Interior Ministry announces names of perpetrators of Wadiah terrorist attack

July 8, 2014

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior has announced the identities of five of the terrorists who attacked the Al-Wadiah Border Post last week, leading to the deaths of four security personnel. The five perpetrators died during an exchange of gunfire and were identified through DNA analysis. They are: Moussa Abdullah Mohammed Al-Bakri Al-Shihri; Ayyoub Saleh Abdulaziz Al-Suwaid; Saleh Ali Saad Al-Omari; and Faraj Yaslam Mohammed Al-Sayari. All of the men are Saudis and were wanted by authorities for their involvement in terrorist activities or their presence in external conflict areas.

The spokesman said that the families of the dead have been informed.

The identity of an additional attacker who was injured and arrested was previously announced as Saleh Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Suhaibani.

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