2014 News Releases

December 31, 2014King Abdullah enters hospital to undergo medical tests
December 30, 2014Kingdom bans import of Italian poultry products
December 25, 2014King Abdullah issued three royal decrees on 2015 state budget
December 25, 2014Saudi Arabia announces record budget for 2015‎
December 25, 2014Ministry of Finance issues statement on FY 2015 budget
December 22, 2014Crown Prince Chairs Cabinet's Session (12/22/2014)
December 20, 2014Four suspects in murder of security officer killed during shoot out with security forces
December 20, 2014Senior Saudi religious scholars condemn Peshawar massacre
December 18, 2014King Abdullah strongly condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan, condoles victims
December 17, 2014Grand Mufti condemned Pakistan school attack
December 16, 2014OIC Secretary General condemns assault on school in Pakistan
December 16, 2014Prince Miteb bin Abdullah receives Leader of Lebanese Forces Party
December 16, 2014Eastern Province Governor visits home of murdered security officer
December 16, 2014Ministry of Labor to announce right for breast-feeding break at work
December 15, 2014Interior Minister Concludes Official Visit to the US
December 15, 2014President of Saudi Red Crescent Authority Receives President of Iraqi Red Crescent Society
December 15, 2014Crown Prince Salman holds talks with Macedonia's Prime Minister
December 15, 2014Crown Prince Chairs Cabinet's Session(12/15/2014)
December 15, 2014Deputy Crown Prince receives Leader of Lebanese Forces Party
December 15, 2014Naif Arab University to host conference on role of Arab media in counterterrorism
December 14, 2014King Abdullah receives King of Jordan
December 14, 2014Kingdom to distribute 3 million winter aid supplies to Syrian refugees
December 14, 2014Crown Prince receives US House Majority Leader
December 14, 2014Minister of National Guard, US House Majority Leader hold talks
December 12, 2014Minister of Interior meets with President Obama
December 11, 2014King Abdullah donates $35 million to West African countries to fight Ebola
December 11, 2014Minister of Interior Meets with Director of National Intelligence
December 11, 2014Prince Mohammad bin Naif meets with Acting Deputy Secretary of State Sherman
December 10, 2014King Abdullah donates $104 million to the World Food Program
December 10, 2014Prince Miteb bin Abdullah meets US commander
December 10, 2014Interior Minister meets with US officials on first day of visit in Washington
December 10, 2014Terror suspect sentenced to 27 years in prison
December 10, 2014Minister of Interior meets with Secretary of State Kerry
December 10, 2014‎Saudi-US joint Yemen consultative group holds meeting in Washington
December 10, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior Meets with Secretary of Homeland Security
December 10, 2014Minister of Interior Meets with Under Secretary of Defense for Policy
December 10, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts dinner for Prince Mohammad bin Naif
December 10, 2014Kingdom donates one million dollars to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
December 9, 2014Crown Prince Salman arrives in Qatar for GCC summit
December 9, 2014King Abdullah to host 36th GCC Summit in Riyadh
December 8, 2014King Abdullah names new ministers
December 8, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/8/2014)
December 7, 2014135 arrested on terror charges
December 5, 2014Prince Saud Al-Faisal to visit Iraq
December 5, 2014Dr. Tayeb appointed national Ebola coordinator
December 3, 2014King directs emergency assistance to needy victims of extreme weather conditions
December 3, 2014Prince Saud calls for strengthening of moderate forces against ISIS
December 3, 2014Cessna makes emergency crash landing near Riyadh airport
December 2, 2014King Abdullah receives Prince Rasheed bin Al-Hassan II of Morocco
December 2, 2014King Abdullah receives Kyrgyzstan's President
December 1, 2014King Abdullah orders $54 million in food aid to Yemen
December 1, 2014Minister of Foreign Affairs receives Qatari Minister
December 1, 2014Deputy Crown Prince receives US Ambassador
December 1, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (12/1/2014)
November 25, 20143 sentenced on terrorism-charges
November 24, 2014National Guard to receive advanced helicopters
November 24, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/24/2014)
November 24, 201477 arrested in Al-Dalwah attack, ISIS linked to attack
November 23, 201423 defendants sentenced on terrorism-charges
November 23, 201476 defendants sentenced on terrorism-charges
November 23, 2014Saudi French military drill starts in Tabuk
November 23, 2014Saudi health centers provide medical assistance to displaced Syrians
November 22, 2014Danish resident shot by unknown assailant in Riyadh
November 22, 2014Guantanamo detainee returns to Kingdom
November 21, 2014Ambassador hosts dinner for Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
November 21, 2014King Abdullah Interfaith Center hosts Unity Conference
November 21, 2014Prince Saud meet with Russian Foreign Minister in Moscow
November 21, 2014Prince Miteb holds meeting with Secretary Hagel
November 20, 2014Saudi Minister of National Guard meets with Saudi students in Washington
