Crown Prince Sultan in good health, says Interior Minister

March 14, 2009

Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz offered assurances regarding the well-being of Crown Prince Sultan, who traveled to New York for medical treatment, during an interview with Jeddah-based Okaz. "Crown Prince Sultan is now enjoying a good health," he said. "It is hoped that he will be discharged from the hospital soon."


Addressing other issues, Prince Nayef praised Saudi security forces for recently foiling major drug smuggling and money laundering operations. "Money laundering exists in the international arena and certain mafia organizations are behind it," he stated. "The Kingdom Saudi Arabia is one of the most targeted countries." Claiming that drug money has gone to fund terrorism, Prince Nayef vowed that the Interior Ministry will continue to tackle the problem.

On the topic of terrorism, Prince Nayef remarked that the Kingdom "has been at the forefront of countries capable of strongly confronting terrorism." He noted that Saudi Arabia continues to cooperate with other countries to combat extremists and has a prisoner-rehabilitation program that is being emulated around the world. Commenting on Saudis who continue to adhere to deviant ideologies, Prince Nayef said, "We view them as Saudis who should return to their homeland. We should work in cooperation with Saudi embassies abroad to help those who are abroad to return to their homeland."

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