2008 News Releases

December 31, 2008Arab foreign ministers meet to discuss Gaza crisis
December 31, 2008More than 640,000 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
December 31, 2008Saudi cargo planes deliver medical relief to Palestinians
December 30, 2008GCC leaders issue final communiqué
December 30, 2008Saudi planes deliver aid to Palestinians in Gaza
December 30, 2008Foreign Minister arrives in Egypt
December 30, 2008King Abdullah meets with Kuwaiti Emir
December 30, 2008GCC summit concludes
December 29, 2008GCC foreign ministers conclude preparatory meeting
December 29, 2008King Abdullah arrives in Muscat to attend GCC Summit
December 29, 2008Two Saudi MEDEVAC planes sent to transfer Gaza casualties
December 28, 2008King Abdullah works to end Israeli attacks on Gaza
December 27, 2008King Abdullah, President Abbas discuss crisis in Palestinian Territories
December 27, 2008Kingdom condemns Israeli aggression in Gaza
December 27, 2008King Abdullah calls President Bush to discuss Israeli aggression in Gaza
December 27, 2008King Abdullah orders urgent medical aid to Palestinians in Gaza
December 27, 2008Emergency Meeting of Arab League held
December 26, 2008Prince Saud Al-Faisal condemns terrorism during meetings with Indian officials
December 24, 20081,027,822 pilgrims leave Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj
December 24, 2008Training course on combating terrorism concludes
December 24, 2008Euro-Med offers GCC observer status
December 23, 2008Prince Saud Al-Faisal receives EU, Russian officials
December 22, 2008Ministry of Finance issues statement on FY 2009 budget
December 22, 2008King Abdullah announces 2009 State Budget
December 22, 2008Red Crescent Society renamed
December 22, 2008Royal decrees issued for FY 2009 State Budget
December 21, 2008Course on combating terrorism organized
December 20, 2008730,227 pilgrims leave Saudi Arabia after performing Hajj
December 20, 2008Foundation stone of King Abdullah building lain at Lebanese university
December 19, 2008Saudi oil minister urges global energy cooperation
December 18, 2008209,532 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
December 18, 2008OPEC holds session in Algeria
December 17, 2008More than 173,000 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
December 17, 2008King receives GCC Secretary General
December 17, 2008King receives Qatar’s heir apparent
December 17, 2008Saudi Aramco named No. 1 Oil Company
December 16, 2008Foreign Minister participates in Quartet meeting
December 16, 2008Crown Prince receives Arab officials
December 14, 2008Pilgrims begin arriving in Madinah
December 13, 2008Hajj Minister meets US Congressman Keith Ellison
December 13, 2008Saudi Arabian Airlines to fly 500,000 pilgrims home
December 12, 2008Service of Prince Nawaf bin Abdulaziz extended
December 10, 2008Crown Prince Sultan, Qatari prime minister meet in New York
December 9, 2008King urges interfaith dialogue among Muslims
December 9, 2008Grand Mosque imam calls for greater tolerance in Eid Al-Adha prayer
December 9, 2008Prince Nayef receives Iranian vice president
December 9, 2008Pilgrims move smoothly into Mina as the Eid Al-Adha begins
December 8, 2008Crown Prince Sultan receives members of the Saudi community in the U.S.
December 8, 2008King Abdullah receives princes, religious leaders
December 8, 2008Ambassador hosts Eid Al-Adha prayers
December 8, 2008New Kiswah placed on Holy Ka'aba
December 8, 2008Health Ministry: no epidemic cases reported during Hajj
December 7, 2008Hundreds of foreign journalist in Saudi Arabia to cover the Hajj
December 6, 2008Record number of pilgrims arrive for Hajj
December 6, 2008Crown Prince Sultan meets with UN Secretary General Ban
December 6, 2008King Abdullah awarded first Lech Walesa Prize
December 6, 200833 million gallons of desalinated water consumed in Mina
December 5, 2008Saudi Embassy releases 1429 (2008) figures for Hajj visas issued in the US
December 5, 20081.7 million pilgrims come from abroad
December 5, 2008Palestinian President arrives in Jeddah
December 5, 2008King Abdullah donates two super ferries to Egypt
December 5, 2008Health Ministry: Saudi blood banks well-supplied
December 5, 2008Chechen president arrives to perform Hajj
December 5, 2008Prince Turki stresses importance of Arab peace initiative
December 4, 2008Kingdom relief arrives to aid Nahr Al-Barid refugees
December 4, 2008King Abdullah’s guests arrive for the Hajj
December 4, 2008Prince Nayef: 100,000 security personnel deployed for Hajj
December 3, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair
December 3, 2008Saudi Embassy releases 1429 (2008) U.S. Hajj visa figures
December 3, 20081,582,217 pilgrims arrive in the Kingdom
December 2, 2008Crown Prince Sultan meets Saudi students in New York
December 2, 2008More than 1,750,000 Hajj visas issued
December 2, 2008King Abdullah’s guests arrive in Makkah
December 2, 2008Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques chairs Cabinet’s session
December 1, 2008Pilgrims start leaving Madinah for Makkah
December 1, 2008GCC condemns terrorist attack in India
November 30, 2008Makkah Conference begins
November 30, 2008Prince Abdulaziz bin Abdullah’s term extended
November 30, 2008Kingdom rejects accusations it is preventing Gaza Palestinians from performing Hajj
November 29, 2008King Abdullah, French President Sarkozy hold bilateral meeting in Jeddah
November 29, 2008Ministry of Islamic Affairs completes Hajj preparations
November 29, 2008King Abdullah says Saudi economy is strong
November 29, 2008New Kiswah handed to chief gatekeeper
November 29, 2008Al-Naimi: No change in oil output
November 29, 2008Supreme Judicial Council announces dates for 1429 Hajj
November 27, 2008Kingdom strongly condemns the terrorist acts in Mumbai
November 26, 2008Aid convoy delivers relief to Palestinians
November 26, 2008Prince Saud Al-Faisal addresses Arab foreign ministers
November 26, 200830,000 tents provided for pilgrims
November 26, 2008Over 9,000 mosques at the holy sites refurbished
November 26, 2008700,993 pilgrims arrive in Madinah
November 26, 2008Interior Minister delivers anti-terrorism speech at Islamic University
November 25, 2008Sudan lauds Saudi aid
November 24, 2008King Abdullah briefs Cabinet on his consultations in the U.S.
