Terrorist organization uncovered in the Kingdom, 62 arrested

May 6, 2014

A spokesman for the Ministry of Interior said in a statement today that Saudi security authorities have uncovered a terrorist organization operating inside the Kingdom with extensive links to extremists in Yemen and Syria. An investigation carried out over several months has led to the arrest of 62 individuals, including 59 Saudis. The remaining three suspects are Palestinian, Yemeni and Pakistani nationals.

The statement alleges that the organization’s members were involved in planning and supporting criminal operations targeting government buildings, foreign interests, security forces, Muslim preachers and government officials. The group was heavily involved in smuggling weapons and people across the Kingdom’s southern border, including known terrorists Arwa Baghdadi and Rima Al-Jarish.

During a raid, security forces discovered a laboratory manufacturing advanced electronic devices used for bombing, jamming and eavesdropping operations, in addition to modifying cell phones and producing devices for counterfeiting official documents. A terrorist funding cell was also uncovered, which had collected more than SR 900,000 [$240,000] in funds online and from other sources. A large amount of cash hidden in a briefcase was recovered.

In its statement, the Ministry of Interior reiterated that security forces will spare no efforts in maintaining the Kingdom’s safety and stability. It encouraged citizens to cooperate with authorities and called upon the guilty to surrender.

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