Eleven suspected terrorists arrested on Yemeni border

November 5, 2012

A border guard patrol in the Sharurah sector of Najran Province was ambushed around dawn today by a group of eleven men armed with automatic weapons, a security spokesman of the Interior Ministry has reported. In the ensuing gunfight, First Class Private Fahd bin Hussein Fahd Alhmandi and First Class Private Mohammed bin Hassan Ali Manaia’ were killed, while four of the attackers were seriously wounded. The security forces pursued the armed men, who attempted to cross the border into Yemen, and arrested all eleven of them.

According to the spokesman, ten of the suspected terrorists are Saudis with previous arrest records and links to a deviant group, while the eleventh is a Yemeni expatriate. All ten Saudis had been released from prison within the last year and a half. They have been identified as Nhad Khaled Ayed Al-Otaibi; Mohammed Faraj Sulaiman Al-Anzi; Khalil Hassan Yahya Al-Zahrani; Bandar Thaar Daij Al-Harbi; Abdullah Saad Mohammed Al Maarouf Al-Sayyari; Mohamed Salem Awad Al-Sayyari; Fahd Mohammed Hamoud Al-Bakri Al-Shihri; Ali Abdullah Saleh Al-Salamah; Isa Awad Ghazi Al-Otaibi; and Khalid Faisal Nafil Al-Otaibi.

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