{short description of image}  Spring 2001
Volume 18, Number 1


The Saudi Arabian Economy: Building Upon Success:
One of the remarkable success stories of the 20th century is the transformation of Saudi Arabia into a country that boasts a modern infrastructure, a large non-oil industry in addition to its oil production, an expanding agricultural sector, and thriving commercial and banking sectors.

Industry: Diversifying in New Directions
A nation that until a few decades ago had to import all its industrial and consumer needs, Saudi Arabia is now a major manufacturer, meeting much of the needs of the domestic market and exporting to countries around the globe.

Petroleum and Minerals: Developing the Kingdom’s Natural Resources
The Kingdom has invested vast sums in the development of its oil industry, which generates revenues that finance the country’s development and, at the same time, supports a booming non-oil industrial sector.

Agriculture: Making the Desert Come Alive
Despite scant rainfall and the absence of permanent rivers, Saudi Arabia has a thriving agricultural sector that meets much of the domestic demand.

Commerce and Finance: Serving the Needs of a Dynamic Economy
The modern banking and commercial sectors are poised for greater growth in the new century.



A petrochemical complex in the Jubail Industrial City along the Arabian Gulf.



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