November 20, 2014Prince Miteb bin Abdullah visits US National Guard headquarters
November 20, 201418 convicted of terror-related crimes
November 19, 2014Minister of National Guard arrives in Washington on an official visit
November 19, 2014Prince Miteb bin Abdullah holds meeting with President Obama at White House
November 18, 2014Kingdom, vehicle manufacturers sign fuel standards MoU
November 18, 2014Low-cost housing project announced for Al-Jumum
November 17, 2014Prince Miteb bin Abdullah to arrive in US for meeting
November 17, 2014Kingdom, UAE, Bahrain to return Ambassadors to Doha
November 17, 2014Iraqi Speaker of House of Representative arrives in Riyadh
November 17, 2014Cabinet passes child protection rules
November 17, 2014Court sentences three terrorist to death
November 13, 2014Iraqi President leaves Jeddah
November 13, 2014Second relief plane arrives in Sudan
November 13, 2014Prince Saud meets with Libyan Prime Minister
November 13, 2014Prince Saud: Kingdom to will soon reopen embassy in Baghdad
November 12, 2014Foreign minister and chief of intelligence meet with Iraqi President
November 12, 2014King hosts dinner in honor of Iraqi President
November 12, 2014Saudi Red Crescent Air Ambulances transport 1,485 persons on 1,141 flights last year
November 12, 2014Prince Jelawi bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Jelawi appointed Governor of Najran
November 11, 2014Kingdom's economic growth attributed to investment in human development, infrastructure
November 11, 2014King Abdullah hold meeting with Iraqi President
November 10, 2014Crown Prince Salman to lead Kingdom’s delegation to G-20 Summit
November 10, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/10/2014)
November 10, 2014Kingdom, US to sign tax, FATCA agreement
November 6, 2014Second Saudi aid consignment plane leaves for Afghanistan
November 6, 2014Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice condemns Al-Dalwah attack
November 6, 2014Interior Minister, Governor condole families of killed in terrorist attack in Al-Dalwah
November 6, 2014Interior Minister visit Al-Dalwah shooting victims at hospital
November 6, 2014Grand Mufti condemns Al-Dalwah terrorist attack
November 5, 2014Minister of Culture and Information relieved of his post
November 4, 2014Saudi relief assistance reaches Afghanistan
November 4, 2014OIC Secretary General strongly condemns terrorist attack in Pakistan
November 4, 20145 people killed and 9 injured in Al-Ahsa
November 4, 2014Six arrested on suspicion of involved in terrorist attack in Al-Ahsa
November 4, 2014Council of Senior Scholars condemns criminal act in Al-Ahsa
November 4, 2014Kingdom hands over $2 million annual contribution to UNRWA
November 4, 2014Two security offices killed, two injured in arrests of 15 linked to Al-Ahsa shooting
November 3, 2014King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue to organize forum on extremism and its effects on national Unity
November 3, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (11/3/2014)
November 2, 2014Saudi Arabia signs $350 million in oil, power financing deals with Egypt
November 2, 2014Two convicted of terror-related crimes
October 30, 20144 arrested for illegal fundraising
October 29, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir reiterates significance of Saudi-U.S. relations
October 28, 2014Kingdom renews call to protect Syrian refugees
October 27, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (10/27/2014)
October 27, 2014Kingdom to attend OIC's First Investment Forum in Tajikistan
October 26, 2014Saudi Arabia, Cuba discuss enhanced health ties
October 26, 2014SABIC registers SR19.08 billion net profits in 9 months
October 26, 2014Swedish King awards Saudi diplomats Messengers of Peace award
October 26, 2014Crown Prince meets with Gen. John Allen
October 25, 2014Prince Saud meets with Gen. John Allen
October 25, 2014Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attacks in Sinai
October 24, 2014Afghanistan's Wolesi Jirga president to arrive in Riyadh tomorrow
October 24, 2014Saudi army concludes Shamrakh-1 drill in French Alps
October 24, 2014Saudi tourist spends on average $11,500 on foreign holidays
October 22, 201414 convicted of terror-related crimes, attacks against US forces in Kuwait and Qatar
October 22, 20144 women convicted of terror-related crimes
October 21, 2014Saudi Embassy releases 1435 (2014) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
October 21, 2014King Abdullah, Crown Prince Salman arrive in Riyadh
October 21, 2014Court convicts 13 on terror-related charges, including attacks on US forces in Kuwait, Qatar
October 21, 2014Two convicted terrorists sentenced to death
October 20, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (10/20/2014)
October 18, 2014Half-ton of smuggled ivory seized
October 17, 2014Fighting terrorism requires international cooperation
October 16, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $12 million to aid Palestinian refugees
October 15, 2014Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah meets with Secretary Cohen
October 14, 2014Shooter Arrested in Riyadh for Death of American Citizen
October 13, 2014King Abdullah receives Emir of Qatar
October 13, 2014Crown Prince receives German Foreign Minister