November 24, 2008First Iraqi pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia
November 23, 2008More than half a million pilgrims reach Madinah
November 23, 2008U.S. pilgrims arrive in Makkah
November 23, 2008Crown Prince Sultan arrives in the U.S.
November 23, 2008Health service preparations for the Hajj are complete
November 23, 2008Website on pilgrims’ health concerns launched
November 23, 2008King Abdullah meets with Tony Blair
November 22, 2008Prince Saud opposes talks with pirates
November 22, 2008King Abdullah returns to Saudi Arabia
November 20, 2008US mayoral delegation concludes successful trip to Saudi Arabia
November 20, 2008King Abdullah leaves Minnesota, arrives in Morocco
November 20, 2008Saudi Foreign Minister visits Italy
November 20, 2008Saudi Foreign Minister meets with British Foreign Secretary
November 20, 2008Saudi Arabia donates $1 million to UN De-mining Program in Lebanon
November 19, 2008Saudi aid delivered to Palestinians
November 19, 2008US officials meet Riyadh governor, Interior Minister
November 19, 2008Iranian pilgrims arrive in Jeddah
November 18, 2008Saudi relief distributed to Afghan refugees
November 17, 2008Number of Hajj pilgrims in the Kingdom to date reaches 482,218
November 17, 2008Cabinet reviews King Abdullah’s trip to the US
November 16, 2008King Abdullah participates in G-20 summit
November 15, 2008King Abdullah arrives in Washington
November 15, 2008King Abdullah visits Minnesota
November 15, 2008Saudi Arabia offers 200 tons of dates to Sudan
November 15, 2008King Abdullah attends White House dinner for G-20 leaders
November 14, 2008UN interfaith dialogue concludes
November 14, 2008Saudi Foreign Minister holds press conference with UN Secretary-General
November 13, 2008King Abdullah speaks to Madrid conference participants
November 13, 2008King Abdullah meets with President Bush
November 13, 2008King Abdullah addresses UN meeting on interfaith dialogue
November 12, 2008UN interfaith dialogue begins
November 10, 2008Cabinet briefed on King Abdullah’s consultations with US and Pakistani leaders
November 10, 2008More Saudi relief supplies arrive in Pakistan
November 10, 2008Agreement signed on improvement of King Fahd Industrial Port
November 10, 2008King Abdullah meets with Kuwaiti leader
November 9, 2008First Sri Lankan pilgrims arrive in the Kingdom
November 9, 2008Crown Prince Sultan meets CENTCOM chief, US mayoral delegation
November 9, 2008Saudi airlift to Pakistan continues
November 8, 2008King Abdullah arrives in New York
November 7, 2008King Abdullah departs for the US
November 7, 2008Saudi aid arrives in Pakistan
November 7, 2008Third Saudi plane delivers aid to Yemen
November 6, 2008Hajj preparations unveiled
November 6, 2008Saudi airlift to Pakistan continues
November 6, 2008GCC meeting held in Doha
November 5, 2008King Abdullah congratulates President-elect Obama
November 4, 2008Governor of Najran Province resigns
November 4, 2008King Abdullah meets World Food Program official
November 4, 2008Saudi Arabia delivers aid to Pakistan
November 4, 2008King Abdullah meets with Pakistani president
November 3, 2008Cabinet briefed on King Abdullah’s upcoming trip to the US
November 3, 2008Saudi Arabia donates $100 million to flood-stricken Yemen
November 1, 2008Saudi airlift delivers relief aid to quake-stricken Pakistan
November 1, 2008King Abdullah meets with British prime minister
November 1, 2008Thai pilgrims arrive in Saudi Arabia
October 31, 2008Hajj terminal opens at King Abdulaziz Airport
October 30, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with Sudanese president
October 29, 2008Saudi Arabia to move forward with Iraq border fence
October 29, 2008King Abdullah to attend economic summit in Washington next month
October 29, 2008King Abdullah lays the foundation stone for new women’s university
October 28, 2008King Abdullah meets with Palestinian Authority president
October 28, 2008Arrival of South African pilgrims marks the start of Hajj season
October 27, 2008King Abdullah to attend UN interfaith dialogue next month
October 27, 2008Shura Council discusses financial crisis in regular meeting
October 27, 2008Saudi-American breast cancer conference concludes in Jeddah
October 27, 2008Cabinet reaffirms Kingdom’s support for stable oil markets
October 25, 2008GCC holds extraordinary meeting on the global financial crisis
October 25, 2008Prince Saud meets with Bahraini foreign minister
October 25, 2008Iraqi conjoined twins successfully separated in Riyadh
October 24, 2008Saudi Ambassador hosts delegation of young Arab professionals
October 23, 2008Interior ministers of Iraq’s neighbors meet in Amman
October 22, 2008King Abdullah meets with EU foreign policy chief
October 22, 2008Prince Saud holds joint press conference with EU’s Solana
October 22, 2008Minister of Islamic Affairs welcomes trials for suspected militants
October 21, 2008Saudi authorities indict 991 suspected militants
October 20, 2008Cabinet reviews global financial crisis, welcomes Syrian-Lebanese accord
October 17, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with CENTCOM chief
October 17, 2008Saudi central bank to guarantee liquidity of the Kingdom's banks
October 17, 2008Saudi Ambassador hosts luncheon for OIC envoys
October 16, 2008Interior Minister highlights role of universities in combating extremism
October 16, 2008New company to transform Jeddah
October 14, 2008Saudi-Lebanese talks focus on bilateral cooperation
October 14, 2008King Abdullah launches key electricity and water projects in Madinah
October 12, 2008Finance minister highlights strength of the Saudi economy in IMF address
October 12, 2008King Abdullah launches major exhibition in Jeddah
October 12, 2008Lebanese President Suleiman arrives in Saudi Arabia for official visit
October 10, 2008Prince Abdul-Ilah bin Abdulaziz appointed royal adviser
October 10, 2008Saudi Embassy hosts National Day reception
October 8, 2008SAMA: Kingdom not facing a liquidity problem
October 6, 2008Kingdom provides meningitis vaccines to Burkina Faso
October 6, 2008Private sector to build desalination plant near Jeddah
October 2, 2008Grand Mufti warns against danger of extremist ideologies
September 30, 2008Embassy hosts Eid Al-Fitr prayers
September 29, 2008Saudi leadership congratulates Muslims on the Eid Al-Fitr
September 29, 2008Kingdom donates $3 million in food aid to Afghanistan
September 27, 2008The Kingdom’s address to the 63rd UN General Assembly
September 26, 2008Muslims in the Kingdom asked to look for the crescent moon on September 29
September 26, 2008Arab foreign ministers and Secretary Rice issue statement on Middle East peace
September 26, 2008Kingdom distributes food aid in Pakistan
September 26, 2008Foreign minister discusses regional issues, interfaith dialogue in UN meetings
September 25, 2008SAMA: Saudi economy expected to grow steadily
September 25, 2008Foreign minister holds meetings on the fringes of UN General Assembly
September 25, 2008King Abdullah launches endowment project in Makkah
September 24, 2008Prince Saud calls for implementing Madrid conference recommendations
September 23, 2008Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal met with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice in New York yesterday.
