King Abdullah calls for international stand against terrorism, violence in Palestine

August 1, 2014

In an address to the Arab and Islamic nations and international community, Custodian of the Two Holy ‎‎Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz stated that it’s the responsibility of the Muslim world not to ‎allow Islam to serve as justification for terrorist acts.  “I call on leaders and scholars of the Islamic nation ‎to carry out their duty towards God Almighty, and to stand in the face of those trying to hijack Islam ‎and present it to the world as a religion of extremism, hatred, and terrorism, and to speak the word of ‎truth, and not fear anybody. Our nation today is passing through a critical, historic stage, and history ‎will be witness against those who have been the tool exploited by the enemies to disperse and tear ‎the nation and tarnish the pure image of Islam,” said King Abdullah.

The Custodian of the Two Holy ‎Mosques also called upon the international community to do more to ‎combat terrorism in this time of historical and regional instability.  “Ten years ago, during the Riyadh ‎conference, we called for the establishment of the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism. The ‎proposal was supported by the entire world at the time. The aim has been to coordinate among the ‎states, but we were disappointed afterwards because of the lack of serious interaction by the ‎international community with this idea, which has led to lack of activation of the proposed center in a ‎way that achieves the great hopes we pinned on it,” stated King Abdullah.‎

During his speech, King Abdullah addressed the escalation of hostilities in Palestine.  “We see the ‎blood of our brothers in Palestine shed in collective massacres that have not excluded anyone. War ‎crimes are committed against humanity without any human or moral deterrence,” said King Abdullah. ‎‎“Terrorism has gained various forms, whether groups, organizations or countries which makes it most ‎dangerous in potential, intentions and plots. All of this is happening while the international community ‎is watching silently with all its institutions and organizations, including human rights organizations. This ‎silence has no justification.” He continued, “Is the world not aware that this will lead to the emergence ‎of a generation that believes only in violence, rejects peace and believes in the clash and not dialogue ‎among civilizations?”‎

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