2007 News Story

Saudi Arabia to provide $242 million for projects in Yemen

The Saudi-Yemeni Coordination Council held its 18th meeting in Riyadh yesterday, co-chaired by Crown Prince Sultan and Yemeni Prime Minister Ali Mujawwar. 

During the meeting, Saudi Arabia and Yemen signed 15 agreements worth $242 million to establish educational, technical, vocational, health and infrastructure projects in Yemen and promote cooperation in fisheries, geology, higher education and aviation.

The projects include a central hospital in Hadeeda, a college of medicine and health sciences at Taaz University, a university hospital and cancer center at Hadramout University, a gas power station in Maareb, a technical institute and vocational center and the renovation of Aden General Hospital.

In a joint statement after the conclusion of the meeting, Saudi Arabia and Yemen highlighted their interest in bolstering joint cooperation between the two countries in all areas and addressed several key regional issues.

The Saudi-Yemeni discussions devoted particular attention to the Arab-Israeli conflict, according to the statement. Both countries expressed their support for the Arab Peace Initiative, and urged the Palestinians to adhere to the Makkah Agreement. They also expressed the hope that the upcoming peace conference in Annapolis would address core issues with the aim of reaching a just, comprehensive resolution to the conflict according to a reasonable timetable.

On the Iranian nuclear file, Saudi Arabia and Yemen stressed support for a diplomatic resolution to the crisis between Iran and the West, and urged Iran to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Regarding other regional issues, the two countries stressed the importance of Iraqi unity, sovereignty, security and stability, and called on Lebanese parties to engage in dialogue and hold independent presidential elections devoid of foreign interference. They also praised the Sudanese government’s efforts to establish peace in Darfur and urged Somalia’s various factions to unite.

In addition, Saudi Arabia and Yemen agreed on the importance of continuing bilateral cooperation to fight terrorism.