Saudi Armed Forces step up border protection

November 6, 2009

An official source released a statement today providing more information on an incident that occurred earlier this week in which Saudi border guards were attacked by a group of armed men. On Tuesday, infiltrators crossed from Yemen into Jazan Province, where they opened fire on the border guards, killing one and wounding eleven others. Six patrol vehicles were also destroyed. 

Saudi authorities have taken several measures to further protect the Kingdom’s borders and its residents. They include the evacuating border villages along the border; reinforcing the border guards with Armed Forces units; carrying out concentrated air strikes on the infiltrators in Jabal Dokhan and other targets inside Saudi territory; and taking full control of the areas targeted by the infiltrators

The Saudi official stressed that the Kingdom has every right to take all necessary measures to defend its national sovereignty, stating, “The operations will continue until all locations within Saudi territories are completely cleared of any hostile elements, and the Kingdom will also take all necessary precautions to prevent any future similar incidents.”

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