Saudi Arabia and Spain issue joint communiqué

June 9, 2008

Saudi Arabia and Spain issued a joint communiqué yesterday at the conclusion of Crown Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz’s official visit to Spain, which began June 5.

In the communiqué, both countries highlighted the importance of enhancing Saudi-Spanish cooperation to support the peace process. They also expressed support for resolutions reached at the Annapolis Middle East peace conference and called for more positive steps to establish peace in the region.

In addition, the communiqué called for peace talks to focus on the core issues of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict based on international resolutions, the Arab Peace Initiative and the road map.

 “They also affirmed the importance of mechanism of following up the negotiations to ensure fulfillment of the conflicting parties of the mutual commitments, calling on the international community to provide the means and facilities for the Palestinian national authority to assist the Palestinian people,” the communiqué said.

On Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Spain called for the dissolution of all armed militias in Iraq to reinforce security and bring stability. They emphasized the need to expand Iraq’s political process by ensuring the participation of different groups in the government, and stressed the importance of respecting Iraq’s unity, sovereignty, independence as well as non-interference in its internal affairs.

Turning to Lebanon, the communiqué welcomed the agreement reached recently by Lebanese parties in Doha and the election of Gen. Michel Suleiman as president. Saudi Arabia and Spain also expressed support for the Lebanese government.

Both countries called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis surrounding Iran’s nuclear file and for a region free of weapons of mass destruction.

The communiqué also praised the Memorandum of Understanding on defense cooperation signed during the Crown Prince’s visit.

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