Foreign Minister meets with Turkish counterpart

January 3, 2010

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal held a meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Riyadh yesterday, during which they discussed bilateral relations and regional developments.

At a joint press conference following the session, Prince Saud blamed the lack of progress in the Mideast peace process on the privileged treatment given to Israel, which allows it to avoid accountability and consequences for its actions. “When other countries violate international law, they receive punishment, except Israel,” he said. “If other countries commit war crimes, they receive punishment, except Israel.”

Prince Saud urged the international community to stand firmly and seriously against the settlement policy in the occupied Palestinian territories, particularly in Jerusalem. A specific proposal must be developed that clarifies the fundamental issues, including borders, Jerusalem, refugees and other major points of contention, and the parties should be called to negotiate, he insisted. If no resolution is reached, the case should be taken to the international court.

Turning to the Arabian Gulf, Prince Saud reaffirmed the Kingdom’s support for the stability and unity of Yemen. “The Kingdom has been calling on the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] to have a decisive stand as regards developing Yemen and raising its standard of living up to those levels of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula,” he said. “Within this framework, the Kingdom has a huge program in place . . . The program was working well until the war erupted in Yemen, which impeded development.”

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