September 23, 2008SAMA report: Saudi GDP grew 3.4 percent in 2007
September 23, 2008Cabinet marks Saudi Arabia’s National Day
September 21, 2008Embassy: Saudi citizens in Islamabad safe after deadly Marriott attack
September 21, 2008Eight Saudi detainees in Iraq returned to the Kingdom
September 21, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with Yemeni president
September 20, 2008OIC condemns terrorist attack in Yemen
September 20, 2008Prince Nayef Islamic Prizes awarded in Makkah ceremony
September 20, 2008King Abdullah meets with Qatari prime minister
September 20, 2008Saudi Arabia donates $44 million for Lebanese public schools
September 19, 2008Makkah to be transformed into a world-class smart city
September 18, 2008Saudi ports report increase in shipping traffic in 2007
September 18, 2008GCC finance ministers approve proposals for a monetary council
September 17, 2008GCC and OIC sign cooperation agreement
September 16, 2008King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting in Jeddah
September 16, 2008New security plan implemented at Makkah’s Grand Mosque
September 15, 2008OIC appeals for urgent food aid to East Africa
September 14, 2008Saudi Nationals Safe in the Wake of Hurricane Ike
September 12, 2008Saudi Ambassador Meets with U.S. Special Envoy to the OIC
September 11, 2008Saudi Authorities Arrest Five for Promoting Extremism on the Internet
September 9, 2008Prince Saud calls for Arab action to end Palestinian infighting
September 8, 2008King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
September 7, 2008New organization established to monitor domestic violence
September 7, 2008Saudi Arabia provides relief aid to Mali
September 5, 2008Giant Khursaniyah oil field begins production
September 5, 2008Prince Bandar meets with Russian Prime Minister Putin
September 4, 2008Human Rights Commission to open women’s branch in Riyadh
September 3, 2008GCC foreign ministers meet in Jeddah
September 3, 2008Saudi Ambassador hosts iftar in Washington
September 3, 2008Anti-smoking campaign launched in Makkah to coincide with Ramadan
September 3, 2008Jeddah’s Dar Al-Hekma College to become a university
September 2, 2008King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet meeting
September 2, 2008Saudi organization donates food, emergency aid to impoverished Lebanese
September 1, 2008Foreign minister calls for global cooperation to promote dialogue in UN address
August 30, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with emir of Qatar
August 30, 2008Holy Month of Ramadan to Begin September 1
August 29, 2008Emir of Qatar to visit Kingdom
August 29, 2008Saudi Ambassador hands over assistance to Mexico
August 29, 2008Saudi aid distributed in Lebanon
August 29, 2008Saudi-financed Lebanese bridge inaugurated
August 29, 2008Saudi novelist wins Arab creativity award
August 29, 2008Three Million Saudis to Return Home for Ramadan
August 28, 2008Saudi aid distributed to Afghans
August 28, 2008International advisory body approved for King Abdulaziz University
August 28, 2008Al-Assaf: Arabs states working on creating Greater Arab Free Trade Zone
August 27, 2008Simultaneous translations of Traweeh prayers from Makkah, Madinah
August 27, 2008Makkah police unveil Ramadan security plan
August 25, 2008King Abdullah chairs weekly Cabinet session
August 20, 2008Arab League denounces terrorist attack in Algeria
August 20, 2008OIC condemns terrorist attack in Algeria
August 19, 2008Saudi cardiologist team concludes surgeries in Yemen
August 18, 2008Saudi Arabia wins IAPB awards
August 17, 2008Jubail Chevron set to start exports
August 16, 2008King Abdullah meets with Arab League Secretary-General
August 15, 2008Saudi cardiac surgeons treat more than 200 children in Yemen
August 13, 2008Interior Ministry: Saudis proactively seeking help for relatives misled by extremism
August 13, 2008Kingdom strongly comdemns Tripoli bombing
August 12, 2008Ambassador meets with Saudi high school students
August 12, 2008IMF projects the Saudi economy to continue strong growth in 2008
August 11, 2008Cabinet urges support for joint Arab institutions
August 11, 2008Saudi relief aid arrives in Myanmar
August 10, 2008OIC condemns anti-Islam conference in Cologne
August 10, 2008Saudi Arabia to assume presidency of UNRWA Advisory Commission
August 9, 2008Saudi team participates in Beijing opening ceremonies
August 8, 2008Prince Bandar meets with Chinese officials in Beijing
August 6, 2008Saudi group to build schools in Kashmir
August 5, 2008Kingdom provides aid to Bangladesh, Palestinians
August 4, 2008Cabinet calls for unified Arab action to address regional challenges
August 3, 2008Saudi relief convoy dispatched to Sudanese states stricken by floods
August 1, 2008Saudi leadership highlights peace, dialogue in Ramadan address
July 30, 2008Jeddah-based OIC denounces Iraq suicide bombings
July 29, 2008Kingdom’s production of desalinated water up 3.3 percent in 2007
July 29, 2008Bus fleet expanded by more than 1,000 in preparation for the Hajj
July 29, 2008Non-Aligned Movement foreign ministers meet in Tehran
July 28, 2008Shura Council meeting focuses on labor issues
July 28, 2008King Abdullah, Egyptian president discuss Middle East developments
July 28, 2008Agenda set for upcoming Arab summit in Damascus
July 28, 2008Cabinet briefed on Sudan, Palestinian situation
July 27, 2008Kingdom to spend $20 billion on ICT
July 26, 2008Kingdom’s non-petroleum exports for May 2008 up 19 percent from 2007
July 25, 2008Saudi Telecom signs agreement for marine cable to expand its global network
July 23, 2008Agreement signed for new Jeddah airport terminal
July 23, 2008OIC welcomes arrest of former Serb leader Radovan Karadzic
July 23, 2008King Abdullah discusses Palestine, Iraq with Moroccan king
July 22, 2008Royal Court announces passing of Prince Fawaz, son of King Abdulaziz
July 21, 2008Cabinet welcomes the results of the World Conference on Dialogue
