2007 News Story

Saudi Ambassador calls for understanding, cooperation on Middle East issues

Saudi Ambassador to the United States Prince Turki Al-Faisal discussed Saudi Arabia’s view of Middle East issues in remarks at the Washington Center today.

He noted that Saudi Arabia continues to work with partners such as the United States to resolve conflicts such as the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and the crisis in Iraq. In both of these cases, Prince Turki stressed that a solution must come from within.

“We need to listen to the people,” he said. “They are the ones who will stand up for peace or be the victims of the next act of violence based on how the world’s problems play out in their back yards.”

Prince Turki noted that the crises in the region are sensitive and require understanding and patience. Media that focus on one side of an issue and purely political commentaries do not promote understanding, he said.

“The world that demands stability in the Middle East cannot at the same time provoke hostilities, whether it is inadvertent or not.  The world needs to be aware of the issues that are sensitive, because an irritated wound will not heal,” he remarked 

Prince Turki also outlined Saudi Arabia’s efforts to fight terrorism and promote tolerance and moderation in the Kingdom.

He concluded by expressing optimism. “Although we have difficult challenges ahead of us, I am optimistic. We know the problems we face today will not be solved overnight, but if we work to keep the solutions in place, they will eventually be reconciled.  And if we pay attention to the basic needs of the people, we will avoid adding to tomorrow’s conflicts as well,” he said.

Transcript of Prince Turki’s remarks