2Makkah the Blessed
To more than one billion Muslims, Makkah is the spiritual heart of their world. Aware of the great responsibility and honor of having Islam's holiest site in Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom has undertaken to provide all the services and facilities necessary to allow as many Muslims as possible to visit the holy city.

8Preserving the Arabian Horse in Its Ancestral Land
The Arabian horse is a living symbol of Saudi Arabia's rich culture and heritage. The Kingdom has introduced a national research and breeding program to preserve the breed and the unique characteristics that have made it popular not only in Saudi Arabia, but across the world.

13Training Saudis for Technical and Vocational Careers
A network of technical and vocational training institutes offers young Saudis the opportunity to learn new skills. Graduates of these schools are increasingly accepting positions that previously had to be filled by skilled workers from abroad.

18Dairy Industry Works Towards Self-Sufficiency
A largely arid land famous for its vast deserts, Saudi Arabia now has a thriving dairy industry. Large numbers of modern farms maintain more than 60,000 dairy cows and produce enough milk to make the Kingdom almost self-sufficient in many dairy products.

Traditional Saudi Recipes

Approaching Makkah, visitors pass under an arch, topped by a sculpture of an open Holy Qur'an, which marks the limit of the haram, the holy area surrounding the city. (Photo by Mehmet Biber)

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