2007 News Story

Labor official clarifies age ban

A labor official in Jeddah denied Arab media reports that recent changes to Saudi Arabia’s labor law will prevent businesses from renewing work permits for expatriates over 60 year old, Saudi Gazett reported Monday.

The denial followed reports that the Ministry of Labor banned the renewal of work permits for foreigners over the age of 60.   Qusay Falaly, Director of Jeddah labor office, told the English daily that a 2004 law prevents the foreign recruitment of unskilled laborer over 60, however, renewal of work permits are not affected.  “There is no law that stops companies from renewing work licenses for workers who are 60 years old or older,” Falaly told Saudi Gazett.

Those classified as skilled laborer or persons with rare specialties that no Saudi can fill are not affected by the 2004 law.