2007 News Story

Prince Turki speaks at George Washington University

  Prince Turki at GWU

Saudi Ambassador to the US Prince Turki Al-Faisal gave an address on “Challenges and Opportunities: Saudi Arabia in the 21st Century” at the George Washington University's Elliott School in Washington, DC yesterday.

In his remarks, Prince Turki noted that Saudi Arabia shares many of its current challenges with the United States, such as the deterioration of security in Iraq. He reiterated the Kingdom’s support for all Iraqis, and that it continues to work with the US for a stable, peaceful, and united Iraq.

He also pointed out that the Kingdom has been addressing challenges domestically, including diversifying the economy, overhauling its educational system and offering scholarships for Saudi students to study abroad to promote cultural understanding.

“Today’s challenges are not impossible to overcome; not the ones that face our individual nations, or the ones facing the world community.  But the key is cooperation.  We must also never lose sight that within every challenge, there’s an opportunity,” he said.
Text of Prince Turki's remarks