October 13, 2014Prince Saud: Iran is part of the problem, not the solution
October 6, 2014King Abdullah: Saudi Arabia will not rest until terrorism is eradicated
October 3, 2014Grand Mufti call on Muslims to preserve human life
October 2, 2014Small increase in foreign pilgrims
October 1, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $ 1 million to UN High Commissioner for Refugees
October 1, 2014Pilgrims continue arriving for Hajj
September 30, 2014Over 1.3 million pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom for Hajj
September 29, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $60 million for Palestinian Authority budget
September 29, 2014Over 1.3 million pilgrims have arrived in the Kingdom
September 28, 2014King Abdullah urges religious scholars to unite in confronting terrorism
September 26, 2014Over 1 million pilgrims have arrived in Kingdom for this year’s Hajj
September 25, 2014Prince Saud reconfirms Saudi support for Syrian opposition
September 24, 2014Nearly 1 million pilgrims have arrived in Kingdom for this year’s Hajj
September 24, 2014Prince Saud: Saudi participation in campaign against ISIS is in support for Syrian brothers
September 24, 2014IMF calls Saudi economy “very strongly” with positive near term economic outlook
September 24, 2014Standing at Arafat will be Friday, Oct 3
September 24, 2014Saudi Grand Mufti Urges Islamic Scholars to Defeat Terrorism
September 24, 2014Kingdom expresses continued and firm support for Yemen as it faces major challenges
September 23, 2014Saudi Embassy Celebrates 84th National Day
September 23, 2014Saudi Air Force participates in military operations over Syria
September 23, 2014Saudi Foreign Minister meets U.S. Secretary of State
September 23, 2014Foreign Minister chairs coordination meeting of ACD foreign ministers
September 23, 2014Foreign Minister Prince Saud addresses Global Counterterrorism Forum in New York
September 22, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/22/2014)
September 22, 2014Crown Prince Salman Receives British Defense Secretary
September 22, 2014Saudi Arabia condemns terrorist attack outside Egypt foreign ministry
September 22, 2014Twenty-three convicted on terrorism-related charges
September 17, 2014Saudi religious scholars issue fatwa condemning terrorism
September 16, 2014Thirds stage of Toyota/Lexus recall announced
September 15, 2014Nearly 500,000 pilgrims have arrived in Kingdom for this year’s Hajj
September 15, 2014Domestic tourism exceeded international travel in summer
September 15, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/15/2014)
September 14, 2014Crown Prince receives Commander of U.S. Central Command
September 12, 2014King Abdullah meets with U.S. Secretary of State
September 12, 2014Five sentenced on terrorism-related charges, inciting sedition
September 11, 2014Prince Saud Al-Faisal meets U.S. Secretary of State and Foreign Ministers of Turkey and Iraq
September 10, 2014King receives call from U.S. President
September 9, 2014Kingdom to host regional security meeting with US
September 9, 2014Major drug smuggling ring dismantled
September 8, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/8/2014)
September 8, 2014Saudi Cabinet approves Open Sky agreement with the United States
September 8, 2014King Abdullah to host 1,000 Palestinians Hajj pilgrims
September 8, 2014King Abdullah to host 1,400 pilgrims from 70 countries
September 7, 2014Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti urges Muslims to reject extremism
September 7, 2014Grand Mufti urges Muslims to fight ISIS
September 5, 2014Deputy Crown Prince leaves on private vacation abroad
September 4, 2014Crown Prince Salman return to Kingdom following official visit to France
September 3, 2014Senior Islamic scholars commends Interior Ministry for arresting of 88 extremists
September 3, 2014Dismantled terror cells had ties with foreign terrorist groups
September 3, 2014Court convicts 24 on terrorism-related charges
September 2, 201454,263 Pilgrims arrive in Kingdom
September 2, 201450 Saudi businessmen discuss investment opportunities in France during Crown Prince's visit
September 2, 201488 arrested on terrorism-‎related offenses
September 1, 2014Crown Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz arrives in Paris on official visit
September 1, 2014Health centers provide medical assistance to displaced Syrians in Jordan
September 1, 2014Deputy Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (9/1/2014)‎
September 1, 2014‎17 convicted terrorism-related crimes, membership in Kingdom’s most violent cell
September 1, 2014Preacher sentenced for praising terrorist group, terror finance
August 30, 2014King Abdullah warns of global terror threat, calls for coordinated counter-terrorism efforts
August 29, 2014Ministry of Health gears up efforts to keep Hajj infection-free
August 29, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir condemns attacks on UN peacekeepers Golan Heights
August 28, 2014High-level Saudi delegation concludes consultation tour of Gulf states
August 28, 2014Kingdom's Grand Mufti warns against misleading young people
August 27, 2014Twenty-three convicted for terror-related crimes
August 27, 2014First group of pilgrims arrives
