2009 Press Releases

December 23, 2009Saudi Arabia’s Record Budget for FY 2010 Includes Focus on Education; Priorities Include Increased Student Enrollments and New Universities
October 22, 2009Saudi Ambassador Hosts Future Business Leaders
October 15, 2009Saudi Arabia Expands Breast Cancer Awareness Programs
October 15, 2009Saudi Ambassador Speaks On Saudi-U.S. Relations
October 9, 2009Saudi Delegation Participates in U.S. Interfaith Dialogue Seminar
October 9, 2009Saudi Ambassador Conveys King Abdullah’s Congratulations to President Obama
October 7, 2009Prince Muhammad bin Nayef Concludes U.S. Visit
September 30, 2009New GAO Report Commends Saudi Arabia’s Efforts to Fight Terrorism and Terror Financing
September 25, 2009Groundbreaking University Inaugurated on Saudi National Day
September 25, 2009Saudi King Abdullah Inaugurates New Saudi University for Science and Technology
September 24, 2009Saudi Grand Mufti Publicly Condemns Extremism
September 24, 2009Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. Gives Interview
September 23, 2009Saudi Delegation Arrives in Pittsburgh Ahead of G-20 Summit
September 23, 2009Saudi Arabia Celebrates 79th National Day
September 18, 2009KAUST Ceremony on Saudi National Day
September 13, 2009Saudi Ambassador Responds to Congressional Letter on Peace in the Middle East
September 10, 2009Saudi Arabia Ranked 13th Most Competitive Economy in World Bank Report
August 18, 2009IMF Praises Saudi Arabia’s Economy and Efforts to Stabilize Energy Prices
July 31, 2009Saudi Foreign Minister Meets With Secretary of State Clinton
July 23, 2009Saudi Arabia Provides Developmental Aid For Darfur
July 15, 2009U.S. Treasury Secretary Applauds Saudi Efforts to Combat Terror Financing
July 14, 2009Saudi Arabia Announces Increased Penalties for Human Traffickers
July 14, 2009Saudi Arabia Convicts 323 Terror Suspects
July 10, 2009Saudi Arabia Delivers Humanitarian Aid To Sri Lanka
July 9, 2009Senate Committee Praises Saudi Efforts to Rehabilitate Guantanamo Bay detainees
July 8, 2009Saudi Embassy Hosts Exchange Students
July 7, 2009Saudi Students in U.S. Graduate from Scholarship Program
July 6, 2009Saudi Arabia Denies Reports Regarding Israeli Use Of Its Airspace
June 28, 2009Twitter Diplomacy: @SaudiEmbassyUSA to use social media to share King Abdullah's U.S. visit
May 9, 2009Saudi Arabia Bestows Gift to World Scout Foundation
May 8, 2009Saudi Arabia Donates $3 million to World Scout Foundation
February 23, 2009Saudi Crown Prince Sultan underwent successful surgery in New York
January 28, 2009Abdulaziz Medal Awarded to Mr. Joseph W. Grant
January 9, 2009Saudi Foreign Minister Welcomes UN Security Council Resolution Calling For Cease Fire In Gaza
January 7, 2009Saudi Foreign Minister Holds Press Conference To Address Crisis In Gaza
January 6, 2009Saudi Foreign Minister Urges UN Security Council To End Violence In Gaza
January 5, 2009Saudi Fund Raises More Than $32 Million For Humanitarian Aid To Help The People Of Gaza
January 4, 2009Saudi Arabia Launches Campaign to Provide Humanitarian Assistance to the People of Gaza