Saudi forces retake Jabal Dokhan from infiltrators

November 7, 2009

Prince Khalid bin Sultan, Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation for Military Affairs, today toured the military command center in Al-Khobah in Jazan Province where he was briefed on the military operation against infiltrators in the region.

Prince Khalid congratulates Saudi troops on their success in Jabal Dokhan.

In meetings with troops, Prince Khalid praised their courage in confronting the aggressors and told reporters that the situation is encouraging and that Jabal Dokhan is under Saudi control, even though some infiltrators may still be in the area.

Prince Khalid said three Saudi troops were killed and 15 others injured in the conflict.  Four Saudi soldiers are missing and that the search for them was under way, Prince Khaled said.  A number of infiltrators have been arrested.

Prince Khalid was chief of the Saudi Armed Forces in the Desert Storm and Desert Shield and commander of the joint Arab forces following Iraq's invasion of Kuwait in 1990.

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