Saudi official says extremist rehabilitation program is a success

January 25, 2009

An official source at the Ministry of Interior praised the record of Saudi Arabia’s extremist rehabilitation program, in the wake of media reports claiming that two of the program’s participants have returned to terrorist activities.


The two Saudi nationals, who entered the program after being returned from the U.S. military prison on Guantanamo Bay, have reportedly joined extremist groups abroad.

The Ministry source noted that the program has helped rehabilitate 218 people to date, including many former Guantanamo inmates. While nine program participants have been taken back into custody," the source added, "This does not disprove that the majority of those who participated in these programs benefited from them, resumed their natural lives and some of them voluntarily contributed to the activities of this program to help others return to natural life."

The official concluded that the fact that the men joined deviant groups abroad is evidence of Saudi society’s united stand against their extremism and its non-acceptance of them.

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