Government releases annual statistics on health care in the Kingdom

December 15, 2011

Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabeeah has introduced the Ministry’s Annual Statistical Book for 1431 H., which summarizes data related to health care in the Kingdom. Dr. Al-Rabeeah noted that the statistics reflect the continued, significant improvement in Saudi health care. According to the Book, the Kingdom had 415 functioning hospitals in 1431 H. with a capacity of 58,126 beds, an increase from 408 hospitals the previous year. The Ministry of Health administered 249 of these hospitals, including 34,370 beds.

The number of physicians in the Kingdom totaled 65,619, with Saudi nationals accounting for 21.7 percent of that figure. A total of 9,160 dentists (including 3,073 Saudis), 4,579 government sector pharmacists (including 2,583 Saudis) and 10,349 private sector pharmacists were working in the Kingdom.

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