{short description of image}  Spring 2000
Volume 17, Number 1



A Pilgrimage to Islam’s Holiest Sites 

Performed by pilgrims for the past 14 centuries, the Hajj, which is the spiritual high point of every Muslim’s life, is now being undertaken by greater numbers of pilgrims in comfort and safety due to Saudi Arabia’s commitment to serving the needs of pilgrims to holy sites in and near Makkah, as well as to the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah.

The Growing Role of Professional Women in Saudi Society
Women in Saudi Arabia are making greater contributions to the continued development of their nation as they vigorously pursue higher education and professional careers.

Training Rangers for the Region

A new center in Riyadh trains rangers from Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries to help preserve the environment and protect wildlife.



Pilgrims in a stream stretching to the horizon make their way from Muzdalifah to Arafat to perform one of the rituals of the Hajj.


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