August 26, 2014Prince Saud receives Assistant Iranian Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs
August 26, 2014Eight arrested on suspicion of recruiting minors for extremists groups abroad
August 26, 201418 convicted on terror-related crimes sentenced to long prison terms
August 25, 2014Saudi clinics provide health services Syrian refugees
August 25, 2014Saudi national campaign continues distribution of food packages to Syrians in Lebanon
August 25, 2014Deputy Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/25/2014)
August 24, 2014Prince Saud chairs Arab foreign minister’s meeting on Syria
August 20, 2014Ambassador Adel Al-Jubeir Denounces the Murder of James Foley
August 19, 2014Saudi Grand Mufti Denounces ISIS and Al-Qaeda
August 18, 2014Saudi Arabia announces $1 million in additional aid to Palestine
August 18, 2014Saudi Embassy in Paris denies vehicle was robbed
August 18, 2014Deputy Crown Prince chairs Cabinet meeting (8/18/2014)
August 18, 2014Fourteen convicted for terror-related crimes
August 16, 2014Hajj Ministry Announces End of Umrah Season for 2014 with record low visa violations
August 15, 2014King Abdullah receives King of Jordan
August 14, 2014Saudi officials and UN Secretary-General hold joint news conference on the UN Counter-Terrorism Centre
August 14, 2014GCC Foreign Ministers meet in Jeddah
August 13, 2014Saudi Arabia Donates $100 million to the U.N. Counter-Terrorism Centre
August 12, 2014King congratulates Haider Al-Abadi on being appointed Prime Minister of Iraq
August 12, 2014Prince Saud leads OIC emergency meeting on Gaza crisis
August 11, 2014King Abdullah, President Al-Sisi reaffirm joint efforts against extremism
August 11, 2014Arab League calls ISIS's actions crimes against humanity
August 11, 2014OIC Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza
August 11, 2014Labor Ministry reduces length of residence permits, tightening work visa rules
August 11, 2014Deputy Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (8/11/14)
August 10, 2014Saudi man suspected of dying from Ebola tests negative for virus
August 10, 2014King Abdullah, Egyptian President Al-Sisi hold bilateral meetings in Jeddah
August 10, 2014Four sentenced to prison terms for joining foreign fighting
August 10, 2014IIRO provides medical services in Ghana
August 7, 2014Najran border guards announced foiled smuggling attempts
August 6, 2014Saudi Arabia Donates $1 Billion to Lebanese Security Services to Combat Terrorism
August 5, 2014UNHCR thanks IIRO for helping Malian refugees
August 5, 2014Qatari Emir receives Prince Miteb bin Abdullah bin Abdulaziz
August 3, 2014IIRO launches relief campaign for Palestinians in Gaza
August 2, 2014Kingdom sends medical aid to the Gambia
August 2, 2014King Abdullah receives Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi
August 1, 2014King Abdullah calls for international stand against terrorism, violence in Palestine
July 27, 2014Saudi King urges Muslims to defeat terrorism in Eid address
July 25, 2014King Abdullah issues directive to provide Palestinian Health Ministry with $26.7 million
July 25, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes food baskets in Syria
July 25, 2014Saudi, Arab relief convoys arrive in Rafah
July 25, 2014King of Bahrain receives Deputy Crown Prince
July 23, 2014King Abdullah holds meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon
July 23, 2014King Abdullah receives Emir of Qatar
July 23, 2014Kingdom deplores Israel’s “barbaric” assault on Gaza
July 22, 2014Crown Prince receives Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
July 22, 2014Saudi clinics treat 2,158 Syrians in Al-Zaatari camp in Jordan
July 21, 2014King Abdullah receives Moroccan King Mohammed VI
July 21, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/21/14)
July 21, 2014New election rules grants women right to vote, run for office
July 20, 2014Royal orders make four appointments
July 19, 2014Minister of Commerce and Industry attends G-20 meeting in Australia
July 19, 2014King Abdullah, Egyptian President review regional, international developments
July 17, 2014IIRO distributes 10,000 Iftar food baskets to Syrian refugees in Egypt
July 16, 2014Crown Prince receives Bahraini Prime Minister
July 15, 2014Emergency Meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers held in Cairo
July 14, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/15/14)
July 13, 2014King Abdullah issues directive to provide Palestinian Red Crescent with $53 million
July 11, 2014Saudi Arabia donates more than 10 million polio vaccines to Pakistan
July 10, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria continues provision of food and relief aid
July 9, 2014King Abdullah receives Yemeni President
July 9, 2014IIRO starts implementation of Ramadan program in Yemen
July 8, 2014Interior Ministry announces names of perpetrators of Wadiah terrorist attack
July 8, 2014Crown Prince receives President of International Committee of the Red Cross
July 7, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (7/7/14)
July 6, 2014King Abdullah approves establishment of Specialized Courts for Implementation around the country
July 6, 2014King Abdullah orders payments totaling more than $372 million to needy families during Ramadan
