{short description of image}  Summer 2001
Volume 18, Number 2


Cherishing A Rich Cultural Heritage
While living in a modern world, the people of Saudi Arabia adhere to age-old customs and traditions and refuse to be absorbed into the monoculture of global business and finance, in the process maintaining their national character.

Continuing Traditions 
Customs and celebrations that have their roots in Islam and Arab traditions are joyously observed in modern Saudi Arabia.

Poetry, Music & Dance
Traditional literature, poetry, music and dance are highly respected art forms in the Kingdom.

Architectural styles evolved over centuries are preserved and adopted in modern structures.

Saudis generally wear traditional styles or modern adaptations of age-old designs.

Bedouin jewelry is popular and is reflected in modern designs.

Family & Leisure 
Saudi families are tight-knit and enjoy traditional leisure activities.

Ancient Crafts 
As guardians of ancient crafts, traditional craftsmen are living links to the past.

Painting is one of the art forms that has recently taken root in the Kingdom and is becoming increasingly popular.

Both traditional and modern sports are practised in the Kingdom.

Cover: A Saudi folklore troupe performs traditional dances.



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