July 20, 2008Shura Council welcomes World Conference on Dialogue
July 18, 2008Madrid interfaith conference concludes with call for UN session on dialogue
July 17, 2008World Conference on Dialogue underway in Madrid
July 17, 2008King Abdullah concludes visit to Spain
July 16, 2008King Abdullah: Interfaith dialogue will foster peace
July 16, 2008King Abdullah opens World Conference on Dialogue
July 15, 2008Saudi Arabia, Russia sign military cooperation agreement
July 14, 2008Cabinet welcomes King Abdullah’s call for interfaith dialogue
July 13, 2008Kingdom signs agreements worth $6 million with UNRWA
July 13, 2008Moroccan conjoined twins successfully separated in Riyadh
July 12, 2008King Hamad of Bahrain visits Saudi Arabia
July 10, 2008Saudi Ambassador highlights the upcoming World Conference on Dialogue
July 9, 2008Fitch upgrades Saudi Arabia from A+ to AA-
July 9, 2008Five Saudi teams qualify for the 2008 Beijing Olympics
July 8, 2008King Abdullah approves program for privatizing SWCC
July 8, 2008Kingdom completes construction of 4,000 houses for Pakistan quake victims
July 7, 2008Cabinet welcomes agreements with Qatar
July 7, 2008Madain Saleh named first UNESCO World Heritage site in Saudi Arabia
July 6, 2008Saudi Arabia, Qatar to boost bilateral cooperation
July 5, 2008King Abdullah to open Madrid interfaith conference
July 4, 2008Minister of Islamic Affairs praises efforts to combat terrorism
July 3, 2008Ambassador discusses US investment opportunities in Kingdom with BCCB
July 1, 2008King Abdullah meets with CENTCOM chief
July 1, 2008King Abdullah: Saudi Arabia not responsible for high oil prices
June 30, 2008King Abdullah meets with Sen. John Kerry
June 30, 2008Cabinet highlights the King’s vision for domestic and foreign policy
June 30, 2008Saudi Arabia marks third anniversary of King Abdullah’s reign
June 29, 2008Shura Council lauds Saudi security efforts
June 29, 2008Finance Minister meets with Sen. John Kerry
June 25, 2008Saudi authorities arrest more than 700 suspected militants
June 24, 2008World Bank to work with Saudi Arabia on energy initiative
June 23, 2008Cabinet welcomes results of the Jeddah energy summit
June 23, 2008Kingdom sets up relief camp for quake victims in China
June 23, 2008Al-Ghamdi appointed Secretary-General of the Shura Council
June 22, 2008Jeddah oil summit concludes
June 22, 2008King Abdullah: Saudi Arabia to increase oil production
June 21, 2008Shura Council delegation meets with Speaker Pelosi
June 21, 2008Energy ministers begin arriving for Jeddah summit
June 21, 2008Saudi leadership meets with Chinese vice president
June 20, 2008Saudi Arabia gears up for Jeddah oil summit
June 20, 2008Saudi Foreign Aid 1973 – 2007 (in US dollars*)
June 19, 2008Interior Minister: Authorities close to uncovering terror financiers
June 19, 2008OIC foreign ministers begin 35th meeting in Uganda
June 18, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with Shura Council delegation
June 17, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir meets with UN Ambassador Khalilzad
June 17, 2008Saudi Ambassador attends UN Convention on Law of the Sea meeting
June 17, 2008Saudi Ambassador hosts luncheon for Shura Council delegation
June 17, 2008Vaccinations required for pilgrimage visas
June 16, 2008Shura Council delegation pays visit to Washington
June 16, 2008Cabinet welcomes international response to Jeddah oil summit
June 15, 2008King Abdullah discusses key regional issues with Jordanian ruler
June 14, 2008Saudi Arabia provides relief aid to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon
June 14, 2008King Abdullah meets with UN Secretary-General
June 13, 2008Islamic Saudi Academy refutes US Commission on International Religious Freedom report
June 13, 2008Kingdom donates relief aid to Afghanistan
June 13, 2008King Abdullah to attend Jeddah oil summit
June 12, 2008IEA welcomes Saudi meeting on oil prices
June 11, 2008Projects worth $34.6 billion launched at the King Abdullah Economic City
June 10, 2008Crown Prince Sultan meets with CIA Director Hayden
June 10, 2008Embassy sponsors blood drive for World Blood Donation Day
June 9, 2008First graduates of Saudi scholarship program recognized in Washington
June 9, 2008King Abdullah meets with White House Homeland Security adviser
June 9, 2008Saudi Arabia and Spain issue joint communiqué
June 9, 2008Kingdom calls for meeting to address rising oil prices
June 8, 2008King Abdullah meets with Palestinian Authority president
June 8, 2008Crown Prince: Arab countries can solve internal disputes
June 8, 2008King Abdullah meets with Pakistan’s prime minister
June 4, 2008King Abdullah opens International Islamic Dialogue Conference in Makkah
June 4, 2008Shura Council approves health cooperation agreement with Spain
June 3, 2008King Abdullah meets with acting CENTCOM chief
June 2, 2008Saudi Embassy hosts reception for Woodrow Wilson Center
June 2, 2008Islamic Development Bank meeting begins in Jeddah
June 2, 2008Cabinet reviews developments in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq
June 1, 2008Shura Council approves judicial cooperation agreement with Yemen
June 1, 2008King Abdullah discusses regional issues with Egyptian president
June 1, 2008King Abdullah meets with French defense minister
May 31, 2008Finance Minister: Riyal to remain pegged to the US dollar
May 31, 2008King Abdullah, Treasury Secretary discuss economic cooperation
May 31, 2008King Abdullah meets with Qatari prime minister
May 31, 2008Saudi relief airlift to Myanmar concludes
May 30, 2008US Treasury Secretary arrives in Saudi Arabia
May 30, 2008Fourth Saudi relief plane lands in Myanmar
May 29, 2008SEC awards GE Energy $500 million contracts for projects in the Kingdom
May 29, 2008Saudi airlift continues to deliver relief supplies to Myanmar
May 28, 2008Riyadh Governor meets with US congressional delegation
May 28, 2008King Abdullah appoints Al-Othaimeen as Minister of Social Affairs
