Cabinet approves creation of National Anti-Corruption Commission

May 8, 2011

The Cabinet has issued a decision, No. 165, dated 28/05/1432 H., approving the organization of a National Anti-Corruption Commission. The aims of the Commission are to uphold integrity, to promote the principle of transparency, and to fight against financial and administrative corruption in all its forms and manifestations. Its duties will include:

  • Following up on the implementation of orders relating to the public interest to ensure compliance
  • Investigating aspects of financial and administrative corruption in public works and the operation and maintenance of public contracts at the departments included within the Commission’s specialization
  • Providing direct channels of communication with the public to receive their notifications of corruption, verifying these actions, and taking the appropriate measures
  • Referring violations and transgressions concerning financial and administrative corruption when they are discovered to investigative department
  • Following up to retrieve the funds and proceeds from crimes of corruption with the relevant authorities

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