Prince Nayef warns against disrupting the Hajj

November 22, 2009

Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz warned today against disrupting the Hajj and that the Kingdom is ready to act quickly against anyone trying to undermine the

 Prince Nayef inspecting Hajj security facilities.
most significant manifestation of Islamic faith and unity.

At a press conference in Arafat following his inspection of Hajj facilities, Prince Nayef, who is also Chairman of Supreme Hajj Committee, highlighted Saudi Arabia’s great efforts to serve the pilgrims and maintain security.  Prince Nayef stressed that the Kingdom will not tolerate anything that would undermine Hajj security.  “We will not accept any pilgrim to be harmed," Prince Nayef said.  He stressed that the Kingdom will take swift, strong and decisive actions to confront any attempt to do so.

Responding to a question regarding statements by Iranian officials to politicizing the Hajj, Prince Nayef said, “We have heard contradictory statements from the brothers in Iran, but the latest were favorable. The Iranian officials have arrived and we hope the brothers will just focus on their Hajj rituals,” as ordained by Islam.

Asked about the ongoing military operations in Jazan Province against infiltrators, Prince Nayef outlined efforts taken by the Kingdom to maintain security in all parts of the country to prevent violation of its territory by hostile elements.  Prince Nayef did not rule out coordination or contacts between the infiltrators and Al-Qaeda.  He added that the country’s armed forces are capable and ready to defend the against any attempts to undermine the Kingdom’s security or infringe on any part of its territory.

Prince Nayef reiterated Saudi Arabia’s condemnation of terrorism and called for international cooperation to fight terrorism.

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