July 6, 2014Over 1,000 prisoners released from Jeddah prison under a royal pardon
July 6, 2014Council of Senior Ulema condemns vicious attack on Saudi security officers
July 6, 2014Saudi Arabia initiates medical, educational programs for displaced Syrians in Lebanon
July 6, 2014Crown Prince calls families of martyred security men
July 4, 2014Security officer killed in ambush in near Yemeni border, three attackers killed
July 3, 2014King Abdullah congratulates U.S. President on Independence Day
July 3, 2014Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Iftar Project launched in Sudan
July 3, 2014750 Iftar food baskets distributed in Mali
July 2, 2014U.N. expresses gratitude for Kingdom’s $500 million donation for Iraq
July 2, 2014King Abdullah receives telephone call from U.S. President
July 1, 2014Saudi households consume nearly half of electricity produced in Saudi Arabia
July 1, 2014King Abdullah Orders $500 Million in Humanitarian Assistance to the Iraqi People
July 1, 2014Asir Border Guards foil smuggling attempts
July 1, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts Iftar for Arab, Muslim Ambassadors
June 30, 2014Agreement signed between Saudi Campaign for Palestinians in Gaza, UNRWA
June 30, 2014Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz appointed as chief of intelligence
June 30, 2014Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz appointed advisor and special envoy of King Abdullah
June 30, 2014Saudi national campaign continues shelter project for Syrians in Lebanon
June 30, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/30/14)
June 28, 2014New Minister for Shura Affairs named
June 28, 2014Deputy Minister of Defense Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz relieved of his post
June 28, 2014King Abdullah: Saudi Arabia is determined to root out terrorism
June 27, 2014King Abdullah receives U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry
June 27, 2014IDB Board of Governors concludes annual meeting in Jeddah
June 27, 2014Saudi Campaign launches food basket distribution project in Pakistan
June 26, 2014King orders measures to protect homeland, Saudi people
June 26, 2014Prince Abdullah bin Musaed appointed General President of Youth Welfare
June 26, 2014SDF aids Yemen, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Chad, Guinea, Mozambique
June 25, 2014IIRO conducts 188 surgeries in Yemen
June 24, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes more rent checks to Syrians in Lebanon
June 24, 2014Crown Prince receives Microsoft founder Bill Gates
June 23, 2014Over half ton of cocaine confiscated at Jeddah Islamic Port ‎
June 23, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/23/14)
June 22, 2014Saudi Arabia to participate in international conference on migration
June 22, 2014UNESCO names Jeddah among new World Heritage Sites
June 22, 2014Jazan Border Guards Foil Smuggling Attempts
June 22, 2014IIRO to launch Iftar aid project in 29 countries
June 21, 2014Prince Saud receives Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
June 21, 2014King Abdullah arrives in Jeddah
June 20, 2014Kingdom successfully launched 13th Satellite
June 20, 2014King Abdullah meets President Al-Sisi in Cairo
June 20, 2014Deputy Crown Prince Receives Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
June 19, 2014Kingdom continues distribution of assistance to displaced Syrians in Lebanon
June 19, 2014Kingdom's non-oil commodity exports rise 18.7 percent, imports down 3 percent in 1st Quarter
June 19, 2014Saudi Foreign Minister Dismisses Accusations by Iraqi Prime Minister
June 18, 2014Kingdom distributing 150 tons of dates to Syrians in Lebanon during Ramadan
June 18, 2014Deputy Crown Prince receives Iraqi Foreign Minister
June 18, 2014Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki's allegations baseless
June 17, 2014Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques meets with US Treasury Secretary
June 17, 2014Prince Miteb meets with French Defense Minister
June 17, 2014Finance Minister Meets U.S. Treasury Secretary
June 16, 2014Saudi Arabia expresses concern over crisis in Iraq, blames sectarian politics for fueling crisis
June 16, 2014Kingdom to host OIC Foreign Ministers Council meeting
June 16, 2014Minister of National Guard to start official visit to France Tuesday
June 16, 2014Kingdom extends aid to displaced Syrians in Lebanon
June 16, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/16/14)
June 16, 2014Ministry of Justice considering mandatory pro bono legal service
June 13, 2014Punishment for malicious lawsuit considered
June 11, 2014Terror suspects sentenced
June 11, 2014Minister Al-Naimi does not expect OPEC to raise output ceiling
June 9, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/9/14)
June 8, 2014Crown Prince Salman represents King at President Al-Sisi’s inauguration
June 8, 2014Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques reaffirms commitment to Egypt
June 8, 2014Vice Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques holds private talks with Al-Sisi
June 8, 2014Saudi non-oil exports increase 0.4 percent, imports down 5 percent
June 4, 2014Kingdom pays 6 months of rent for 1,000 displaced Syrian families in Lebanon
