Arab Foreign Ministers suspend Syrian participation in Arab League activities

November 12, 2011

During an extraordinary meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo on Saturday, the Arab League Council suspended Syria from taking part in any of the League’s activities, beginning from November 16. The suspension will continue until the regime in Damascus fully implements the Arab Action Plan, to which it recently committed itself.

The Council reiterated its condemnation of the ongoing violence and called upon the Syrian Army to refrain from killing innocent civilians. Furthermore, it advised all Arab countries to withdraw their ambassadors from Damascus and invited the Syrian opposition to meet at the Arab League’s headquarters within three days to work out a united vision for their country’s transition. If the violence continues, the Council warned, the Arab League’s Secretary General will contact international human rights organizations, including the United Nations, and consult with the Syrian opposition about the appropriate steps that can be taken to end the bloodshed.

The Council will hold another ministerial meeting on November 16. The Saudi delegation to Saturday’s meeting was led by Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal.

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