May 28, 2008Second Saudi relief plane dispatched to Myanmar
May 28, 2008Saudi Ambassador: Aid to China given out of friendship, humanitarian concern
May 28, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with King Juan Carlos of Spain
May 27, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir, Gen. Petraeus discuss regional issues
May 27, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir chairs regional meeting of Saudi heads of mission
May 26, 2008Foreign Minister: Doha Agreement to lead to a stable, prosperous Lebanon
May 26, 2008Cabinet welcomes election of Lebanese president
May 25, 2008Shura Council approves agreements with France, UK, Turkey
May 25, 2008Foreign Minister in Beirut for presidential election
May 25, 2008Saudi Arabia airlifts relief supplies into Myanmar
May 24, 2008King Abdullah launches education projects in Dammam, Dhahran
May 24, 2008Fourth plane in Saudi airlift arrives in China’s quake-stricken Sichuan Province
May 24, 2008King Abdullah promotes Gen. Al-Hussain to Commander of Air Defense Forces
May 23, 2008King Abdullah launches 29 industrial, development projects in Jubail
May 23, 2008Saudi Arabia donates $500 million to the World Food Program
May 22, 2008Anti-smoking campaign to begin June 1
May 22, 2008Al-Zuman becomes first Saudi to climb Mt. Everest
May 21, 2008Saudi Arabia welcomes Lebanese agreement
May 21, 2008Kingdom airlifts relief supplies, donates $50 million to China
May 20, 2008GCC leaders emphasize commitment to Arab Peace Initiative
May 20, 2008King Abdullah opens Saudi Aramco’s 75th anniversary celebrations
May 19, 2008Cabinet: Kingdom’s oil production sufficient to meet market needs
May 18, 2008AGFUND to establish bank for the impoverished in Sierra Leone
May 18, 2008Shura Council dicusses agreements with Yemen, Turkey and the UK
May 18, 2008King Abdullah meets with Japanese official
May 17, 2008Oil Minister: Kingdom to boost production in June
May 17, 2008Foreign Minister highlights Palestinians’ legitimate rights, Saudi-US relations
May 17, 2008President Bush concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
May 17, 2008Saudi Aramco confirms new Jubail, Yanbu refinery projects
May 16, 2008King Abdullah, President Bush hold second round of talks on Mideast peace
May 16, 2008President Bush pays official visit to Saudi Arabia
May 15, 2008President Bush to visit Saudi Arabia tomorrow
May 15, 2008King Abdullah invites former Iranian president to Makkah dialogue conference
May 15, 2008Oil Minister meets with South Korean president
May 15, 2008New statistics released on premarital medical tests
May 14, 2008King Abdullah meets with US ambassador
May 14, 2008Justice Minister highlights Kingdom’s support for the Palestinians
May 14, 2008Interior Minister calls for greater GCC security cooperation
May 14, 2008King Abdullah condoles Chinese president on deadly earthquake
May 13, 2008Foreign Minister urges Lebanese to commit to Arab League initiative
May 13, 2008GCC expresses support for Sudan
May 13, 2008King Abdullah lays foundation for new health sciences university in Riyadh
May 13, 2008Saudi Arabia donates school supplies to Pakistani children
May 12, 2008Prince Nayef Arab Academy signs MoU with Johns Hopkins University
May 12, 2008Cabinet condemns violence in Lebanon, Sudan, Yemen
May 12, 2008Maldives opens embassy in Riyadh
May 11, 2008Arab League foreign ministers hold urgent meeting on Lebanon, Sudan
May 11, 2008King Abdullah meets with Quartet Middle East envoy Tony Blair
May 11, 2008Shura Council expresses concern at crisis in Lebanon
May 10, 2008Minister of Islamic Affairs urges imams to tackle terror, extremism
May 10, 2008Muslim World League condemns violence in Lebanon
May 10, 2008AGFUND donates $50,000 to Myanmar relief efforts
May 10, 2008King Abdullah condoles Myanmar leadership on deadly cyclone
May 9, 2008Evacuation of Saudi citizens in Lebanon underway
May 9, 2008King Abdullah discusses Middle East issues with Jordanian king
May 9, 2008Saudi Ambassador: All Saudi citizens in Lebanon are unharmed
May 9, 2008Arab League to hold emergency meeting on Lebanon May 11
May 9, 2008Term renewed for Assistant Minister of Interior for Security Affairs
May 8, 2008Saudi scholar urges teachers to warn students against traveling to Iraq
May 8, 2008Saudi Arabia warns against escalation of violence in Lebanon
May 8, 2008Kingdom to build major dockyard at the Islamic Port of Jeddah
May 8, 2008Saudi Arabia calls for urgent Arab League meeting on Lebanon
May 8, 2008Term renewed for deputy governor of the Eastern Province
May 7, 2008Saudi-Egyptian Joint Committee meets in Riyadh
May 7, 2008King Abdullah discusses regional issues with Yemeni president
May 6, 2008King Abdullah confers with presidents of Egypt, Turkey
May 6, 2008Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference begins in Riyadh
May 6, 2008GCC Joint Defense Council discusses Peninsula Shield expansion
May 6, 2008King Abdullah meets with former US Ambassador Oberwetter
May 5, 2008US defense giant Northrop Grumman to open Riyadh office
May 5, 2008Shura Council approves agreements with the UK, Finland and Poland
May 5, 2008Cabinet calls for international action on Palestine
May 4, 2008Saudi Ambassador attends annual Saudi student board meeting
May 4, 2008Ministry of Foreign Affairs to require electronic powers of attorney for visas
May 4, 2008Saudi leadership condoles Chinese president on fatal train collision
May 4, 2008Terms extended for rectors of Al-Qassim, Taif and Taybah universities
May 3, 2008Prince Nayef Arab Academy holds workshop on combating human trafficking
May 3, 2008King Abdullah honored by the Arab Red Crescent and Cross Societies
May 2, 2008Foreign Minister addresses Quartet committee meeting in London
May 1, 2008Saudi Ambassador hosts farewell tea for US official
April 30, 2008King Abdullah, World Bank president discuss Arab development
April 30, 2008King Abdullah meets with Palestinian president