June 3, 2014King Abdullah congratulates President-elect Al-Sisi, calls for donor conference
June 3, 2014International Islamic Relief Organization finances 25 surgeries in Yemen
June 2, 2014Crown Prince receives U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff
June 2, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (6/2/14)
June 2, 2014World Bank President thanks the Kingdom for its assistance
June 2, 2014Deputy Minister of Health for Public Health relieved of post
June 1, 2014Interior Minister receives U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
May 29, 2014Makkah Governor washes Holy Kaaba
May 28, 2014Vice Foreign Minister delivers speech at 17th Non-Aligned Movement Conference
May 26, 2014Crown Prince receives Chairman of U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee
May 26, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/26/14)
May 26, 2014King Abdullah receives King of Morocco in Casablanca
May 26, 2014IDB signs $2 billion sustainable development agreement with Kazakhstan
May 26, 2014Seventh graduation ceremony for Saudi scholarship students held in Washington
May 25, 2014International Islamic Relief Organization conducts 25 surgeries in Sudan
May 25, 2014Saudi Committee sends aid to Afghans affected by floods, landslides
May 24, 2014Al-Rabeeah announces success of Sudanese twins’ separation surgery
May 23, 2014Saudi medical team to separate conjoined Sudanese twins
May 22, 2014Minister of Interior holds talks with Yemeni counterpart
May 21, 2014Saudi Campaign resumes distribution of assistance in Jordan
May 20, 2014King Abdullah receives Lebanese Prime Minister
May 20, 2014King leaves for Morocco on private vacation, deputizes Crown Prince
May 19, 2014Saudi Embassy suspends activities due to deteriorating security situation in Tripoli
May 19, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/19/14)
May 18, 2014Crown Prince Salman welcomes King Juan Carlos of Spain
May 18, 2014Kingdom participates in Intel ISEF 2014 in Los Angeles
May 17, 2014IIRO performs 250 surgeries in Yemen
May 16, 2014OIC initiates humanitarian projects in Chad
May 15, 2014Finance Minister meets with President of Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
May 15, 2014Crown Prince receives U.S. House of Representatives Committee delegation
May 14, 2014Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz appointed Deputy Defense Minister
May 14, 2014Gen. Al-Bunyan appointed Chief of the General Staff
May 14, 2014Crown Prince holds talks with U.S. Defense Secretary, GCC Defense Ministers
May 13, 2014Crown Prince discusses bilateral relations with U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
May 13, 2014IDB provides $50 million for agricultural project rehabilitation in Sudan
May 13, 2014Work begins on $270 million Saudi-funded road in Jordan
May 12, 2014Crown Prince receives U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs
May 12, 2014Deputy Defense Minister receives U.S. CENTCOM Commander
May 12, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/12/14)
May 11, 2014Al-Naimi meets with U.S. Secretary of Energy
May 11, 2014SFD funds $232 million in developmental projects in Jordan
May 10, 2014Acting Health Minister meets with U.S. CDC delegation
May 8, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria donations reach $207 million
May 7, 2014Health Ministry launches awareness campaign to combat coronavirus
May 6, 2014Terrorist organization uncovered in the Kingdom, 62 arrested
May 5, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (5/5/14)
May 4, 2014IIRO undertakes several drinking water and irrigation projects in Somalia
May 3, 2014Passport DC event hosted by the Embassy
May 1, 2014Saudi Campaign gives food to 171 Syrian families in Jordan
May 1, 2014Islamic Saudi Academy renamed after King Abdullah
May 1, 2014King Abdullah Sports City in Jeddah inaugurated
April 30, 2014Saudi Embassy welcomes visiting delegation of Trade and Investment Committee
April 30, 2014Riyadh Governor signs SR 20 million agreement to support 1,500 orphans
April 29, 2014Saudi-American Trade and Investment Council kicks off meetings
April 29, 2014Saudi delegation attends Friends of Yemen meeting in London
April 29, 2014Acting Health Minister reveals urgent plan regarding coronavirus
April 28, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/28/14)
April 27, 2014IIRO provides assistance to people affected by war in Afghanistan
April 25, 2014Prince Mohammad bin Salman appointed Minister of State and Cabinet Member
April 25, 2014King Abdullah congratulated, praised on 9th anniversary of ascension to the throne
April 24, 2014Saudi Arabia’s Archeological Masterpieces Exhibition opens in Kansas City
April 23, 20142nd World Congress for Counterterrorism held in Madinah
April 22, 2014Crown Prince receives President of Syrian National Coalition
April 21, 2014Dr. Al-Rabeeah relieved as Minister of Health
April 21, 2014Dr. Al-Harthi meets with U.S. Envoy for Syria
April 21, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/21/14)
April 20, 2014IIRO provides aid to 4,000 orphans in Chad
April 20, 2014International experts to assist in development of coronavirus vaccine
April 17, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syrians distributes 18th round of aid
