Saudi non-oil exports increase 0.4 percent, imports down 5 percent

June 8, 2014

During April, the value of non-oil exports from Saudi Arabia increased 0.4 percent, to nearly $4.82 billion, compared to the same period last year. The value of imports for this same period decreased by 5 percent, to more than $1.45 billion, the Central Department of Statistics and Information reported today.

Petrochemicals, valued at SR 6.1 billion [$1.63 billion], made up 33.7 percent of exports, followed by plastic products (SR 5.72 billion [$1.53 billion]) at 31.6 percent.

The United Arab Emirates ranked the biggest importer of the Kingdom’s non-oil exports, taking in 14.9 percent of the total, followed by China (10.4 percent), and Singapore (6.66 percent).  The Unites States ranked first in terms of imports (13.6 percent), followed by China (11.4 percent) and Germany (7.9 percent).

Saudi Arabia is the world’s 22nd largest exporter and 31st largest importer of products and services. It is currently the 10th largest trading partner of the U.S., according to the U.S. Commerce Department.

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