April 29, 2008President Bush to visit Saudi Arabia in May
April 29, 2008Translation award winners honored in Riyadh
April 29, 2008Saudi leadership condoles Moroccan king on deadly Casablanca fire
April 28, 2008Iraqi National Security Adviser praises “ideal” Saudi counterterrorism cooperation
April 28, 2008World-class applied media institute opened in Riyadh
April 28, 2008King Abdullah, Prince Saud meet with Norwegian foreign minister
April 28, 2008Cabinet condemns assassination attempt on Karzai
April 27, 2008Saudi antiquities to be exhibited at the Louvre in 2010
April 27, 2008Shura Council approves vocational training agreements with Italy and the UK
April 27, 2008Saudi Arabia donates foodstuffs to refugees in Cameroon
April 26, 2008Foreign Minister meets with the US envoy to the OIC
April 26, 2008King Abdullah highlights the importance of dialogue
April 25, 2008Two new museums to be established in Makkah and Madinah
April 24, 2008Foreign Minister, British Foreign Secretary discuss key regional issues
April 24, 2008Anti-smoking campaign kicks off in Jeddah
April 23, 2008JCCI Environmental Forum 2008 underway in Jeddah
April 23, 2008Prince Saud meets with EU Middle East peace process envoy
April 23, 2008Seventh National Dialogue Forum on employment begins in Buraydah
April 23, 2008King Abdullah meets with British foreign secretary, Bahraini premier
April 22, 2008Foreign Minister addresses meeting of Iraq’s neighboring countries
April 22, 2008King Abdullah receives messages from leaders of Yemen, Qatar
April 21, 2008Shura Council briefed on Kingdom’s agriculture policy
April 21, 2008Foreign Minister arrives in Kuwait for meeting of Iraq’s neighboring countries
April 21, 2008Cabinet reviews situations in Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Somalia
April 20, 2008Interior Minister: Kingdom continues to seek return of Saudi detainees in Iraq
April 20, 2008Foreign Minister meets with US, UN and Indian officials
April 20, 2008King Abdullah meets with former US Homeland Security adviser, Moroccan official
April 20, 2008Kingdom provides relief aid to northern Lebanon
April 20, 2008Term extended for Deputy Governor of Hail Province
April 19, 2008Foreign Minister, US Assistant Secretary of State hold talks
April 19, 2008King Abdullah meets with Former President Carter in Riyadh
April 19, 2008Term extended for Deputy Governor of Riyadh Province
April 19, 2008Prince Saud pays official visit to Qatar
April 18, 2008King Abdullah confers with Yemeni president
April 17, 2008SAMA eases banking rules for an estimated 500,000 Burmese in Kingdom
April 17, 20081,000 scholarships to be offered to meet nursing shortage
April 17, 2008Jordan's King Abdullah II concludes visit to Saudi Arabia
April 16, 2008Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and King of Jordan hold talks
April 15, 2008Prince Nayef meets with US Iraq envoy, commander in Iraq
April 15, 2008King Abdullah meets with Ambassador Crocker, Gen. Pe
April 15, 2008Saudi-American Business Council holds reception for Al-Assaf
April 15, 2008Iraqi official hails Saudi-Iraqi security, humanitarian cooperation
April 15, 2008Jeddah Chamber of Commerce, Saudi-Swiss Business Council sign agreement
April 14, 2008Foreign Minister meets with US Iraq ambassador, commander in Iraq
April 14, 2008Cabinet notes Saudi support for Arab unity, global energy cooperation
April 13, 2008Assistant US Commerce Secretary discusses boosting bilateral trade in Jeddah meeting
April 13, 2008King Abdullah highlights need to keep natural resources for future generations
April 13, 2008Finance Minister addresses IMF committee in Washington
April 12, 2008King Abdullah meets with US Chief of Naval Operations
April 12, 2008King Abdullah meets with Egyptian foreign minister
April 11, 2008US Consulate in Jeddah awards 30 scholarships for English language study
April 11, 2008Term of service extended for assistant oil minister
April 10, 2008Saudi Embassy clarifies misrepresentations in Los Angeles Times article
April 10, 2008Oil Minister addresses the International Oil Summit in Paris
April 9, 2008Minister of Islamic Affairs calls for moderation
April 9, 2008Ambassador Al-Jubeir hosts Saudi Boy Scout leaders
April 9, 2008Saudi Arabia donates to demining operation in South Lebanon
April 9, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with President Mubarak in Sharm El-Sheikh
April 8, 2008Saudi Ambassador meets with dean of Dar Al-Hekma College
April 8, 2008King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister, Ukrainian official
April 8, 2008Saudi Fund for Development and IDB extend credit facilities to Sudan, Seychelles
April 7, 2008Education official meets with New America Foundation delegation
April 7, 2008Cabinet highlights Saudi support for Palestinians, Iraq
April 7, 2008Iraqi conjoined twins arrive in Riyadh for possible separation surgery
April 6, 2008King Abdullah meets with Ambassador Fowler
April 5, 2008Royal Court announces death of Prince Turki bin Badr
April 3, 2008Kingdom’s Grand Mufti reiterates call for moderation
April 3, 2008Embassy hosts luncheon for Ministry of Education delegation
April 3, 2008Saudi Arabia to implement a new transportation policy
April 3, 2008Saudi relief aid dispatched to Kenya
April 2, 2008Saudi Arabia donates olive oil to Lebanon
April 1, 2008Remains of 63 Iraqis repatriated from the Kingdom
April 1, 2008King Abdullah meets with Palestinian, Chinese officials
March 31, 2008Riyadh Governor: Religious extremists are tools of destruction
March 31, 2008Minister of Finance meets with US Chamber of Commerce CEO
March 31, 2008Cabinet discusses Lebanon, Palestine
March 31, 2008Arab summit concludes in Damascus
March 30, 2008King Abdullah meets with US Chamber of Commerce CEO
March 30, 2008Foreign Minister comments on Damascus summit
March 29, 2008OIC condemns Dutch film that defames Islam
March 29, 2008Kingdom finances development projects in Sri Lanka, Maldives
