2011 Press Releases

December 1, 2011Record Number of Saudi Students Now Studying in the U.S.
November 18, 2011Saudi Embassy Hosts Reception and Photo Exhibit for Breast Cancer Awareness
October 27, 2011Saudi Arabia Announces New Crown Prince
October 21, 2011U.S. Mayoral Delegation Visits Saudi Arabia
October 19, 2011Saudi Arabia Makes Donation for Ethiopian Children
October 11, 2011Statement on Plot to Assassinate Ambassador
October 11, 2011Statement on Plot to Assassinate Ambassador
October 5, 2011Saudi Arabia Inaugurates First Solar Power Plant
September 25, 2011Saudi King Advances Political Rights for Women
September 23, 2011Saudi Arabia Celebrates National Day
September 20, 2011Saudi Arabia Signs Agreement for UN Centre for Counter Terrorism
September 16, 2011Saudi Ambassador Discusses Upcoming National Day
September 11, 2011Saudi Ambassador Statement on Tenth Anniversary of 9-11
September 8, 2011Saudi Arabia among 20 Most Competitive Economies in the World
August 24, 2011Saudi Arabia Raises $54 Million for Somali People
August 22, 2011Saudi King Launches Fundraising Campaign for Somali People
August 22, 2011بيان من سفارة خادم الحرمين الشريفين لدى الولايات المتحدة
August 11, 2011Los Angeles Museum to Showcase Saudi Art
August 8, 2011Saudi King Calls for End to Violence in Syria
August 4, 2011Terror Suspect Surrenders to Saudi Authorities
August 3, 2011Saudi Arabia Qualifies for Little League World Series
August 2, 2011King Abdullah Approves Plan to Upgrade Public Libraries
August 1, 2011Saudi King and Crown Prince Congratulate Muslims on Ramadan: Urge Unity and Tolerance
July 28, 2011Saudi Ambassador Praises New Economic Partnership
July 26, 2011Saudi Ambassador Expresses Kingdom’s Commitment to Youth
July 26, 2011Saudi King Urges Muslim Scholars to Spread the Message of True Islam
June 24, 2011Saudi Arabia Denies Rumors Regarding Travel Restrictions
June 22, 2011More than 3,000 Saudi Students Graduate from U.S. Colleges
May 24, 2011Saudi Embassy Hosts Saudi-U.S. Health Bridge Symposium
May 12, 2011Saudi Embassy Participates in Passport DC
March 18, 2011King Abdullah Announces New Initiatives to Improve Welfare Services for Saudis
March 10, 2011GCC Provides $20 billion in Support for Bahrain and Oman
March 8, 2011Saudi Oil Minister Discusses Rise in Prices
March 2, 2011Saudi Ambassador Hosts Private Screening of “Arabia 3D”
February 24, 2011Saudi King Abdullah Invests in Public Welfare Through Issuance of Royal Decrees
February 23, 2011Saudi Oil Minister Says Oil Supply Losses Will be Offset
February 23, 2011King Abdullah Welcomed Home By Saudi People