April 16, 2014MoH confers with WHO officials on coronavirus
April 15, 2014Gen. Al-Idreesi assigned to act as Chief of General Intelligence
April 15, 2014Yemeni Health Minister meets with SFD delegation
April 14, 2014Three security men killed by unknown assailants on Saudi-Yemeni border
April 14, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/14/14)
April 14, 2014Saudi Campaign for Pakistan launches school bag project
April 14, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syrians distributes 17th round of aid
April 13, 2014Ambassador holds reception for participants in MoFA Legal Training Program
April 11, 2014Conjoined Iraqi twins successfully separated
April 10, 2014Iraqi conjoined twins’ surgery starts at King Abdulaziz Medical City
April 9, 2014Prince Miteb receives Commander General of U.S. Army Central Command
April 8, 2014Ambassador offers allegiance-pledge to Deputy Crown Prince Muqrin
April 8, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $100 million to Arab Trade Financing Program
April 7, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (4/7/14)
April 7, 2014Saudi National Campaign for Syrians targets people of Zarqaa Province
April 7, 2014Arab Organization for Red Crescent and Cross headquarters dedicated in Riyadh
April 5, 2014U.S.-Saudi “Friendship 3” and “Desert 3” drills begin in Tabuk
April 4, 2014IPU: Saudi women participate in politics at a high rate
April 2, 2014GCC power grid headquarters dedicated in Dammam
March 31, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (3/31/14)
March 30, 201436th King Faisal International Prizes awarded
March 29, 2014U.S. President leaves Riyadh
March 28, 2014King Abdullah receives U.S. President Barak Obama
March 28, 2014Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives credentials of new U.S. ambassador
March 27, 2014Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz appointed Deputy Crown Prince
March 26, 2014Crown Prince Salman addresses 25th Arab Summit in Kuwait
March 25, 2014KACARE President addresses 3rd International Nuclear Security Summit
March 24, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (3/24/14)
March 24, 2014Suspects arrested in attack on German diplomatic car
March 24, 2014SFD funds dialysis center, long term care facility in Bahrain
March 24, 2014Saudi Campaign for Syria helps refugees in eastern Jordan
March 23, 2014Deputy Defense Minister inspects Apache helicopter, tours Boeing facility
March 23, 2014IIRO distributes aid to Congolese refugees in Uganda
March 22, 2014Deputy Defense Minister visits CIA headquarters
March 21, 2014Saudi Campaign completes distribution of winter supplies in northern Jordan
March 21, 2014Saudi Ambassador to Tehran meets Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab and African Affairs
March 20, 2014Deputy Defense Minister meets senior U.S. officials in Washington
March 20, 2014Saudi Deputy Minister of Defense meets with U.S. Secretary of Defense
March 19, 2014Saudi Deputy Defense Minister Arrives in Washington
March 19, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts reception for Prince Salman bin Sultan
March 18, 2014Crown Prince Salman receives Gambia’s President
March 18, 2014Kingdom donates $1 million to the International Organization for Migration
March 18, 2014IIRO medical camp performs 500 cataract surgeries in Nigeria
March 17, 2014Kingdom donates sacrificial meat to Yemen, the Comoros
March 17, 2014Prince Muqrin receives visiting Tunisian Prime Minister
March 17, 2014National Guard Ministry’s Undersecretary for Eastern Sector receives U.S. Consul
March 17, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (3/17/14)
March 16, 2014IIRO aid benefits 3,603,788 Syrian refugees
March 16, 2014Solidarity Campaign for Syria collects SR 75 million in cash, SR 20 million in goods
March 15, 2014Saudi Ambassador delivers relief aid to Niger’s government
March 14, 2014Crown Prince Salman meets with Chinese leaders in Beijing
March 12, 2014Interior Minister calls for Arab counterterrorism cooperation in Marrakech
March 11, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister receives U.S. Commerce Secretary
March 10, 2014IIRO hands out 3,500 food rations to Syrians in northern Lebanon
March 10, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (3/10/14)
March 9, 2014Foreign Minister delivers speech to Arab League Council
March 9, 2014Kingdom gives India’s Hamdard University $5 million in aid
March 8, 2014Dr. Maha Abdulla Al-Muneef honored by U.S. First Lady
March 7, 2014Fitch raises Kingdom’s sovereign rating to AA with a stable outlook
March 7, 2014Ministry of Interior calls for return of fighters, releases list of extremist groups
March 5, 2014Saudi Arabia donates $1 million to UN Human Rights Commission
March 4, 2014200 tons of Saudi dates presented to Jordanian officials
March 4, 2014GCC Foreign Ministers issue statement in Riyadh
March 3, 2014SR 65 million donated to Solidarity Campaign for Syrian Children
March 3, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (3/3/14)
February 28, 2014Islamic Consultative Team adopts urgent working plan to eradicate polio
February 27, 2014Crown Prince meets with Indian Prime Minister
February 26, 2014Governor of Eastern Province receives Commander of U.S. Fifth Fleet