March 29, 2008Saudi relief group turns over keys of 2,700 houses to Pakistani families
March 27, 2008SAMA: Saudi tourism revenue expected to top $27 billion by 2020
March 26, 2008King Abdullah meets with Homeland Security Secretary Chertoff
March 26, 2008Ministry of Health launches yearlong campaign to combat TB
March 25, 2008Gulf populaces at high risk for diabetes, says ADA official
March 25, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with Yemeni president
March 25, 2008Crown Prince Sultan meets with Iraqi National Security Adviser
March 25, 2008Saudi Arabia calls for Arab unity to confront challenges
March 24, 2008King Abdullah calls for interfaith meeting
March 24, 2008Prince Saud calls for dialogue among religions
March 24, 2008Cabinet highlights the Kingdom’s role in supporting Arab unity
March 24, 2008Saudi Arabia sends dates to Yemen
March 24, 2008Eleventh Saudi relief plane delivers aid to Tajikistan
March 23, 2008Moroccan conjoined twins to be brought to Riyadh for possible separation
March 23, 2008King Abdullah chairs Supreme Council of Petroleum and Mineral Affairs meeting
March 22, 2008King Abdullah holds follow-up meeting with Vice President Cheney
March 22, 2008Jeddah Community College signs agreement with Louisiana institution
March 21, 2008King Abdullah, Vice President Cheney hold meeting
March 21, 2008Tenth Saudi relief plane leaves for Tajikistan
March 20, 2008Saudi telecom companies award contracts worth $500 million to Motorola
March 19, 2008Saudi relief plane dispatched to Tajikistan
March 18, 2008Prince Khalid meets with chief of CENTCOM’s Special Operations
March 18, 2008New media institute to be launched in April
March 18, 2008Saudi Arabia and Algeria sign agreement on political cooperation
March 17, 2008Strategic Joint Planning Committee meeting held in Riyadh
March 17, 2008Cabinet welcomes King Abdullah’s address to the Shura Council
March 17, 2008IDB announces relief aid for Palestine, Afghanistan
March 16, 2008King Abdullah meets with US, German, UN delegations
March 16, 2008Kingdom donates $1 billion to impoverished OIC nations
March 15, 2008King Abdullah highlights development in address to the Shura Council
March 14, 2008Islamic Summit expresses support for Palestinians
March 14, 2008Prince Saud meets with senior officials on the fringes of the Islamic summit
March 14, 2008Iraqi conjoined twins to be tested for possible separation surgery
March 14, 2008Prince Saud addresses the Islamic Summit in Dakar
March 13, 2008Saudi Arabia donates olive oil to northern Lebanon
March 11, 2008Chief of General Staff meets with US Fifth Fleet Commander
March 11, 2008Kingdom donates $25 million to African Development Fund
March 10, 2008Cabinet highlights upcoming Islamic summit in Dakar
March 10, 2008Crown Prince Sultan arrives in Qatar for a state visit
March 9, 2008Interior Ministry warns recipients of Al-Qaeda phone message
March 9, 2008King Faisal International Prizes for 2008 presented
March 8, 2008Princess Al-Bandari passes away in Riyadh
March 8, 2008King Abdullah meets with Jenadriyah guests
March 7, 2008Saudi ambassador hosts luncheon for Saudi municipal delegation
March 7, 2008Saudi ambassador meets with Ministry of Agriculture officials
March 6, 2008Saudi ambassador hosts luncheon for US diplomats
March 6, 2008Arab foreign ministers stress support for Arab League initiative in Lebanon
March 5, 2008KAUST announces partnerships with Stanford, Berkeley
March 5, 2008King Abdullah opens 23rd Jenadriyah heritage festival
March 4, 2008King Abdullah meets with Lebanese, Chadian officials
March 3, 2008Saudi authorities arrest 28 Al-Qaeda militants
March 3, 2008Cabinet: Palestinian situation, Arab unity
March 2, 2008Foreign minister briefs the Shura Council on key regional issues
March 2, 2008Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli actions in Gaza
March 1, 2008Yamani resigns as Minister of Commerce and Industry; Zainal appointed
March 1, 2008Kingdom invited to the upcoming Arab Summit in Damascus
March 1, 2008GCC foreign ministers meet in Riyadh
February 29, 2008Foreign minister meets with Egyptian president
February 29, 2008King Abdullah meets with Palestinian prime minister
February 29, 2008Saudi airlift to Tajikistan concludes
February 28, 2008King Abdullah discusses Mideast issues with King of Bahrain
February 27, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with Jordanian monarch
February 26, 2008King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology signs agreement with IBM
February 26, 2008Ministry of Education urges schools to report cases of child abuse
February 25, 2008Saudi Arabia and France sign security agreement
February 25, 2008Kingdom rules out ending the riyal’s peg to the dollar
February 25, 2008Cabinet highlights strong relations with Egypt, Sweden
February 25, 2008Sixth Saudi relief plane dispatched to Tajikistan
February 24, 2008King Abdullah holds talks with Egyptian president on key regional issues
February 24, 2008Shura Council ratifies Arab Charter on Human Rights
February 24, 2008Saudi airlift to Tajikistan continues
February 23, 2008Jeddah Economic Forum 2008 begins
February 22, 2008Kingdom donates 300 tons of relief aid to Madagascar
February 22, 2008Two Saudi relief planes deliver aid to Tajikistan
February 21, 2008Saudis advised against travel to Sri Lanka
February 20, 2008Ministers of Petroleum, Finance meet with Sen. Evan Bayh
February 20, 2008US Consulate in Dhahran to offer visa services beginning in May
February 20, 2008King Abdullah orders financing for Makkah-Madinah rail link
February 20, 2008King Abdullah discusses Palestinian situation with President Abbas
February 19, 2008Second Saudi relief plane dispatched to Tajikistan
February 18, 2008Cabinet urges US, UN to move the peace process forward
February 18, 2008Foreign Ministry issues travel advisory for Lebanon
February 18, 2008Cabinet urges international community to move the peace process forward
