2007 News Story

Saudi Arabia’s non-petroleum exports jump 28%

Saudi Arabia’s non-petroleum exports last November jumped 28% to SR 7.634 billion [$2 billion] from the previous year, the Central Department of Statistics reported Saturday. 

Petrochemicals topped the list of exports with SR 2.56 billion [$683.4 million], followed plastic materials, at SR 1.93 billion [$514 million]; and re-exported commodities worth 1.085 billion [$293.2 million].

During the same period, the Kingdom imported SR 25 billion [$6.67 billion] worth of goods, including SR 7.1 billion [$1.893 billion] in electronics; SR 4.88 billion [$1.3 billion] in transport equipment; SR 4246 [$1.132 billion] in mineral and mineral products; and SR 2.465 billion [$657.3 million] in food stuffs.

The value of goods imported from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members during the same period jumped 39.9 percent, to SR 1.005 billion [$268 million].  The value of the Kingdom’s non-petroleum exports to the GCC member states increased 61 percent to SR 1.96 billion [$522.4 million].