February 25, 2014“Day of Solidarity with the Children of Syria” begins in the Kingdom
February 24, 2014Second Deputy Prime Minister chairs Cabinet session (2/24/14)
February 24, 2014Foreign Minister receives U.S. State Department official
February 24, 2014Yemeni conjoined twins arrive at King Fahd Medical City
February 22, 2014Interior Minister conveys condolences to families of two security men
February 21, 2014Finance Minister arrives in Australia for G-20 meeting
February 20, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter clothes to Syrian families in Jordan
February 20, 20144 killed when security forces exchange fire with fugitives in Qatif
February 19, 2014Crown Prince arrives in Tokyo
February 19, 2014Joint U.S.-Saudi Green Flag Exercises begin in Nevada
February 17, 2014Prince Muqrin chairs Cabinet session
February 13, 2014Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts reception for Prince Mohammad bin Naif
February 13, 2014Embassy hosted farewell reception for UNRWA Commissioner-General Grandi
February 12, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior meets with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Burns
February 12, 2014Crown Prince opens 29th Janadriyah National Heritage and Culture Festival
February 11, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior meets with U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security
February 11, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior meets with U.S. Secretary of State
February 10, 2014Minister of Interior Meets with Director of the National Security Agency
February 10, 2014Saudi Minister of Interior Meets with Treasury Secretary Lew
February 10, 2014Prince Mohammed bin Naif arrives in Washington
February 10, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session
February 7, 2014Saudi Ambassador gifts sacrificial sheep meat to Sudan
February 6, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter clothes to Syrians in Sidon
February 5, 2014Egyptian Prime Minister thanks the Kingdom’s government, people
February 5, 2014Crown Prince bestows medal on Pakistani Army Chief
February 5, 2014Saudia, Boeing sign joint memorandum of cooperation
February 3, 2014U.S., Saudi energy officials meet in Riyadh
February 3, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (2/3/14)
February 3, 2014Participants in foreign hostilities to receive prison sentences
February 3, 2014Royal Guard Command transformed into Presidency of the Royal Guard
February 2, 2014Saudi aid continues to arrive at Syrian refugee camps in Jordan
February 2, 2014IIRO organizes medical campaign in Yemen
February 1, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes winter supplies in Lebanon
January 28, 2014Deputy Defense Minister receives CENTCOM official
January 27, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/27/14)
January 26, 2014Saudi Arabia provides Yemen with 15 tons of desert locust pesticides
January 26, 2014Saudi Minister of Finance highlights cooperation with Mauritania
January 24, 2014Saudi Arabia condemns cowardly terrorist bombings in Egypt
January 22, 2014Foreign Minister reiterates solution for decisive and peaceful action in Syria
January 21, 2014U.S. delegation visits KFMC, Majlis Al-Shura
January 21, 2014Ban Ki-Moon thanks King Abdullah for support of UN counterterrorism efforts
January 20, 201411th relief convoy sent to Syrian refugees
January 20, 2014Saudi Ambassador opens medical clinics, drinking water projects in Sudan
January 20, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/20/14)
January 19, 2014U.S. Energy Secretary visits King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology
January 16, 2014Crown Prince receives visiting Libyan Prime Minister
January 15, 2014Kingdom increases aid to Syrian people
January 15, 2014Deputy Defense Minister receives Director of U.S. Missile Defense Agency
January 14, 2014Saudi Campaign distributes clothing, blankets to Syrian refugees in Lebanon
January 14, 2014Winners of 36th King Faisal International Prize announced
January 13, 2014IIRO aids victims of earthquakes in Baluchistan
January 13, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/13/14)
January 13, 2014Eastern Province Police: German diplomatic vehicle fired upon
January 12, 2014Saudi Foreign Minister attends Friends of Syria meeting in Paris
January 9, 2014IIRO establishes orphan centers in Asian, African countries
January 7, 2014$2.1 billion allocated for nine electric projects in Tabuk
January 7, 2014Prince Saud meets with Pakistani leaders in Islamabad
January 6, 2014Saudi illiteracy rate drops sharply
January 6, 2014Prince Saud confirms strength of U.S.-Saudi relationship
January 6, 2014Crown Prince chairs Cabinet session (1/6/14)
January 5, 2014King Abdullah meets with U.S. Secretary of State
January 5, 2014Crown Prince holds meeting with CENTCOM commander
January 5, 2014Saudi Arabia provides $40 million for Palestinian Authority budget
January 5, 2014SAA plane experiences wheel system failure during landing
January 4, 2014IIRO team carries out eye surgeries for 1,000 patients in Nigeria
January 2, 2014Yemeni President lays foundation stone for King Abdullah Medical City
January 1, 2014Saudi-organized disaster combat training course held in Sudan