February 17, 2008Oil Minister meets with Norway’s Minister of Petroleum and Energy in Riyadh
February 17, 2008Minister of Finance, SAMA Governor attend Shura Council session
February 17, 2008Crown Prince of Luxembourg visits Saudi Arabia
February 17, 2008Kingdom sends relief aid to Tajikistan
February 16, 2008Foreign minister meets with President Bush at the White House
February 14, 2008Kingdom to train Iraqi doctors
February 11, 2008Term extended for tourism chief Prince Sultan bin Salman
February 11, 2008Cabinet: Palestinians, Lebanon, environmental health project
February 10, 2008Saudi, US trade officials meet in Riyadh
February 9, 2008King Abdullah meets with British, Brazilian officials
February 8, 2008Assistant defense minister tours Nellis AFB
February 8, 2008Term extended for SAGIA Governor Al-Dabbagh
February 7, 2008King Abdullah sends message to British Prime Minister
February 7, 2008Foreign Minister delivers message from King Abdullah to British Prime Minister
February 6, 2008Saudi officials meet with UN women’s rights envoy
February 6, 2008GCC health ministers sign convention on heart health
February 6, 2008Saudi ambassador to Lebanon: Kingdom’s policy one of unity, non-interference
February 5, 2008Assistant defense minister attends Red Flag air combat exercise in Nevada
February 5, 2008Project begins to develop historic Diriyah
February 5, 2008Saudi Embassy in Chad evacuated and closed
February 4, 2008Cabinet calls on Muslim nations to foster Islamic unity
February 4, 2008OIC foreign ministers condemn Israeli blockade of Gaza
February 4, 2008Kingdom to finance a science college at Lebanese university
February 3, 2008King Abdullah discusses political crisis with Lebanese officials
February 3, 2008New report released on the Kingdom’s balance of trade
February 2, 2008King Saud University signs agreement with University of Iowa
February 2, 2008Royal Saudi Air Force to join air combat exercise in Nevada
February 2, 2008Cisco to design network for King Abdullah Economic City
February 2, 2008OPEC keeps oil supplies unchanged
January 31, 2008Arab interior ministers hold counterterrorism meeting
January 30, 2008Riyadh Medical Complex renamed in honor of King Saud
January 30, 2008King Abdullah offers condolences to leaders of Indonesia, Egypt
January 30, 2008Saudi relief group completes 2,700 of 4,000 houses in Pakistan
January 28, 2008King Abdullah appoints Al-Shahrani chairman of the General Survey Authority
January 28, 2008Arab League condemns violence in Lebanon, calls on Israel to end Gaza blockade
January 28, 2008Cabinet discusses Lebanon, Palestinians, rising prices in the Kingdom
January 28, 2008King Abdullah meets with Bahraini crown prince
January 27, 2008Kingdom to receive 72 Eurofighters next year
January 27, 2008Shura Council condemns Israeli blockade of Gaza
January 27, 2008Arab foreign ministers meet to discuss Palestine, Lebanon
January 26, 2008Kingdom enacts new law to combat IT crimes
January 26, 2008King Abdullah meets with Yemen’s National Security chief, Kosovar Grand Mufti
January 26, 2008OIC appeals for urgent aid to the Palestinians
January 26, 2008King Abdullah meets with Yemen’s National Security chief, Kosovar Grand Mufti
January 24, 2008Makkah Governor washes the Holy Ka’abah
January 24, 2008International mining exhibition opens in Jeddah
January 24, 2008King Abdullah meets with Lebanese prime minister
January 22, 2008King Abdullah meets with Russian, Chinese officials
January 21, 2008Cabinet: Kingdom to increase humanitarian aid to the Palestinians
January 20, 2008Second Global Competitiveness Forum begins in Riyadh
January 20, 2008Madinah’s Knowledge Economic City and Cisco to develop “smart city”
January 19, 2008Oil Minister meets with US Energy Secretary in Riyadh
January 19, 2008New cancer center to be established in Riyadh
January 18, 2008Saudi Arabia to host two international golf tournaments
January 17, 2008Saudi physicians participate in San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium
January 17, 2008First Saudi woman earns nuclear medicine certification
January 16, 2008President Bush concludes state visit to Saudi Arabia
January 16, 2008Prince Saud and Secretary Rice hold joint press conference
January 16, 2008Saudi-Algerian Joint Commission meets in Riyadh
January 15, 2008Oil Minister: Kingdom seeks a stable petroleum market
January 15, 2008King Abdullah and President Bush hold official talks
January 14, 2008President Bush’s visit to Saudi Arabia first by a US president since 1994
January 14, 2008President Bush arrives in Saudi Arabia for state visit
January 14, 2008Prince Saud holds talks with French foreign minister
January 14, 2008President Sarkozy concludes official visit to Saudi Arabia
January 13, 2008First Middle East Knowledge Economy Conference held in Jeddah
January 13, 2008French president arrives in Riyadh for two-day state visit
January 13, 2008Prof. Shih Choon Fong appointed president of KAUST
January 10, 2008King Faisal International Prize winners for 2008 announced
January 10, 2008King Abdullah, Prince Saud Al-Faisal meet with Canadian foreign minister
January 7, 2008Cabinet: Lebanon, Palestinian situation
January 7, 2008King Abdullah meets with President of Senegal
January 6, 2008King Abdullah awarded this year’s King Faisal Prize for Service to Islam
January 6, 2008Arab foreign ministers discuss peace process, Lebanon
January 5, 2008Taybah University signs agreement with University of Pennsylvania
January 5, 2008King Abdullah approves expansion of Makkah’s Grand Mosque
January 5, 2008King Abdullah meets with Palestinian Authority president
January 4, 2008King Abdullah to hold talks with President Bush in mid January
January 3, 2008Saudi Arabia delivers $20 million grant to Sudan
January 2, 2008King Abdullah meets with King Hamad of Bahrain
January 2, 2008OIC expresses concern at tensions along the Chadian-Sudanese border