210 people arrested for smuggling narcotics worth SR 330 million

September 30, 2010

Saudi authorities have arrested 210 people for their involvement in the smuggling, possession and peddling of narcotics, whose estimated market value amounted to more than SR 330 million [$87.99 million], according to a security spokesman at the Minister of Interior. Those arrested included 113 Saudis, 31 Pakistanis, 21 Yemenis, 18 Syrians, 11 Filipinos, 5 Egyptians, 3 Indians, 3 Ethiopians, 2 Eritreans, 1 Sudanese, 1 Kuwaiti, and 1 Jordanian.

In a statement issued yesterday, the spokesman said that the arrests were made during the months of Rajab and Ramadan. Security forces were faced with armed resistance during more than eighteen operations, resulting in the deaths of three of their number and the injury of three more. In addition, two drug smugglers were killed, four were injured and one died as a result of swallowing a plastic bag containing 2.6 grams of hashish.

The spokesman said that the total seizure of narcotics during the operations amounted to 9,920,493 Captagon capsules, 6,363,925 tons of hashish, 10.142 kilograms of raw heroin and 59.5 grams of the narcotic substance Alcbo. Moreover, authorities seized 76 weapons, including 66 pistols, 2 machine guns and 2 rifles, and more than SR 2 million [$533,280] collected from drug trafficking.

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