshed of the Syrian people, and destruction and devastation in ‎Syria, which made this crisis the biggest disaster in modern history,” said Prince Saud.‎

Prince Saud described the Kingdom’s continued efforts to reach a peaceful solution in Syria, ‎along with its partners in the Arab League, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the ‎Group of Friends of Syria, yet expressed disappointment in the lack of progress due to the ‎regime’s stubbornness and insistence on resolving the conflict militarily.
‎“We realized that the most important content of this announcement is the formation of a ‎transitional government with full powers in order to manage the state's affairs from political, ‎security and military aspects. Bashar Al-Assad or any of his regime's symbols whose hands are ‎stained with blood of Syrians will have no current or future role in this arrangement,” stated ‎Prince Saud.‎

He continued, “To get Syria out of this dark tunnel, our start to the desired solution should be ‎based on the following elements: first, immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces and armed ‎elements of the Syrian territories, including the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Forces and the ‎Hezbollah militia; second, end the fighting and lift the siege on the Syrian cities and villages, ‎including air strikes and artillery implemented by the regime; third, find safe areas and corridors ‎for the delivery of aid to the Syrians under international supervision; fourth, release prisoners and ‎detainees held by the Syrian regime.”‎

‎“It is time to stop the bloodshed and end the suffering of the Syrian people. It is a favorable ‎opportunity for us not to let down the Syrians again,” Prince Saud concluded.‎