Saudi Arabia Thwarts Terror Plot

August 26, 2012

Saudi security authorities uncovered two terrorist cells plotting attacks in Saudi Arabia with links to elements inside and outside the Kingdom, the Ministry of Interior announced today.  A statement issued by the spokesman of the ministry said that eight people had been arrested as they prepared to carry out terrorist acts targeting security forces, citizens, residents and public facilities in Saudi Arabia. 

According to the statement, the suspects reached an advanced stage in their plan to implement their goals, including the preparation and equipping of explosives to be tested outside Riyadh.  The Interior Ministry spokesman said that the investigation uncovered chemicals used to manufacture explosives, remote-controlled booby-trapped mobile phones, documents and cash at three locations, including an annex to a mosque in Riyadh.

The Interior Ministry said security forces arrested the leader of the cell, a Saudi national, who gave detailed information about the plot and cell members, including code names, which led to the arrest of six Yemenis, who also confessed to taking part in the plot. Information provided by the cell leader in Riyadh also led to another cell in Jeddah and the arrest of a Saudi national.  Two Saudis, Saleh Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Suhaibani and Ali Nasser Abdullah Al-Arar Asiri, are being sought for questioning.  The Ministry of Interior is asking anyone who has any information to contact the authorities and warned that those who harbors or deals with the suspects will be held accountable for their actions.

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